The government is using small scale power outages to pinpoint high interest endpoints by seeing if they go down when they shut off the power. If your power goes out randomly at times, you're on a list.

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>and I've pulled this completely out of my ass but it kind of sounds plausible to schizos so I think I'll make a thread

^ government employee

take your meds

>using government electricity to power your house
>surprised when cucked
learn to be self sufficient faggot

^ mossad agent.

Yes, we've been watching you. You're posting too much of our plan. This has to end.

^ clinton foundation employee

>to pinpoint high interest endpoints by seeing if they go down when they shut off the power.
what does this mean?

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He's a schizo so can't speak like a normal person would, and have to use phrases he saw in sci-fi movies because he thinks it adds legitimacy to his inside information claim.

shit, i guess my power goes out every night cause my ps4 does that thing where it bitches to me about not turning it off before unplugging it. I have a hardlined generator hooked up to the gas line tho, so i never notice.

First real poster that isn't part of the government. If you're using an encrypted means of communication like telegram, the government can't see what you are saying, but your online status is available to anyone. So if you are using an account they wish to identify, they do a power shut down controlled by an algorithm which helps them identify who may own that account.

What are anons on 4chins doing which is so important as to merit encryption and why would the gov give a shit?

A lot of people lurk here. It's one of the only places of free speech left.

buy a generator

That's really funny, because I actually haven't been posting for 2 months, and then the power went out today, and I started phone posting an hour later.
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>t. fed
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I have another theory, it's a kike faggot, bitch or a golem being gay as they always do.

To be clear... this is not about Jow Forums posters. It's about internet endpoints using other anonymous services they need to identify within the continental united states.

>free speech
the catalog is filled with garbage and decent threads get nuked fast

Joke is on them, all my communications since mid-2018 are public except small messages about daily issues.
Feds are sellouts, but staying on public is much more damaging to jews and their golems than hiding in my case (former victim of intense kikery).

This. CIA wants no information being transmitted that they don't have a direct line of control. Spread the word, the entire system is a pustular of ignorance and that's how they like it.

lol, our govt is more interested in getting bribes and helping militias than in any of the shit poste here, unless you are part of politics no one gives a fuck what you post, not to say how shit our "inteligence" agencies are

It isn't the government, monkeyman.

Fucking schizos shitting up the board tonight. Post proof or fuck off.

I lurk and I had power outage today for about 15 minutes. Our electric company website said whole city was down but I doubt.

>implying government doesn't have root on the OS

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This. desu.

It's a sad day in America when I trust the news I read on Jow Forums way more than the propaganda found in the anti-American lying mass media.

Whenever I heard something in the "news," I instantly do or think the opposite of what the anti-American lugenpresse wants me to do or think.

In CA, PG&E must be part of the Illuminati.


>not owning a UPS batt backup

>I lurk and I had power outage today for about 15 minutes
oh yeah, the feds are definitely shutting your power off because you lurk on Jow Forums. You're an important person that people are interested in you

I had two power cuts in the past two days. That is quite a coincidence. I will try not to let my paranoia get the best of me. Would they really waste that much time and money looking for people guilty of hate speech? I would hope not, but, I refuse to give my horrible government too much credit.

>being on the grid
faggots can't get me with my solar panels, battery backup, and pringles cantenna connected to mcdonalds hotspot