My mother is strongly considering fostering a Muslim unaccompanied ‘minor’ asylum seeker...

My mother is strongly considering fostering a Muslim unaccompanied ‘minor’ asylum seeker. She has already been to a few meetings about it and already talking about switching to halal foods. She may be stupid and misguided but I love her. How do I convince her not to do this? Any horror stories of this happening around Europe you can share? Please help, I don’t want her to get raped or her throat slit in her sleep.

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suicide her

You could start fucking her, clearly she’s desperate for some cock.

Tell her you do not intend to help her in her old age.

You don't have the money. Tell her that you want to save due to britexit, marriage, whatever.

LOL start saving for her grave site

Fear is always a convincing weapon, if that doesn't work. Put your foot down and make your points clear and paletable.

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They’re all be male, 17 and a half but looking 35, and want to build a drug lab in the shed

Your mother is an idiot, have her committed.

Take her for a walk through a no-go zone
make sure she shows plenty of cleavage and leg








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What do you do when your dog bites a neighborhood kid or your horse breaks a leg?

>not taking this opportunity to single-handedly BTFO an adopted muslim sibling by forcing them to watch the christchurch shooting over and over again
>not blaring hitler speeches from your room
>not setting "help me, help me, help me, *BLAT BLAT*" as your ringtone for the muzzie child
>not showing them audio clips of village stonings, telling them its 'avalanche ASMR', and then eventually revealing what it is
>not telling them that Aisha, at the age of 9, was constantly cleaning semen off mohammad's robes
>not telling him to run into the hardware store to buy a shitton of bags of fertilizer and stump remover
You are missing a lot of great opportunities here, user. I am disappointed in you

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This is the stuff I’m talking about, thanks.

Your mom is going to get fucked by him.

Literally tell her that you object strongly. If it would be my mother then she wouldn't do shit I genuinely wouldn't like because she doesn't want me to hate her.

>Practicing Muslim
>Drugs, rape, murder
Pick, brainlet.

Ask her why she is so keen on turning the UK into a caliphate.

Exactly this

Would be funny for a bit until it stabbed both OP and his mother and the would be let off easy in court because it would be considered the victim of “racism” and “islamophobia”

If telling her about all the murders, assaults, rapes and terrorism doesn't work, tell her some of your friends or neighbors are gay (or that you're gay) and Jewish and you're worried about what will happen to them.