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This meme only works if you power down your computer like we must if we're going to truly be net carbon neutral.
Enjoy your wall shadow memes, but only while the sun is up.

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Dinosaurs were killed by volcanic eruptions , your education is shit tier

Go back to watching Nick at Night

You must be... 18

1 post by this cringecuck

Stupidly trying to copy the video/radio star meme which was truly an epic meme...

OP must be Chinese.
>cheap plastic crap that breaks immediately lol

are you implying that that kid will be responsible for destroying the world as we know it and bring countless species to extinction amid cosmic hellfire, unreparably changing the climate in the process?

Greta threads are being shilled hard to distract you from other pertinent poltiical events.
Greta and (((their))) agenda is try hide the fact the sun is the cause of any "climate change" they are trying to complain about.

A 16-year-old girl with Antifa parents from Sweden is definitely going to end drumpf!!!!!

Wait don’t modern theories have many dinosaurs killed by disease before an asteroid? This meme does not reflect current science and is thus bad.

cringe boomer tier facebook meme sage

the asteroid is mad the dinosaur didn't notice it.

So retarded.

"Dinosaurs" should be replaced with "Trump"
and "Asteroid" should be replaced with "Gretel Thornberry"

I have concluded that the Original Poster is indeed one who partakes with anothers cock inside his rectum and takes pleasure in it.

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Based. Look at all these magapedes you triggered. 10/10

who is aspergers girl and why should I care?

>1 gay by this faggot

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>Imagine a retarded kid being your assignment to shill.
These shareblue spammers must be minimum wage at best or probably true believer cloomers

I think that autistic death glare is her resting face.


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They were high carbon users and all committed mass suicide to save the planet.

Eurofags be like

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I knew I saw this bitch somewhere before

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*crying in autism*

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I would do unspeakable things to her tight lil body...

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>Greta is going to kill us all
unironically true

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>Gretel Thornberry

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