Rare webm's thread

Rare ones only. Don't post those common ones with niggers doing typical nog shit. Get em goin faggs!

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anyone have a source on this one? I couldnt figure out the exact context but from what I can gleam someone (likely polish) was protesting circumcision and an ultra jew got offended, pulled a knife, got maced and screamed for police
remember, the jew screams in pain as he strikes you

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no questions
see a mob hop over the wall like that
driving through them

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What a fucked up, stupid way to go.

Nothing has changed in all that time
No, we can all just get along

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No question

>rare ones
if i downloaded your webm every time i saw it i would need three more hds.

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So many questions.

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did they die?

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They're just sleeping, user.

The Elvis song on karaoke is what blows my mind.

quick rundown?

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the fuck?

Euro trash explain this shit

would have emptied the whole can in that fucking kikes eyeballs

LA Riots

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That event made pic related. Not even joking. That's as quick as it gets, nigger

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LA Riots

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>>you have to be 18 to post on this board


Uh explain how

Kourtney is fine as fuck but the rest of them can burn. Kourtney can only exist chained to my wall though with 0% chance of shitting up the world with anymore content.


It lead to OJ Simpson getting off for murder. Kardashian was one of the attorneys for OJ. Made the family's name.

That's a new one for me

imagine the smell

>Don't post those common ones with niggers doing typical nog shit.

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The Chinese explosion.? This is a good view. There's another of everyone getting kilrd by it too

Florida Man?

What is the fucking point of having videos without the sound? Why do you people accept this blatant censorship.

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This webm reminds me.

A couple of years ago, someone posted a webm of some beaner whacking it on some stairs in public while sniffing his own shoe. One of the most hilarious things I've ever seen, but I never saved it and I haven't seen it in a very long time.

Anyone got it?

nope lol this had nothing to do with O.J this is from when Rodney King got his ass beat by LAPD and got off free of charge...

wew. seen all of these. Ive been here too long I guess.

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jesus christ thats one of the biggest chimpouts ive ever heard. the biggest abo rage ive ever seen is usually in the middle of literal nowhere where the only population is abos and white policemen.

If 4+4 chan was still here I'd be there. MP4's and WEBM's with sound. I have so many I cant share right now.

Yeah, well the riots lead to OJ getting off for murder. That was pretty explicitly the case. They did it as retribution for King.

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I was watching this live in 92, I was ready to start shooting nigs right then and there.

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God bless the Florida Man.

sure, that sounds like something I would want to save

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Badass Koreans doing what should have been done long ago.


>According to the Los Angeles police statistics, violent crime fell by 76 percent between 1992 and 2010
>From 1992–2007, the black population dropped by 123,000
its like pottery

finally a liberal Jew finally got what he deserved

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There were a handful of incidences where it would have been contextually relevant to post, surprisingly enough.

i coom'd

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What the fuck

Dumbass stopped when he should have just kept driving.

Based and redpilled

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When's it coming back? Soon plz

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That's not how apostrophes work

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>that secret service nod

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oh ya

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Seriously, what the hell was this?

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hand written shitpost from trump?

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How they get away with this?

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Nerve gas ??

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whatever it was, it seems like it was an image or something that's very easy to identify, jeb had no time to read anything and he reacted quickly and extremely

electrocution. wires top left.

Fucking animals

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Agree. It was just a flash and he knew exactly what it meant. Viscerally.

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Nerve gas. What a way to go.

Ahhhh fuck I haven't had a good laugh like that in a while good one thanks

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I remember seeing a webm or gif of a black guy eating a white puppy alive a while back. I can't seem to find it anymore.