Is it better to procreate with short or tall women?

Is it better to procreate with short or tall women?

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I've procreated with both. Unfortunately the tall one had a girl and the short one had the boy.

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my dad is 5'6 and my mom is 5'4. im 5'8 and my brother is 6'2. it really doesnt matter

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Ya it does 95% of the time you’ll be give or take 4 in if your parents act height

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Women should be exterminated and replaced with genetically engineered female humanoids that won't grow into women and will like 6yo girls full grown.

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>Is it better to procreate with short or tall women?

Amazonians exclusively.

Haha, strangely the boy is in the 97th percentile for height. Mother is 5'3" I'm 5'10" but I was 7 weeks prem so my genes are taller than I am.

Doesn't really matter

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Tomboish are the best
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Penis size (and to a lesser degree vagina depth) have an effect on the gender of your baby. Snall penis or large vagina usually create females where long penis or shallow vagina means more likely to have boys.

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Tall. Womanlets are the devil.

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[/spoiler]Even better...[/spoiler]
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Tall but not super tall especially if you are super tall. The perfect male height for health and attractiveness is 6'3. If you're already really tall and you reproduce with a really tall woman your sons are probably gonna be like 6'8 which is freak territory and brings a lot of health problems and makes it difficult to do normal every day things. The goal should be have to 6'3 sons.

That's not how that works. As long as your little swimmers go through the hoop it's a coin toss.