Fox News apologizes after guest called Greta a 'mentally ill Swedish child'

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but she is
along with being a pure distraction from Washington

>Conservatives are cowards

News @ 11

>(((Chris Hahn))) tore into him.
When a jew calls someone mentally ill, and it's just uncontested fact.

>Fox News apologizes for accidentally telling the truth

They hate him, because he told the truth

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it's an established fact all of those things are true though

>A jew tears into a butt-goy for telling a rude version of the truth while a white presenting niggress moderates

Translation: "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Our take away rights from the Plebs, scheme is undone if someone insults our latest child celebrity!"

Imagine being so assblasted that you start bullying a child


Isn't ass burgers considered a mental illness?


All the Greta threads and propaganda is being shilled to distract you from the fact that the SUN is the cause behind their complaints and concerns.
If you see a globalwarming or greta thread, REMIND THEM ABOUT THE SUN!

Did nothing wrong.

>1960: Climate change will cause the world to end in 10 years!
>1970: Climate change will cause the world to end in 10 years!
>1980: Climate change will cause the world to end in 10 years!
>1990: Climate change will cause the world to end in 10 years!
>2000: Climate change will cause the world to end in 10 years!
>2010: Climate change will cause the world to end in 10 years!
>2019: The world will end in 12 years, and then the civilization will crumble a couple decades later in 2050!

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The correct way to answer would have been
>wah wah

Had to be from America. My guess is you are all white too. What a disgrace.

That little midget is so ugly when she snarls, which from what I can tell is all the time.

Michael is based.

I would do unspeakable things to her tight lil body

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What is the problem spic? Nothing they said was inaccurate.

FUCK OFF, you try to get on the world stage you as a basket case you deserve what you get

Oh pls no bully young girl
it doesn't look good
the advertisers will leave
and we will go broke having to pay all these millionaire news readers/personalities

imagine being a subhuman spic, mongrel bastard of the spanish empire and indigenous savages.

She literally is.
Seems to have some sort of developmental disorder

>pls senor believe in muh climato chango
>pls no bully little retard senor, si si
Fuck outta here, taco nigger

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She is still retarded. Why not go to China and India to complain?
Or Mexico, where trash lines the streets like donkey shows

>mentally ill swedish child
its a pretty accurate assessment and you can't unsee the FAS

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You post this every thread about her you kike. If mods weren’t such kikes they’d ban you.

Not wrong though

>Fox News Apologizes
>No word from Michael "I suck Ben Sharpio's Cock for a Paycheck" Knowles

And there it is. That is exactly why they put that dumb little bitch up on the stage.

You say something negative and "you're attacking a child".

Imagine being so assblasted AND useless, you have to beg the US president for gibs after getting hit by a category 1 storm, when Cubans can handle more destructive storms while living under communism with 0 issues

based michael

Fuck me that was funny. That was fucking funny.

Imagine being a jew
>oh you dont have to


Another example of Conservatives cucking in fear of being called politically incorrect. God I can’t wait until the day Texas turns blue. The GOP needs to realize that without it’s white base, they’re nothing.

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>calls a spade a spade

What the fuck is going on here? This guy is right and all that bald Jew does is sperg out

Is that the tactic of the left? Package the message in youth and autism so you can’t attack the message?

Imagine coming from a country so fucked up that people have to apologize for their insensitivity after calling you "Swedish".

She literally is a mentally ill Swedish child.

No I think it's cause she looks like a fish

>The GOP needs to realize that without it’s white base, they’re nothing.
They will never admit it. The GOP cancer and their cuckservative ideology will having them following directly behind the Democrats until they are all thrown out of office

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Cuckservatives are spineless

why cant we refer to retards as 'mentally ill'?

What a fucking joke, showing how emotional and outraged at your opponent you are apparently means that you are right

>Bloomberg tells Americans to 'give up meat'

yeah nah

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Knowles is the only salvageable DW host. How long before Shapiro shit cans him?

nobody should apologise for telling the truth

Wait, doesn't she have downs/bergers?

how dare you!

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Why apologize? I don’t see the inaccuracy in that statement.

Yet it was totally okay for the media to wish death and violence on a smirking kid in a MAGA hat.

She's far to white to be Swedish...that is insulting.

They hide their horrible ideology behind children. Then they act shocked and offended when called out for it. Of course the npcs eat it up.

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dude you would sell her as a cartel rape slave in ciudad juarez for 200 mil pesos gtfo

Isn't she literally mentally ill?

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Fuck off spic

I'd buy her and make her clean the streets!

>a dash of autism

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Bros it was so damn hot out today, when are we getting the comfy autumn weather?

Don't forget FAS.

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Hey it's the 8-bit guy again

>not buying her and make her clean your cock

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You forget 2006 they said the coasts would be flooded by 2012
The idiot behind Greta is the same one behind Al Gore

imagine being so assblasted that you use a child to prop up your failed attempt of an adult argument.

she literally is though I thought we all knew this
Asperger's at least, but also severe depression induced by her parents putting doomsday prophecies in her head everyday for years

>be worried, be very worried
god I want to just publicly hang these people


He's right and the guy on the right needed to be womp womped.

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>Is that the tactic of the left? Package the message in youth and autism so you can’t attack the message?
Yeah it's a major tactic they use. They used it with those kids in Parkland as well.

It runs in the family. Her mother, also an activist go figure, has been pretty open about their psychological problems in interviews. I feel kid of sorry for Greta, the environment isn’t really her largest problem.

Conservatard boomers have a retard child fetish. Of course FOX would side with the shitlibs.

Typical NPC robotoid.
Void of soul.
A puppet carcase in need of external validation.

>mentally ill
yep she herself said she's an aspie

why are people listening to a mentally ill swedish child anyway? i don't remember her gaining traction, just wham bam famous.

For some reason I read that as comfy austism weather

left doesn't care about what's true statements they only care if you tip toe around it (((correctly))).
He's handling it like a champ.

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Fuck off Enrique! You can stick up for the little retard if you want, but I'm not going to be priced out of eating meat because you won't call a spade a spade.

Yeah I don’t listen to Michael but I’ve always liked him

shoulda been in the oven


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>Crying in front of the UN
>"You stole my childhood and my dreams!"
No you little shit, your parents did that.

>'mentally ill Swedish child'

Totally true.

>take pic on dusty day

>Imagine being so assblasted that you start bullying a child

>use a child as a political tool, promoting them all over the world
>cry foul when the child you made into a target catches some flak

Fuck off. If you want to use children as political props you make them fair game for criticism.

Fuck yeah people are mad when someone sends a mutant to shout propaganda at you.

>The pic only shows a difference in dust.

god damn that is some funny shit

Imagine being so retarded that you start listening to a child talk about economics and climate science

Greta herself admits she is mentally ill; she claims to have autism. Autism is probably not the type of mental illness she has, but she definitely is retarded. Riding across the ocean in a carbon fiber boat to a climate summit to protest carbon emissions? Full-blown Down Syndrome.