3 Years Later

I still giggle at this son of a bitch. Just fucking whipped his dick out and ran for President and fucking wrecked two political dynasties to absolute shit. A fucking reality TV star, real estate guy just said fuck it and won the whole goddamn thing against every fucking odd placed on him. The greatest underdog story ever.

I mean if I was a fucking Democrat faggot, I'd be seething to this day too. So I don't blame you faggots.

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>Bankrupted a casino, airline, water and steak company, university, charity, and football team

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He ran against one of the worst candidates in history. Not to mention political correctness has scared any sane thinking person away from the left.

imaging taking politics this serious, i pity you americans.

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>I mean if I was a fucking Democrat faggot, I'd be seething to this day too. So I don't blame you faggots.

You guys can't even scroll past a picture of the man and not get in ORANGE MAN NOT GOOD! shit posts. lmao. This is why I laugh every fucking day.

what about Obongo

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PC culture wasn't rampant when Obama ran. Even during his second term. You never heard about it until 2015 and it ramped up exponentially in 2016.

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>great sources on that information you pulled out of your gaping asshole

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>how dare you insult the supreme leader Trump
you are a joke,a gay one

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Basically Obama's legacy is PC culture

Talk about changing the course of history.
I wonder what's going on in the hillary timeline?

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>won the whole goddamn thing against every fucking odd placed on him. The greatest underdog story ever.

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Not as hard as I'm laughing at your hick ass.

The best part is nobody will ever want to host Trump's Presidential Library, write a serious biography, or make a Hollywood movie about him.
His ego will be forever destroyed and he;ll be a laughingstock, along with his bunko family and autistic kids.

Suck it up buttercup.

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Stop fucking dogs you leaf

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*grins in neocon*

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*grins in military industrial complex*

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My wife and were laughing last night at Trump calling Joe Biden, Sleepy Joe, and Bernie Sanders, Crazy Bernie.

It’s going to be a slam dunk anons.

*grins in CIA initiated Bush family friend*

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>Paid zero in (((federal taxes))) for the past 30 years

well said. i remember thw day he was elected. one of the best days of my life

>doesn't understand that bankruptcy is a legitimate business strategy

lurk moar

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The night of the 2016 Al Smith Dinner, I ran into my living room and yelled, "I want that orange asshole to be my President! Hahaha!"

I have never looked back.

What trump shows is how much of a waste the american congress is. He can't do anything because there will be dozens of other people with authority to revert anything for no reason.

*grins in petrodollars*

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*grins in Halliburton*

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and still became a prez.

While that's true, those are the only reasons he ran for president in the first place. Remember that Oprah clip where he said that he'd only ever run if it got bad enough. If Trump didn't run, it would have been Hillary Clinton vs Jeb Bush. Mere words can't describe just how far past 'bad' it had gotten.
I don't know whether Trump ran because he felt he had to or because he KNEW he could win in these circumstances, but knowing him it's probably at least a little of both.

Let it out my dude. If you bottle up the hate, it will destroy you.

You fucking idiots really don't understand how corporate entities work, do you.

Absolutely based and 100% correct.

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I don't really care about President Trump's ego. If that's the cost of destroying President Obama's fetid legacy, so be it - it's a good trade.

All you're saying is that you want to destroy Trump and his family personally because you can't defeat him politically. Next time try having an electable candidate so that you don't have to deal with all this character assassination bullshit.

Oh noez!
His only legacy will be a couple hundred federal judges and a few SCOTUS judges with life time appointments.

Trump, greatest President ever.

I thought she was the most qualified presidential candidate in history? It was HER TURN!

He'll probably pass peacefully in his sleep in a gilded bed surrounded by his many children a few years after leaving office, laughing about how he shattered the political establishment and pushed American politics exactly where he wanted it to be.