Are they still relevant?

Hear that there are only 15k members or so

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how tf can this people believe in Jesus? A non white figure? LMAO

more relevant than paragay thats for sure

CIA bake-sale division, and honeypot organization.
They're just a church group for larping FEDs

and how many of them are FBI agents?
the Klan has been a honeypot since the 50s

This, also gay and masonic, co-founded by Albert Pike.

thanks for the comment mr macaco

>Hear that there are only 15k members or so
isn't it more like 15kkk ?

david duke pls
Anyone who doesn't like Black KKKlansman is a racist.

Fed honeypot larp at this point.

It's called the "Invisible Empire" for a reason.

Yes, it's relevant, and supporters are in the millions. People don't go out and march in the streets in their white robes anymore. The respect and reverance for the Ku Klux Klan is growing. There will come a day when it becomes a political party, like Golden Dawn, and the extent to which white Americans support the white race will be evident.

Reminds me of babies with white diapers and shit flowing all through them.

Buncha larpers and glowniggers.

Yes the Democrats are very relevant today. We just suffered through 8 years of their bullshit.

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KKK can't sniff out jews and feds. All groups are traps and just larp today.

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So I should vote democrat?

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the more you know. ghettos are modern day plantations.

Go home Dinesh D’Souza your dr3 bullshit is so tiresome

Niggers didn't get the vote on plantations and had an actual purpose in life. Are you telling me that Ghettos are better than the plantations?

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wtf I'm a Democrat now.

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planned parenthood still doing their eugenics today

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you go girl!

Based Democrats.

What benefits did freeing the blacks gain us?

its less than 5k now

No. Niggers kill more of themselves in 6 months than these guys ever did.
Blacks act like the KKK is still killing people but they have killed anyone in 4 decades.

Which of these principles do you disagree with?


>1. The tenets of the Christian religion.
>2. The eternal separation of church and state.
>3. The upholding of the Constitution of the United States.
>4. Unqualified allegiance to the Government of the United States, its flag and its Constitution.
>5. Protection of our pure womanhood.
>6. That our free schools are the cornerstone of good government and that those who are seeking to destroy them are enemies of the Republic and unworthy of citizenship.
>7. Freedom of speech and freedom of the press.
>8. White supremacy.
>9. Just laws and liberty.
>10. Law and order.
>11. Prevention of the cause of mob violence and lynching.
>12. Closer relationship between American capital and American labor.
>13. Prevention of unwarranted strikes by foreign labor agitators.
>14. Limitation of foreign immigration.
>15. Prevention of fires and destruction of property by lawless elements.

Because that was the KKK's actual policy platform in the 1920's.

wtf I love dems now