The Germanic arm of the white race is the most beautiful and well-achieved race there is...

The Germanic arm of the white race is the most beautiful and well-achieved race there is. We are noble warriors who have taken the world by storm in recent times, with a peak at Hitler's Third Reich. We must ensure that this was not the peak, and a new one must be crafted. This time all Germanic races band together as we create the Fourth Reich. We will take all those sub-races of the Germanic race, from Germany to Iceland to England, and breed them through the successive generations to appear Nordic in order to instill discipline and race loyalty in the fighting unit with the goal of global domination. All wars are fought over either resources or land; therefore, peaceful periods are lulls stuck between short periods of progress. Follow me.


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He doesn't look Germanic at all

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Well I am.

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Im not impressed, my ancestors were living in villas with clay tile roofs, while your barbaric ancestors were living in what Julius Caesar called citadels of soil.

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Slavs are objectively more attractive. You're objectively insane, and you want to become the Jew.
This fatass wants to start a war with the entire world to enslave everyone he deems to be subhuman but in his mania considers himself a rockstar that doesn't have to meet the requirements and standards he sets for his hypothetical empire.
He's like a bad satire of the general public's understanding of Hitler, and spams his faggy speeches on other websites too.
He's unironically mentally ill and I feel bad for talking so much shit directly to him, and when he sinks back to the depressive stage of his cycle may harm himself.

All fields.

Yet we sacked Rome and and the Native Americans because we are the greatest warriors on earth, and as we all know, the natural order is supreme.

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>Slavs are objectively more attractive.
That's not objective.
>You're objectively insane, and you want to become the Jew.
I don't want to become the Jew. Whatever that means. You strike me as a real Amerimutt who's afraid.

What I've realized is that this board is full of LARPers. There are no real National Socialists on this board. They all want to dick around supporting weak people like Richard Spencer or Jordan Peterson. What a bunch of mixed-race garbage there is on this board.

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Just gonna say one last thing. If any of you had actually read Mein Kampf, you would know that what I'm saying was Hitler's view. A nation is a fighting unit and a fighting unit must be pure and free from foreign defilements. Himmler was going to breed the Germans to appear Nordic using his experience with agronomy.


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Soil is great for construction and is a thermal barrier. Fantastic insulation for cold Germanic winters.

Alright bud. Your thread's about to die. This a good thing. Like I said elsewhere, you need to take a step back, take a deep breath, and rethink.
>You want to rule the world.
Right off the bat, you don't deserve to be a leader. No one who wants to rule should.
>You are not Führer material.
You're overweight, mentally ill, and as charismatic as a hemmorhoid.
>You think we can expel, enslave, or exterminate 6 billion humans.
Many of them have actually integrated into our societies. Many have bred into us and created inconceivable numbers of mutts, many of whom don't meet your standards but are actually useful human beings, and many of whom you just insulted after asking for their help.
>You called yourself a rockstar and believe you're above the people you want to prop you up.
This is deplorable. This is disgusting. This is dishonorable.

You are not and never will be the Führer. You are AT BEST fit to be an irregular soldier, but your mental and physical fitness would prevent you from being anything more than a liability and a bulletsponge. Focus on yourself. Hitler was a war hero. Any actual warrior would scoff at your claims of supremacy. Please, for your own sake, unfuck yourself. Go lift, and get your bipolar disorder taken care of to the best extent possible. Turn yourself in a humble, well-disciplined and self-sufficient warrior, and when the real Leaders start stepping into the limelight, serve them to the best of your ability.

It's over. It's done. You're all stupid worthless mutts. This board is garbage and full of worthless mutt LARPers.
>Go lift
This is a meme to compete in a negrified jungle world and you've sucked it down whole. There is no end to the lengths artificiality can go for the sake of getting pussy. It's completely useless and you're an idiot.


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Please don't KYS. Work on your body and mind.

If you think lifting is about getting pussy you are not even close to being ready.
Discipline yourself. We must all embrace the surge of pride and energy we feel, and know how to turn it into productivity.
Get off Jow Forums, and start lifting. The rest follows

I'm not going to kill myself. I told you to kill yourself, but you know that. You're just attempting to act as if you're on a level above me, despite you being a mutt.

If there is no global domination of whites, then we will continue to be bombarded with shitskins, and the only thing left is nihilistic hedonism.

Absolute meme. You need to stop.

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Your a faggot and youll never be white.

>DOOD Justice is, like, Nietschean and edm isn't degenerate faggotry
You again?

EDM is definitely degenerate faggotry, but Justice is not. They use elements from the Baroque period, which was the very height of high-class music. Justice is absolutely Nietzschean. Justice =/= EDM

I'm guessing.

Bad guess. 6'

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I will guess again, my fren:

There are two things wrong with what you wrote, and both of them are all of it.

Post weight.

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He got 'Your' and 'youll' wrong. The rest is proper English.

Not this faggot again