Trump is about to be impeached

The retarded lying POS is getting booted. He won't even be the Republican nominee. He'll be got by then. It's over.

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for 3 years now

Just give it up already. The left has shown everyone how incompetent and jelly they are.

Say the increasingly nervous faggot for the millionth time.

this shit is so tiresome you jews need to try something else

3 years of saying thesame crap wont save you from TRUMP2020

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The votes for impeachment are there now. Nancy Pelosi had opposed it. On Thursday she's suppose to announce she supports it. He'll be impeached before the election now. Many top Democrats support it too now, pretty much the entire top establishment of the party.

Holy shit lmao is that real

Trump doomed himself with Biden's son by setting up a clear quid pro quo.

Yes. He eats vevleeta cheeze and drinks diet coke exclusively. Never drinks water. The man has a giant goiter

He will still win again if the dumb fucks actually try that shit. I believe it will just make the dems look even dumber, not an easy thing to do, and just drive more normies right of center. How about you retarded fucks try talking about policy instead of muh drumpf. Most people are getting tired of your stupidity.

Do you guys ever get tired of being wrong 100% of the time

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Any day now...

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You idiots have been saying this since day 1. The man is untouchable.

>Trump doomed himself with Biden's son by setting up a clear quid pro quo.

Except that's not what happened....... how many times do you people have to get burned by rumors and unnamed sources before you stop touching the fake news stove?


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You shouldn't assume he won't be convicted. If they ally with Moderate Republicans in the Senate they can get the votes. The Romney wing of the party will support such a conviction.

He has fucked himself. It's game over.

Wow, Thunberg's speech was THAT good?


If Dems spent just HALF as much time working for the people instead of being assblasted losers of an election.

>how many times do you people have to get burned by rumors and unnamed sources before you stop touching the fake news stove?
Hopefully never.

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Whatever (((OP)))

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I bet this is what it sounded like in the writing room of the last season of GoT.

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What's taking them so long? We need President Pence, bigly.

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That's Civil War talk right there.


Oh look, this again. Can't you at least come up with something new? This impeachment shit is past its expiration date. Weve had russians, porn stars and concentration camps. Maybe start telling everyone Alex Jones has evidence that Trump's a reptilian.

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checked but pence luv jew too

pffft. they're elected, and if they don't have the support of the rank and file GOP, their political career is over.
I know you wish these people were appointees like the Soviet Politburo, but they're not. Get over it.

It goes to the senate

Nigga just accept you lost three years ago and fuck off holy shit lolololol


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Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And still, he's about to be impeached. Your rage won't change that. He's done.

Do people here like Trump? I get there is a small percentage that enjoy the shit show, and then there is the small amount of his supporters, but most people don’ t like this imbecile right?

i love how all you shills have accomplished during trump's presidency is photoshop that same photo a bit more once in a while.

>You shouldn't assume he won't be convicted. If they ally with Moderate Republicans in the Senate they can get the votes. The Romney wing of the party will support such a conviction.
>He has fucked himself. It's game over.

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We liked candidate Trump. As President he's even more of a kike-lover than the neocons he used to lambast.

I see the quid but what was the quo?
>unlike biden

t. kike

What has changed is the establishment now fully supports impeachment along with Nancy Pelosi. I get most of you are hacks, but what this means is that he's gonna be impeached. It's definitive now. Which is great because he's really did nothing good for his base or anybody elses. He hasn't accomplished shit.

Oh look another fucking slide thread from unoriginal hacks. It's fucking amateur hour tonight I swear to god

Haha hivemind

Please OP, if you're going to trot out the same old b8, at least put it on the street.

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Ok. Now go turn the TV on. I think it's time for Don Lemmon.

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>t. fag

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Circumstances have changed, it's definitive he's gonna be impeached. This isnt some far off, gonna happen eventually thing, it'll be effectively decided and announced on Thursday.

this again?

Ha. I don't watch CNN and I'm not a Democrat. I just think Trump is an inept retard. Fuck his supposed positions, he's a dumbass. Everybody who has left his administration has said the same thing, he's a fucking idiot. Y'all could do better.

Shut up faggot he was right. Quit this "we liked Trump but now" shit, we all know you're an liberal onions shill faggot.

Notice the lack of specifics.
Don't worry user, he'll be out of office in 2024.

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apparently tds is terminal

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Will never happen. They won't surrender the 2020 election to Democrats and start a civil war.
Trump has dangled shiny beads in front of Democrats like they were Indians and they took the bait.

He wants Warren as his rival. He just resurrected a dead scandal for Joe. It's the coup de grace.

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Umm...I gave a date for the decision and announcement. What else do you want?
Plus, the WH Senior officials are now saying Trump set up quid pro quo. He's done. We all knew this was gonna happen eventually. I sort of don't get why it is so upsetting.

Sure, buddy. 5D Chess

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What the fuck is there to like? Not only has he done nothing to help, he has instead turned the party against basic shit like gun rights which never would've been questioned by conservative orthodoxy in the past. Which part of Trump's tenure appeals to you so much? His endless pandering to niggers and Jews? Our record high immigration levels? New hate crime laws, perhaps?

every president since reagan has been impeached

>Circumstances have changed.
Been promised an announcement any day now for 2 years.

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>He won't even be the Republican nominee.
Alaska just said they aren't even going to have a republican primary so I'm voting for Biden because it would be fun to watch his eye explode.

Who would want to impeach this absolute master of rhetoric?

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Democrats have to impeach him before the election, retards. Because if he's re-elected then it won't be politically possible for at least 2-3 more years. So, they're gonna impeach him now. Watch and see. But, fuck him. He hasn't accomplished shit: more immigrants, he kisses Israeli ass, he won't call out niggers and on and on.

Mueller's got him this time for sure.

So, who are you going to vote for you stupid faggot? Beto? Creepy Joe? Crazy squaw bitch?
>hey guys Trump is dumb you should vote for an even more retarded person.
Once again kys faggot. He's not perfect, but he is by far the best option for 2020.

I just hope Mike Pence takes over

That guy is conservative as fuck

I'll vote straight Republican downticket and write-in Andrew Anglin or Wayne Lambright or Luke Skywalker for President.

While i agree with you. You guys will never have a president that isn't controlled by the zionists. We are all doomed.

>stupid fuck that doesn't understand how politics work
Hey dumbass, impeachment legally wouldn't stop him from being reelected you shithead. You are still going to need a candidate better than him, and so far you have Jack shit.

yeah as if nigger lovers don't vote for Hillary

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>tries to expose biden’s corruption through corruption
can’t think of dumber motherfuck

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>not considering the alternative

It's over.
Bluptphft is finally gonna get what's coming... this time. Oh boy. Watch out!

Eat bugs.

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Ok that's fine, your vote will have zero effect on the presidential election. Maybe it's the thought that counts.

Pretty much

right. 99D chess

you have to hope the senate holds up for Trump or it's going to be a long hard road fighting the dems for another 8 years

Because he's done it before and Democrats keep falling for it.
Everyone forget about the "shithole" leak and Haiti? Looks like the retard is you.

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I'm glad you approve. There will be other elections going on with worthwhile candidates. We still need to control Congress. I'm just not going to be fooled twice by Zognald.

The House can put whatever impeachment articles they want to a vote and pass them. If The Senate (R) majority controlled doen't prosecute the charges...Trump finishes his term..almost untouchable by any further attempts (other than a 25th amendment attempt) and has to take his chances in 2020 against a weak (R) challenger or The (D) get their shit together and get behind someone with ideas that can challenge a strong (R)...ProTip: It won't be Trump in 2020

I say we Nuke em all from the only way to be sure We The People..get our voice back

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yeah dude solid shit is better than diarrhea

Welp. This time impeachment is gonna start due to his 5D chess moves. Is this what he wanted?

Damn tf did he do? Drink cooking oil?

Keep telling yourself that. Isn't Stephen Colbert on?

nice, you keep spamming this doxxing honeypot

how bored are you?

Muh impeachment. Democrats can do whatever they like but the GOP is gonna ride Trump to 2020.

Vote lambright if anything, at least he's gonna give us anti gravity technology, and fully automatic weapons. Fuck I would vote Wayne too if I wasn't so excited about the double dose of salt when these faggots lose... That's really all it is I love, if nothing else, the butthurt this man causes these bitches.

>GOP is gonna ride Trump to 2020

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I'm not a Democrat, nor a liberal. I wanted him to do something about niggers, jews and immigrants. Illegal immigration keeps rising and there's no wall. He kisses Israeli ass. Niggers are niggers. That's why. He's a retarded failure.

Ok faggot answer my original question, Mr. Former Future anti Trump shill, who the fuck are you suggesting "we" should vote for?

The left can’t meme

>who the fuck are you suggesting "we" should vote for?

You should probably vote for Trump, brainlet.

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>Thinking GOP will vote against their own party
>thinking there are enough Romney repubs left to make a difference
>thinking the dems will even go through with their threats
Any time impeachment is mentioned nobody ever means its, they just say it to keep retards riled up and they fall for it every time. The only two times they even bothered with it turned out to be a shitshow that didn't even go anywhere.


Hey remember that time Bill Clinton lied to Congress about having extramarital relations in the white house, was impeached, and not removed from office?
Good times.

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really makes me think

They mean it this time. Support has risen for it and the timing is ideal. Nancy Pelosi now is supporting it. That means it's gonna minimally pass the House and impeachment guaranteed to occur, then the only question is if Trump will be convicted by the Senate. This is past the point of conjecture, it's what is inevitably gonna happen. Top Democrats now support it too, like Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and others.

>Top Democrats now support it too, like Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and others.
Their support is irrelevant. They don't have an actual vote, nor are they running for any election in 2020.


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