Why not, the wise say. Honestly and sincerely...

Why not, the wise say. Honestly and sincerely, I feel sad for all of you outlanders that cannot reach thy Australian Aboriginal female. For their lips are precious, their voices are kind.

Currently I am dating a 75 kilo one so you could say I'm doing alright.

Take the Abo pill.

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what did he mean by this

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no friend, aryan waifu is the only waifu

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>Currently I am dating a 75 kilo one so you could say I'm doing alright.

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abos are far from being the worst minority though. would honestly be happy if Aus was just whites and abos

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I'm going to get a fucking glue gun and post this on my gigantic gfs ass just before I come. Might post video

Once again, McNiggers joining up with shitskins to fight actual Whites.

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it's just a joke m8. fkn seppos are so ridged

Why is abo porn so rare lads?

There are like 4 pictures and 2 videos of it on the internet. I've spent hours and hours looking.

Got my gfs pierced abo tits right now ready to post but I know some fag will ruin it

Do it faggot

lemme hit that gas tank and didgeridoo me ya daft seppo cunt

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do it

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Nah scared of her ice junkie cousins.

can u not be a poof or 1 second?

yeah don’t be a fuckin poof

Nigga, abos aren't gonna find some random pic on Jow Forums, they won't even know to look for it, and they wouldn't know it's her anyway if you don't show her face. Face it, Bruce, you're either a pussy or a lying cunt.

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