Don't smoke weed.
Don't watch porn.
Don't play video games.
Don't be a communist.
Don't watch anime.
Don't be a feminist.
Don't be an evolutionist.

God created us and he loves us instead of doing these useless things here's a list of things you should do:

Praise Jesus Christ our Lord.
Read the Bible.
Exercise daily.
Eat healthy.
Don't be greedy.

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don't circumcise your child, it's abuse


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It's torture.

Why would you associate perfectly sensible statements with shit-for brains evolution denial?

If evolution is a hoax then you have no choice but to accept that negroes are as human as you are.

Herbs and spices.

I don't
I'm working on it
I rarely do, but I would like to
I'm not
I rarely do, but I would like to
I'm not retarded.
I'm... I'm not sure what your definition of evolutionist is.
Either way
I do
I do
I do enough
I don't eat poorly
I'm just trying to figure out my way towards making a good one income living for the future family I might never be able to create so kill me for being a little careful.


what can i BE though?


All the things I'm asking you to forbid yourself are are endless pits of degeneracy from which you can never arise until you permanently cease these activities. Then you realize that the purpose of life is to procreate within the bounds of marriage and serve the living God. Our reward will be greater than any thing imaginable in Heaven.

>Don't smoke weed.
>Don't watch porn.
Nah, fuck you prude.
>Don't play video games.
I don't anymore but mainly cause they don't make good ones anymore.
>Don't be a communist.
Of course not, socialist is the way to go.
>Don't watch anime.
Again, haven't been any good ones for a while, so check.
>Don't be an evolutionist.
Well I'm not going to get a lobotomy so I'm going to have to continue being aware of basic facts like evolution.
>Various religious nonsense.
Again, not getting a lobotomy so I won't be having imaginary friends anytime soon.
>Exercise daily.
I do.
>Eat healthy.
I do.
>Don't be greedy.

Great, point me to a wife.

Sorry I switched to phone posting

I'll do the rest but I'm not giving up vidya.

>Don't watch anime
>Watch hollyjew movies tho
I can see your nose Moishe. Jew fears the samurai

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Don't watch any TV, TV is the most distracting thing there is. Get off that couch or that bed unless you're old and bedridden. TV is the biggest waste of time ever, unless watching educational/documentaries on Youtube I don't see the point of owning a TV.

Don't be a christcuck

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The white pride symbol literally has a crucifix in it.
You yourself are posting with it.

How do you do, fellow Jew? Let's laugh at the goyim!


>Don't play video games
>Don't watch anime
>Don't be an evolutionist
How about no, you fucking boomer christcuck.

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>Don't watch anime.

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>don't don't don't

is this the same people who falls for the stupid meme "reply to this or your mother etc etc"?

how easy is to be a moralist, how hard is to have moral

I'm not a boomer you imbecile. Are you a pedophile? What compels you to save pictures of lolis and post them to express yourself? You should get yourself together man, grown ass man posting pictures of cartoon children.

>unironically denying evolution
is this bait?

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No fucking tattoos either faggot

yes problem there
>no drink drugs
yes problem there
other than those , licked
O, Nigger


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Weed is okay to experience new perspective and profound thought. This only occurs with individuals who have adequate self awareness and IQ. Overuse is detrimental.
Porn is an addictive aid for self simulation of procreation, it is like drinking salt water while thirsty. It distracts from the legitimate goal of genuine procreation.
Video games can be mentally challenging puzzles requiring problem solving that stimulate brain activity. They are not inherently harmful, overuse is a detriment.
Communism is an impossible, self destructive ideology that like all others, is beneficial to a ruling minority. A sham which delusional low value people subscribe to in cope.
Anime exists for entertainment as all other media. However, it provides no benefit for discovering realistic social behaviours like actor-based media, as it is a fantasy cartoon devoid of genuine human reaction and abilities.
Feminism is a broad term. Women should be treated equally according to their ability as all individuals, as this is beneficial to a society to exist without strife.
Evolution is the undeniable process by which we have become the advanced (relative to other species) primates that we are. Natural selection is ongoing.
God is a cope devised by struggling early humans through which avenues of control were discovered by more advanced beings to control the less intelligent and vast swaths of vulnerable. It was and is an effective tool for order that has no basis in reality. It is merely an arbitrary concept applied to emotional wounds.

if i do all of the bottom 5 why cant i do one or two of the top 7

>I'm not a boomer
Oof, you didn't even have this shit force fed to you and you still fell for it.
I feel bad for you sub 100 IQ niggers.

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>You should get yourself together man, grown ass man posting pictures of cartoon children.
I feel the same way about "men" I work with who are obsessed with vidja and Starwars at 30 years old... no women, no children... despicable faggots.

You keep attacking me without any rebuttal as to why any of the things proscribed are bad, and yet you have the audacity to call me a retard. No sir you are the retard here, and you need to grow up and get your shit together. Those cartoon characters don't love you, only your parents and Jesus loves you.

These people have 0 awareness, they need to wake up and realize what life is about before they die in their sins.

Please add
>Don't be a homosexual
>Don't be a manlet
>Kill your father
>Don't be a Jew
>Don't be low IQ
>Don't eat poorly
>Exercise often

weed used to do this to me. Now it just makes me passively watch netflix while eating junk like cheetos and drinking soda. Literally turns me into an NPC the occasional time I try it honestly it sucks now.

I'm still waiting on the "point me to a wife thing"


Some people are just naturally 5'8" okay?

I don't think I need to explain the importance of art or the validity of evolution. If you came to that conclusion in the modern world with all of humanities information at your disposal, all I can do is assume you're a retard and that you can't be convinced otherwise.

Yeah, well a wife is a quest for life and a man who finds a good one is a happy and lucky one indeed. Are you Christian? Try your local church. I'm non-denominational Christian. That could be your starting point, besides that depending on your age are you in school? That's always a great place to find a woman.

Unlike you I have faith and don't require a justification for everything. I believe in Jesus, I believe in heaven and in hell and I'm just here giving a warning message that following or doing certain things leads to a path of destruction. You may not agree with my views but you can't scientifically object against what I'm preaching because there is truth as to why I'm condoning these things. You don't believe me? Look at yourself you that's the best example there is. Introspection my friend.

I'm Catholic, but I was recently introduced to a non-denominational congregation.
While I enjoy worshiping there and the leadership is very friendly, but I don't think I should convert honestly. Besides all the girls there are coal burners, and I'm disgusted by it, but I stay for God and the parish. So it's hard to look at but I ignore it...
maybe that makes me a cuck

>they don’t make good ones anymore

Sniff...sniff.... smells like a redditposter

You don't have to convert, I too am a former catholic and I did not abandon my church but simply don't idolize anymore. (no more prayer to the Virgin Mary for instance and praying to statues) I still take the communion because that's something Jesus did. I don't do the sign of the cross because it's ambiguous as to weather it's considered idolatry.

Why are all the women in that church coal burners? Are they single mothers with halflings?

>Praise Jesus Christ our Lord.


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Some are. Others were brought in from the college recently like I was, of course I'm not a girl.

I'm a little torn over what to think of the organization at this point. But I have faith in God.

I'll play vidya if I want, faggot.

>Don't be greedy.
Fuck! I'm in a cult now. I do all those things.

>letting a leaf dictate how you live your life

>Don't be an evolutionist.
A man who denys evolution is no different from the one who spouts equality, Whites are the superior branch. You're not White.

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Going to sleep. Good night all may Christ enlighten you one day. God bless all.

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You had me until the end when I realized you were just some religious faggot. Neck yourself and go join your creator

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Based. As fuck. OP is when cumbrains look around their room and realize they are living in a disgusting pigsty with no direction. These don't apply to normal reasonably well adjusted humans who have worthwhile lives. Smoke weed if you can manage your consumption, same goes for porn, anime is good entertainment, God isn't real, obviously lift pussy and get a gf.

>no anime

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>Don't smoke weed
I don't.
>Don't watch porn
I haven't in a long time.
>Don't play video games.
I play retail WoW.
>Don't be a communist.
I don't support unreasonably violent ideologies, that's for newfags.
>Don't watch anime
OP is a faggot.
>Don't be a feminist.
I don't believe in feminism, I believe in gender
equality, and I believe feminism is the female equivalent of androcentrism.
>Don't be an evolutionist.
DNA has shown the "chicken came before the egg" billions of years ago etc. There were "seed species" and they could have evolved, or just stayed the same but I don't believe they all came from the same initial life form as the current model suggests.
>God created us and he loves us instead of doing these useless things here's a list of things you should do:

Praise Jesus Christ our Lord.
Read the Bible.
Exercise daily.
Eat healthy.
Don't be greedy.

Why should I?
The Bible has nice parts yes, but it can make you a madman like any other bleef.

Jesus was just one of many Messianic figures of the late BCs/ Early First century. He may have existed or not.

I do pray but just for guidance from my ancestors. We have spirits, yes but I can't control what others do.

I am vegan.

Exercise is a meme, count calories and eat better.

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>Heil Hitler, the druggie loser who destroyed Europe and killed himself like a bitch after ordering an industrial slaughter of a bunch of primarily Jewish normies and women and children. Cucked Nazi NPC detect.

Evolution is real, you’re related to monkeys

im gonna go take 2 shots, smoke a bowl, and fap for 30 minutes. Go fuck yourself shill faggot OP

OP, you have no clue what you're talking about when it comes to cannabis. Everything on that list you're right about, but cannabis, you are completely wrong about. The issue you need to have is with stoner culture.
If you haven't studied the original greek text, you have no clue that pharmaceuticals are forbidden by Christ. This is hidden from us on purpose. Search for "pharmakos". Your ignorance is highlighted by the lack of enmity towards pharmaceuticals. When used properly, creations of God are beneficial. If you don't think for a moment that it's strange that scientists focus on making their own substances instead of studying God's creation, you are not suited to be talking about what is good or bad for fellow believers. I used it a decade ago to help myself, and then quit when I didn't need it anymore.

>Don't smoke weed.

I’m more of a beer guy (in moderation), so I can live with that.

>Don’t watch porn. Don’t play video games.

Fuck off.

>Don’t be a communist.

That’s fine. I hate them and I fantasize about torturing them before I drop them in the ocean.

>Don't watch anime.

Ok, but only if you allow me to date asian girls.

>Don't be a feminist.

Same as communists, although my fantasies involving feminists are on a whole different level.

>Don't be an evolutionist.

Why? Evolution is real. We’re evolved primates. The reason why I love asian women so much probably has to do with evolution.

>Praise Jesus Christ our Lord.

No, fuck him. If I had to be religious, I’d choose Ancient Roman paganism or something like that.

>Read the Bible.


>Eat healthy.


>Don't be greedy.

Now this I cannot do. Greed is my favorite emotion. Greed is what fuels my life. Why should I not be greedy?

reminder these reminders don't actually have any effect on people the saints of today are parroting the obvious imagining in their minds they are freeing the masses from their vices but only done so anonymously for most of the time the person behind the post would be ridiculed for their life is not free from sin

Where do I find motivation to exercise daily?

Yes try the church.

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>Don't watch anime.
bad user

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Not being a commie is the only valid point, but as a leaf you already failed to lead by example.

What value does the Bible have?

Also there's nothing inherently wrong with video games and Japanese animation.

eat shit, dogfucker
anime is based and redpilled

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kek fuck off

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>Don't be an evolutionist.
How can we explain that negroes and Jews are different from us if they are all "made in God's image"?

>Don't watch anime.
You lost me here

>Don't be evolutionist
OK, go honestly fuck yourself you absolute brainlet.

I can't believe that pol is gonna save the fucking world. Beautiful! Keep being great boys! Jesus walks with you.

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Nature didn't make 30% thc weed. Stop fooling yourself.

either you're a 14 year old edgey kid or a kike.

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>Humans are related to rocks and an explosion

Weed made me stop watching porn. There’s nothing wrong with weed.

There are landrace strains that naturally have extremely high THC content. Maybe not 30% but who gives a fuck?

shut the fuck

it's centered on circular reasoning with many many gaps which most is completely made up. For the most part it's just something we are told in schools and on tv over and over which we know have a direct hand in that. I find it amazing how many things we just accept because it was repeated to us in society. Might as well believe in the holocaust because it's repeated with their "facts" over and over again.

hello calling brainlet
attention brainlet you seem to have committed an error
what do you mean?

The only missing link is to generalise “video games”, “anime” and “chanlikes” into “modern media”. Media is globalist culture, and must be rejected to become truely redpilled.

Most of that is America and the Soviet Union’s fault.

People that give a fuck. Look around you at the dispensary next time, look at the people, look at the cars in the parking, not how expensive they are, but like, how clean they are. Stuff like that. Look and see a bunch of people with priorities off by a little bit.

>Don't be an evolutionist.

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Underage detected.

>Don't smoke weed.
I gave it up beyond special occasions
>Don't watch porn.
Trying not to but failing
>Don't play video games.
Fuck off
>Don't be a communist.
Better dead than red
>Don't watch anime.
Fuck off
>Don't be a feminist.
Already not
>Don't be an evolutionist.
Make me

>God created us and he loves us instead of doing these useless things here's a list of things you should do:
>Praise Jesus Christ our Lord.
Not praising a kike on a stick
>Read the Bible.
Read it, not worth a second read
>Exercise daily.
Gonna do that soon
>Eat healthy.
If I had the money to I would
>Don't be greedy.
Poverty makes you greedy

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You lost me at "Don't be an evolutionist.".


Jesus fully supported Cannabis and it is explicitly mentioned as the anointing oil of Moses.

Jesus is going to be so pissed at you

Well, thanks for your useless opinion.
Quick rundown on this random nobody on the internet, I guess.

>Don't fall for jewish tricks user!
>Except this jewish religion

And your opinion isn't useless?

I’ll never give up anime

Come and take it


Just say Yahweh.