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17 US Veterans kill themselves every day.


No shame in DemocRats.

I didn't even know there were eighteen black trans women.

shouldve never joined a corporation that makes you kill someone else dumbass

killed by who? of what race were they?

Killed or suicide?
Also why do we promote acceptance over therapy when suicidal thoughts are such a huge issue affecting over 60% of trannies?

holy shit is this tweet real?

We're they poc? If not, it doesn't matter.

Remember the trannies
Love is love
Being straight is pretty gay Jow Forums

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Killed by niggers, call it like it is you fucking coward bitch.

Granted, there's probably only like 37 black transsexuals out there.

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This is fucking retarded, more people probably died of masturbation this year

>be mentally ill
>decide to chop dick off
>with my new gender, and new gash, I decide I should rename myself
>think long and hard about all the possible female names I could possibly name myself
>name myself Muhlaysia
my fucking sides

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...And Why Thats A Good Thing

Why do we even bother r memeing anymore? Every clown world Jewish mouth piece just parrots Mae more insane claims than what can come up with.

Almost all of them were killed by black men after they tricked them into sex.

as in total?
pretty sure more people have been killed by lightning this year

what a clown world honk fucking honk motherfuckers lmao

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She's right, this number is shockingly low and we can do better as a society.

More people have been killed by vending machines

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I hope the murderers are found and executed using the same gun.

thats nothing compared to 18 GORILLION A YEAR, user


Jesus Christ.

No longer useful to Israel, who cares


That made me laugh so hard, holy shit

found the tranny

There aren't that many sexual shizos in the country

All leafs are basically trannies these days

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Was Muhlaysia friends with Airwrecka?

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B + R

Checked and this. Reading that list of names shows why trannies can't be trusted with important decisions like "should I lop my bollocks off with the garden shears". I mean, if trannies fetishise women so much why don't they choose actual female names like Maureen, or Doris?

Kek all 18 were killed by other black people. Weird

For real

I think the niggler may be needed for some insight here

yea, they should give a description of the suspects.

No need. One hundo guaranteed my nigga. Gang gang

Some user who hasn't been banned from twatter send her this pic related

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I imagine most were killed by niggers

Apparently there’s loads more black trannies than whites. It’s what the B in LGBT stands for

The joke was that they're the murderers. Damn this place got stupid.

18 year olds that have come out of the public school system and spent their time watching TV are supposed to have any idea thats how it works? They are innocent dupes.


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that's so fucking gay I would never fuck a tranny faggot. I would however let a tranny fuck me in the ass no homo

>18 black trans women murdered 18 black trans women
aren't these hate crimes?

>Eighteen black trans women have been killed this year.

And I thought blacks were under-achievers.

Also, ever notice that these "women" always choose the most obnoxious names for themselves?

Black, specifically trans women

>hello my name is bigdiqaniqua

How many were prostitutes?

All of them niggers lmao!


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Maybe we should stop enabling suicidal, self-harming, mental illness by discouraging this delusion?

the memes write themselves

>Be tranny nigger hooker
>Mentally unhinged
>Addicted to drugs and alcohol
>Get killed

Reminder that trannies are disproportionately the victims of murder not because they're trannies, but because trannies are disproportionately involved in the sex trade industry.

Yeah because they pose as female prostitutes then get killed when the John realizes they have a dick.

That means if math is right 16 of them were killed by other blacks....and over 60% of those killed were killed by their gay lovers....what are we gonna do about all these gay blacks killing black trannies? Write poems about it?