Occupy Wall Street

So what happened here? It seemed like it was a legit working class movement in the beginning that got shit on by everyone and their mothers. Then a bunch of hippies and proto-SJWs showed up and ensured any trace of legitimacy got buried. What really happened?

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Same thing that always happens when a large mass of people aren't willing to use violence: Nothing.

fpbp. it doesnt even have to be really violence
say what you will about the Baltimore riots but they got they accomplished more than that pathetic protest

plus it got co-opted pretty quick. there's big money behind street-leftism. the infiltration of OW was the beginning of the new wave of astroturfed activism. thank soros and goldman sachs for that.

it was a legitmate movement united against the excesses of corporate america.

then the social justice crowd got involved and they lost their following because the social justice crowd is just fucking terrible.

at least we have thicc mei

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(((they))) freaked out... and distracted the lefty OWS people with social justice
and the righty OWS went back to stockpiling ammo and masturbating to anime

Another $400 billion in bank bailouts last week is what happened. A bunch of people got mad at the other poor people for not agreeing on who was fucking them. Some thought it was the Freemasons others thought it was the CIA and still others blamed crop circles and some even said it was Jews of all things. There were a few who saw that it was the corporate scum who bribe our politicians into letting them write laws but for the most part, Obama's FBI and other police infiltrators managed to crush it. . . . fortune.com/2019/09/23/repo-market-big-deal-400-billion-bailout-unnerving/

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Nah, it was all a big rent-a-mob custom ordered to counter the Tea Party.

The Tea Party countered itself from the inside by supporting compromised establishment cucks like Marco Rubio. No outside intervention required.

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.gov was terrified of this organic anti establishment movement that contained (((all strata of society)))
Divest from the banks day sent shivers of terror - and the protestor abuse stopped for a few days as the pigs froze realizing a mass exodus from the global banks to credit unions would destroy the pigs stranglehold of the citizenry.
Literally the closest citizens have ever come from wrestling authority and control from the overlords.

Corporate and banking elite came down hard on the.gov after that to wrap it up.

They stopped Occupy by associating “shitting in the park” “drug use” et al using negative association to keep others from supporting or joining. “Your not supporting park shitters, are you user?”

It was real as dirt

They were co-opted by controlled agent provocateurs. There was at one point a detailed breakdown showing that big stand off on the bridge had ground markings with "protest line here", "police line here", "sign holders here", like the kind of floor planning used in practice rehearsals for live theatre productions.

Further, some one broke down the audio components and proved it has been dubbed over compared to audio from the uncut footage.

There was another guy who proved some of the interviews were crisis actors who had already appeared in early propaganda.

Basically the entire production was controlled and staged within the first week.

This was all a long time ago before I was smart enough to archive stuff or anything like that, but I did fervently research this thing when it was happening and everything was turning up as a propaganda production.

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>starts off as valiant protest against bankers
>nobody thinks it will last
>rich show up toasting on balconies mocking them
>starts to grow
>homeless people show up
>they allow "open mic"
>niggers start saying white people are to blame
>indians say muh land
>mexicans just go on and on about che
>asians are just silenced
>druggies show up
>tents show up
>people are raped in tents
>people overdose in tents
>people start shitting on the sidewalk
>people are openly shooting up heroin
>movement spreads to other cities
>obama drafts call with state gov's
>all states raid sites, cleanup tents, throw everything away
>all normal protestors leave
>homeless druggies sit around wondering what happened
>banks win
>liberals think they win
>poor white conservatives still fucked by banks and jews

That's what happened OP, now stop using a meme flag you fucking child. And remember, it won't end at the ballot box, it won't end with a protest sign, it won't end with anything but civil war.

>What really happened?
The "progressive stack." That's what happened.

>It seemed like it was a legit working class movement
It was not a working class movement.
>got shit on by everyone and their mothers.
The "protest" was nothing but screaming about "bankers", "wall street", "the 1%" without any demands or details being put forward. Yeah, the suck---so what?
>Then a bunch of hippies and proto-SJWs showed up and ensured any trace of legitimacy got buried
They were never going to reach the proper conclusions even without hippies, SJWs, and non-whites polluting the discourse.
>What really happened?
Some say that the "movement" was manufactured from the start as an experiment, pressure valve, and falseflag.

The Tea Party was ever going to go anywhere.

It's just the same as the climate protests and Antifa and all the rest of the leftist crap.

>The Right
This shit meme has to stop.


>It seemed like it was a legit working class movement
they key phrase here is "seemed like"

just like how Arab Spring "seemed like" an organic sociel media movement

This thread will be shilled like fuck because it was the first shot across the bankers bow - organic uprising that threatened the status quo.

Meme flag .gov shill kys

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got too close to working, the jews had to D&C.
I will forever consider this the turning point into the downturn of american morale.

Remember in Oakland when the pigs pulled guns on the people because the people found out they were pigs and then the Oakland police said that it was not their pigs but other pigs from another pig sty?


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my biggest dissappointment with the movement was it's lack of anything anywhere, Ive seen better action at a flash rave than that shit.

>calling anything else a meme

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Hippie dippie chick eventually talked me into going once. She was mortified when I showed up in a white button up with a black tie.
Got lots of attention and got to talk to lots of people (negative political tension wasn’t automatically violent and yelling back then) and the bottom line is that no two people were the for the same reason. This wasn’t the great political zeitgeist they all thought it was, it was a bunch of disparate disgruntled dunces unhappy with the way things were but with no solutions to their problems and no cohesion within the group (politically, they were socially cohesive because they wanted to do drugs in public and “fight the man”). Some people openly admitted they were apolitical and were just camping out for the experience.

The only thing maintaining the momentum of the movement was this quiet desperation that things wouldn’t go back to normal, that if they just held on long enough, it would turn into the sort of psychic gestalt, an endless summer of love that would result in the world being set right by sheer force of will(ful ignorance and inaction).

I got the impression they didn’t really discuss too much politics, preferring to have politics delivered to them by megaphone from a stage, unless a guy in a tie brought it up casually and feigned interest in their hollow grievances. They didn’t mind it, it was a very different time when we all thought the other side was still human and worthy of respect. I treated everyone well and was treated well despite being an island of opposition in a sea of general discontent.

I never went back again. A week or two later the progressive stack was implemented which led to a rapid implosion of the movement. Summer was over and it was time for the fall. After a month it was a dwindling crowd; a smattering of homeless and people who just couldn’t give up, like my hippie friend.

Sometimes I wonder if it would have been better if it didn’t end.

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Ancaps aren’t libertarian.
Libertarians want a government; if they didn’t, they would be ancaps.


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The Democrats promoted Trayvon to start a race war, end OWS and protect their investors.

OWS literally just taught me that its the jews and now here I am.

Pic related happened.

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Any anti-banker movement that does not name the Jewish influence on banking is doomed to failure. Go big or go home. In the end it was subverted just like the tea party.

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>NYC literally runs on wallstreet
>retards think anything was going to change

>implying they would ever ban a glownigger honeypot

NYC runs on property taxes and income taxes from landlords.
This isn’t the 20s, you don’t have to be NYC to use the exchange.
Hell, even then lots of big money was elsewhere.

user, they are NAZI. Report them for being racist.

>what happened here
The police shut down their toilets and they all millenialled themselves home and started cutting their dicks off.

Final nail in the coffin was when Colbert had two representatives of OWS on his show, and they were named "Ketchup" and "Mustard". All they would talk about was inclusivity and all that commie bullshit rather than how the banks are fucking all of us over with usury.
>Here's the Ketchup bitch.

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Occupy wasnt asking for anything reasonable, but We got Trump and Bernie as a result of Working class unrest, I honestly am starting to think Bernie Sanders loves part of trumps policies and has tanked his current election bid with Shit moves on purpose.

Gay ass jazz hands and shit. Voting with jazz hands was the gayest shit I have ever saw. No wonder they never got to Wall Street.

The 1% won and turned liberals into their own personal puppets thanks to orange man bad.

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just another manufactured event