What did they mean by this

I don't understand this asinine

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its propaganda so that they dont have to come to terms with the fact that true christianity is socialism

They're lying and trying to subvert you.




Washington delenda est

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It means the founders were part of the elite pedo club

>bro the pope said it its true bro trust me bro its true christianity bro
fuck off i dont need some fat fuck in a robe to tell me how to read a book that a fucking single digit IQ child could understand

no it wasn't. it was founded on gnostic-Jewish-masonic values.

Did Ben Shapiro make this?

>Taking care of the poor and making sure they don't starve? B-but that's muh socialism
You sure you can read alright bud?

He acts like he did

I wish it would be fun to make him mad

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Read the Massachusetts Bill of Rights, that precursor to our Bill of Rights.
>everyone's right to worship the supreme being of god regardless of denomination
Like shit, son, read a fucking book. Sure there was dissent on how much God should play into government, but there's always dissent there and everyone agreed that there shouldn't be Pastor Wankstick the Head of Government.

He says that shit

trying to pin someone to a single definition of socialism is the most fucking retarded strawman because its such a vague term
literally entire sections of the bible are dedicated to wealth distribution, but they dont teach that in bible study


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"judeo-Christian" is a contradiction
jews hate Christ, and Christians rightfully drove them out of their lands

Never forget, JUDEO-Christian is actually a perfectly valid term. Christianity was created by Jews, for Jews, in Jewish lands. It is a semitic desert cult which praises Yahweh/Jehovah just like the Jews. Hell, the first half of the Bible is the fucking Torah lolololol

There are no Judeo-Christian values. It's either Christian or Jewish.

Except the hand is also judeo, because Jesus was objectively a Jew.

>a book that a fucking single digit IQ child could understand
Another brainlet who didn't understand the Book.

means you are jewish cattle

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swingin my dick so fast, my cock is sonic booming and windows are bursting

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who has the google book search of the words judeo-christian

all men were created equal
disgusting how jews are basically nazis with they way they classify people to subvert the singular distinction that has allowed a single region of earth not to slaughter them in all human history... but if they believe there are categories of people and they want special treatment, i guess they'll sadly get it.

We need to get rid of jews somehow

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D.C. delenda est ....in minecraft.

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They meant that gentiles owe jews material blessings in exchange for the spiritual blessings given by the jews. Literally in the bible.

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It's sorta correct
Enlightenment era values are an extension of christian values, all values are fundamentally historical
Doesn't mean we have to obey these values

>Leaves country because they don't like that country forcing them to practice a religion.
>Practices religion in new home.
Who believes this shit? They were deists.

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USA was founded by followers of the Greeks,
Franklin - Socrates
Jefferson - Epicurus
Adams - Cicero -> Aristotle
Washingtion -> Joseph Addison/Cato -> Plato

Jefferson was not a Christian. He was an Epicurean.
our history is manipulated on purpose. people without a past are slaves. do not watch Bob Iger's fake god capeshit and (((history channel))).

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