How does one prove feminism is not needed anymore in america...

how does one prove feminism is not needed anymore in america? we are stuck doing a pro-radical feminism unit in my english class and i’d like to bring up good counter points. any ideas anons?

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Why do you think proof would be effective and change the minds of women?

>not needed anymore
Your mistake is internalizing feminism's propaganda in the first place. Feminism was never needed, and it was never about equality. Don't fight your enemy on their terms.

of outcome or of opportunity ? it doesn't specify in the shitty picture there, and why are they so fucking fat ?

just lie and play along.

then go ahead and study something useful later. You'll be more successful this way.

my teacher is a male. i’m not concerned about him, more about educating my peers through him

This, you don't want to be a target.

figured, but had an idea to give it a shot if you guys thought so.

>You'll be more successful with satan this way.

Feminism was never needed. Feminism was the gateway to all this cancer you see today.

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tell them they are all worthless whores that will die alone*

*doesn't include cats

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Just ask why women want to be treated with respect and honor one moment then be coddled like infants the next.

what other options do we have now? seems like if women just stayed at home they’d just fuck niggers while their husband is at work

All you need to do is clarify what "systemic discrimination" actually means.

"Systemic discrimination" is usually cited as why we "need feminism".

What makes discrimination "systemic" is if it is enforced by the powers of the land.

Ask them for examples of systemic discrimination against women in the USA.
Their answers will be non-extant to weak.

Have a series of examples highlighting systemic discrimination against men, including men serving longer jail terms for the same crimes, and always losing custody battles, as well as how a man's reputation can be ruined by accusations from a women irrespective of whether they are proven.

And most of all, be polite, friendly and to the point.
If they start screaming at you, rejoice, because that means you're winning.


That's not how normies work, proof is utterly irrelevant to them. You need to ask how to make them realize it's cringe.

this.. don't try to beat them at their own game lawl. Do you really need us to tell you that?
c'mon, use your brain mate.

apparently so, haha. it’s somehow surprisingly difficult to comprehend that feminism was never needed when it’s been shoved down my throat for my entire life.

Articulate your point on peak feminism. Speculate the top end of the spectrum, radical feminism. Naked women in the streets shrieking, and throwing bloody tampons at you.
I ask my normie friends about their thoughts on peak diversity and how much is too much. Most acknowledge there is a limit.

Economic Facts And Fallacies by Thomas Sowell, get it for like $10 on Amazon, read the chapter about women.

>how does one prove feminism is not needed anymore in america?

Show your teacher the video from Now This about the black feminist who thinks we should stop using the term "hey guys" because it might offend gender non-conforming people. It's ridiculous, full of nonsensical wokespeak, and near the end she admits that one of the main goals of feminism is to reprogram people's minds. If viewing this doesn't convince somebody that feminism isn't worth their time, they're too far gone to save.

If you lay down and take it like a bitch you will be treated as such. You're a red blooded American male. Grow a spine, articulate your points, be factual, and do not give into their shaming, threats or politically convenient use of phycology. If someone tries to assault you for speaking the truth, you beat the shit out of them because you're not some weak willed out of shape looser that didn't learn how to fight. If you are one, work on it. It'll be good for you, give your some discipline, and you'll probably sleep better. This land wasn't carved out of a wilderness by people who valued their personal freedom, privacy, and would fight in the street for disrespecting their character for it to be pissed away by batshit crazy leftists. Rub their faces in the pile of shit that is modern western civilization and ask them if they really think it's progress. Pic related if you want to embrace the far right winger the'll accuse you of being. They'll to call you one anyway so be that boogeyman, if the truth terrifies then fuck them.

>just lie and play along.
>You'll be more successful this way
>after your culture is destroyed for the notions of modern "progress"
See above, you sniveling cuck.

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Bring up the white feather campaign and how British feminists shamed men into dying in the trenches for kike bankers while they stayed home safe demanding the vote they've done nothing to earn

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this is pure truth distilled.
this fag probably doesn't have the balls to do ANYTHING that he is telling you to do so I wouldn't pay him any heed. He's trying to use you as a pawn without risking himself.