Why do Nordcucks love communism?

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because they haven't had to sustain a significant nigger and spic population for long enough

>Everything bad in the world is due to voluntary labor and trade.


Dude, she's a kid, you can't make fun of her.
Now lets take this kids advice regarding our economic policy and strategic energy industries

China is communist they dont open their borders for that reason.

>stunted growth due to undernourishment

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Nature creates inequality.

Her mother still gets loaded on peach schnapps and russian vodka to this day

It is sickening how these people use and truamatise there own kids in order to fuel there political agenda. May God have mercy.

>okay, as soon as i make this thread ill give you the link. make sure to post the pic as fast as you can so you get first spot

The military industrial complex one is due to corruption, which in large part stems from America's failure to establish a representative democracy.

Now tell me what safeguards communism has to prevent corruption. And, while you're at it, show me an example of a successful implementation of communism.

Fucking stop feeding the niggers.

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Its still there 40 mins later?
Its like the jannies want us to hate them

But I can't sleep, and I'm bored...

That black star is some illuminati shit

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People didn't starve before capitalism?

Norway is probably the one country in earth that can sustain communism. But only because their government started investing oil money in the 90s and now they have a state pension fund that owns half the fucking world and can afford to give its entire population neetbucks for generations to come.

>giving the 1 post by this ID poster (You)s
Stop being retarded for fucking once

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are they Jews?

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