I will be the next hitler

My initials are A.H
I was born on april 20th 1989
And i will run for president in the election of 2032 and will be sworn into office on January 20th 2033

Screenshot this

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You will never be president, youtube captured all of you intimate moments and will use it against you in the future.

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Well good for you! Go get em tiger.

I believe

>t. Andere Henríquez

I believe in you. And you will win.

I hope you resemble him in many other ways, Achmed Hassan

Do you have a micro-penis? Hitler reincarnated has to have a Micro-penis. It's the rules. If you don't have one, then you're not the next Hitler.

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I'll be awaiting your Anschluss on March 12th 2038.


im black, ill be your VP

You will be saying things like
>White people first!
>Let's make America great again together

And then you will donate those billions of billions of dollars to Israel, Andre Hernandez.

I forgot my picture. Excuse me, oh you're gonna be the next A. H.

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Andrés Hernández!!!

can i be minister of frens and frenships
pic related is resume

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Alright but when will you fight in World War III?

Well godspeed if true, also we need it. Voting white for life here and probs repub.

Them didgys!!!! Czekt

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Make sure to run as a Democrat!

Whatever, Speedy Gonzalez ;)

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I disagree

>My initials are A.H
Pics and timestamp

>run for election
>Implying the US won't be a one party state by 2032


PD: My name and lastname are not spanish, are french, but people here had tried a lot of times to change that. Just is funny how they are very nationalist in Latam but """Diverse""" in any other part.

You must never believe that a latino is open mind to other cultures!!!

Why are you even talking to me? You are not the shizo OP who thinks he's gonna rule America one day.

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What the fuck is going on with Gers' legs?

Dont be the next Hitler or next anyone.

I am just traumatized by the rules of Castilian and I try to spread this in a relevant way to the subject in question.

Regards my linear friend!!!

>>implying the US will exist in 2032

big if true

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>My initials are A.H
Ass Hole?