Californians Need Not Appy

Are they any laws preventing me from not renting to or hiring Californians? They are not a protected class. We do not want any more.

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Keep your shithole to yourselves and stop moving here!

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reminder that without cali us wouldve been collapsed long ago

Seeing a lot more of these license plates in GA. They are completely unaware of the cancer that they are.

If you can deny service or products based on political preference, then sure. I see no issue in discriminating based on where someone came from.

fucking based


Do you need an actual reason to deny such a position? I've never had to justify why I didn't hire someone .. never rented a property out so I can't speak on that part. When someone's called asking why we haven't called them back I typically just say the job was filled by another candidate. I'm sure such a line could be used in regards to renting out a property too.
>You looked like a drug user. Someone else asked about the house who had a nice white family.

No, state residents are not a protected class. You can legally discriminate based on residence.

>reminder that without cali us wouldve been collapsed long ago

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States of origin are not a protected class.

Reminder that California as a strategic port is different than the political climate of the shithole state.

The best legal policy is to give no reason for either a job or a rental decline. But I want start a public trend where locals put this right into the advertisements to discourage these assholes en masse.

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so i can deny service to anyone from africa or israel right

Country of origin is a protected category.

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Some asshat attorney will argument Africa is mostly blacks so they are protected and Israelis are mostly jews so they are protected. Even though Californians reek of faggotry, they are a very diverse group and canot be associated by any common factor.

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who else grew up in california?
remember learning about pioneering and 49ers and mountain men and all the tough ass men to built it?
i think doing the whole "im working hard to give my kids a better life than i had" was a big mistake. every generation has fallen more and more.
then you add niggers and spics and faggots oh my! and its the degenerate wizard of oz
i clicked my heels and got the fuck out of there a long time ago and dont even visit
what a shithole

With that said, though.. you CAN discriminate based on citizenship... as long as you mandate that anyone who applies has to show proof of citizenship.

without cali we wouldnt have trade with based china and japan, the only remaining pure culture, but sure call me a jew you fucking mongoloid inbred backwater shit stain.

There were points in time when Portugal and the Netherlands were important, too.

this generation game birth to the iPhone generation

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they are called refugees here in arizona. i want them to go away.

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> you own real estate
> you own a business
Have sex incel.

>live in idaho
>have a pretty high level job
>work with a lot of super experienced, highly educated, and ambitious people
>almost every person we've hired recently is from california, seattle, or new york
>they're all super left-wing, so nice it's fake, and have to let everyone know how tolerant they are
>every chance i get, i mention how i'm sick of people moving to this state


FUCK california

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>they are a very diverse group and canot be associated by any common factor.
sure they can, Communism.

That literally would have been preferable though. A Balkanized US would be preferable versus open borders south of San Diego and then spics make their way into the rest of the US.

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fucking jew

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there are literally like forty other states that can serve us agricultural needs without relying on wetback labor


Californians sucks ASS, they voted for democrats now their cities are filled with homeless and fecal matter spread all over sidewalks riddled with needles.

What gave it away, newfag? Was it the same ID for each poster?

I pray to satan for an earthquake beneath you ass

truly sad. the cycle must end
i dont think he was trying to hide it, buddy

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Some self-centered califag probably did it to his own car

So california is the reason ZOG still exists? Get fucked nigger

>muh california is important

Most Californians that bail out on their state are more based than any native faggot of the state they emigrate. More likely to be conservative and more likely to have gone through more shit than anyone from a state that has always been red.

im about to take a long drive to Texas from California, you assholes better not spray paint my car

does California suck? No, the big cities suck EVERYWHERE

This is a complete fucking lie, they move to other states and shit up their politics. It's not Colorado natives voting in literal kike faggots, it's coastal transplants that vote for the same faggotry that ruined their state.

Idiots spamming
>da jobs
Calling anyone else stupid is so retarded their parents need helmets. As if any of you own property or businesses to discriminate against a state that has 40m people, 13m of which voted for trump, is the main line of defense against China, has 2 of the most advanced r&d military bases in the country, or the fact that their economy is the 6th largest in the world.

All these threads are is salt. So bring it faggots.


Why don't you ask the people of the Southwest how that is working out for them? Taco monkeys aren't the only thing turning their States completely blue

get enriched, fag

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Only the coasties do. You realize California has more conservatives than Texas, right?

You non-Cali faggots have no idea what you are talking about. Remove the leftist infested coastal cities and you would have a deep red state. Some are running away but some, like me, are staying to fight these fucktards and take it back.

>California sucks dude
>I know, let's go to a state back east somewhere!
>Load up my mom, dad, brothers and sisters and ol' gramma on top of my lowrider cadillac and head out Oklahomee way
>"Howdy folks, you from around these parts?" said the lucrative dirt farmer
>"Nah bro, we're from California" said the beach bum
>"Californee? All yall best be driving further east now, ain't no work for fornies here." said the dirt farmer
>"Bummer, dude..." said the beach bum
I fucking love it!
The Dusts of Wrath: Okie's Revenge.

8th largest, and they still need federal money to pay their obligations.

Oh wow a port!
Looks like we really do need 40 million libshits and spics + 2.5 million more illegal spics to work on those docks.
Their skills and attitudes will be perfect for the rest of the non-ported country they want to invade.
>trade with china and japan
This has worked out so well for our economy too, we've had a trade surplus with both these places forever right?

Obviously butthurt kike Cuckifornian faggots. Enjoy your $4 gas, you imported it so well!

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Now that is a redpilling webm

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i moved to arkansas. whole lotta dark niggers but then theres still places like booneville, which is kinda no go for blacks, and places like harrison, where you see billboards and school kids sporting some "diversity=white genocide" truth
i cant outdo that. i was pretty amazed
also the blacks are better than california niggers and tend to just bother eachother most of the time. ive been in some scary hoods, feeling like a foreign tarzan of the jungle, but they stayed calm while i was working.
aerial construction company + 10 acres
not bad for where we come from. which was a crack house

Typical Jew.
Cries out as he strikes you.

>fucking mongoloid inbred backwater shit stain.
This is why no one wants you around.

they don't understand that the Californians going east are actually more redpilled because they experienced and are trying to escape the leftist infestation

Is this from Portland, there was a spate of these here not too long ago.

Keys wagie

And then everyone clapped.
Keep dreaming

And what state doesn't? No seriously what flyover state doesn't suckle the federal teet? I'll wait.

I can respect that. Good for you user.
Most people bitching are poorfags who it doesn't affect in the slightest.

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former austinite here, lolno you are full of shit

Reminder that California's prosperity depends on trade, and they will continue to serve as America's port after we kick them the fuck out.

I'm not even like the rest of them, can't you see I'm trying to escape from here too

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ca sucks on fed programs nonstop due to its giant illegal population, it has lost 100 hospitals in 25 years KEK

Here in Idaho the Democratic nominee got more votes this election than the last 50 years, she was literally mental claiming she was having visions that's she was going to win and that there was an ancient prophecy she was going to defeat Trump someday. This is the kind of people they vote for in your state

Good luck getting Avocados, retard middle american hick!

Same also goes for Jew Yorkers/Jew Jersey and all around Jew England coastal faggots who tries to flock around my area in Ohio thinking they're gonna take up residency.

Austin? Don't you mean little San Fran... No self respecting Californian would trade shit holes like LA/Frisco for their austic little sister. Austin gets all the leftist hippie fuck who got thrown out of Venice Beach. You are not getting our best.

Not everyone is a fag like you and only eats avocado.

he thinks he’s escaping not following a charge

Because of you fags coming over my state turned blue in the last election.

I already Egged 5 cali niggers and 6 District of Congo fags in the CSRA

What would the US do without its supply of capeshit movies and iphone apps?

>destroy your own state to the point of being unlivable
>move to new area
>vote for exact same politicians & policies
they will never fucking learn

The law doesn't matter if you don't get caught.
If you catch leftists trying to flee california and bring their diseased mindsets with them.
Throw rocks at them in the street, and set fire to their property in the night.

That's what you sound like.

Are you even allowed to own lighters without a license?

Well you know those ports and military bases are federally controlled, have nothing to do with the state. The US gov owns like 40% of the land in Cali. The Average Californian has nothing to do with it's industry, controlled by national and global markets.

As I actually worked at one, I know that every person who lives in california and works those federal military jobs is. Trump voting, gun toting red blooded American who hates what the state has become. Everyone there voted for trump, against gavin Newsom and for the death penalty. But if you ask any person out of state, every person in california is from San Francisco because their states are the size of a Californian county and they cant rap their heads around it.

If you do anything, then make sure to cover your ass and don't talk about it. Personally, I hate Californians more and more everyday. Hopefully the Commie human garbage will calexit. However, parasites never leave the host willingly.
The spray painted car is kinda funny. Arizonans should have beaten and lynched Californians 40 years ago, then none would be here. If I had it my way, then Arizona would go back to having only one area code and all these Californian and Mexican filth would not be here. Now, most of the population here are from that commie shithole and Arizona is basically lost to leftists and spics.

Hookers do that. Just about every ad (including black women) says 'black men need not apply'

where are you reading all these hooker ads? Not judging, asking for a friend.

This picture is not an exaggeration. Literally imagine walking through this nightmare.

It occurs to me that the same people that say white people have no culture also say California is a cultural icon.

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Now that backpage has been nuked, it's
No need for judgement. I used to check the ads because I ran a hotel and would kick girls out if I found them operating out of it. I once discovered a whole 12 girl ring ran by a pimp, and did not call the cops because I didn't want to get murdered, but they were alright with leaving and pretty nice about it.

nobody but poor spics spends any time there
would be better to take some photos downtown now that it is infested with sidewalk squatting homeless in tents since the retard yuppies that actually desire to live there actually have to walk around amongst society's refects

>now that it is infested with sidewalk squatting homeless
Its been like that since the 90's. There are more now but LA has been cucked by homeless activists for over 20 years.

I'm a white non degenerate, non liberal Californian who had to live the atrocity that is SoCal.
It turned me NatSoc.

it's gotten much worse in the past couple years
some faggots are up to some census scamming bullshit or something
it's a growing problem in several major liberal cities

no it didn't. that gen gave birth to boomers.

>some faggots are up to some census scamming bullshit or something
I heard the other day that LA has a homeless outreach program for voter registration going on.

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this pic is literally 20yrs old. also agree. fucking rich assholes from CA fleeing the taxes they voted for should be required to pay CA taxes and only have CA votes no matter where they live. Stay the fuck outta our awesome states you asshats are fucking cancer. Same for NY, Illinois, NJ, Michigan, y'all voted for that shit in Detroit and Chicago now sit and live with it fucktards.

>y'all are a victim of elites committing mass voter fraud

google earth alvarado and wilshire, los angeles. looks exactly the same.

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that and these 'count the homeless' campaigns have been going on for a couple years

California ID? Shoot immediately.

America would do just fine without Jewywood and Silikike Valley data whores.

Nigger behavior. A Chadifornian would never stoop to this level.

Why did I have to be born in such an accursed State?

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