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>b-but Trump hasnt done anything!

>TRUMP 4EVA 6/21/19
SCHEDULE/WH Public Pool:

>TrumpTweet: Pres Trump NOT Pres Mittens 9/23/19
>Pres Trump bilat w/ROK Pres Moon 9/23/19
>Pres Trump bilat w/Egyptian Pres el-Sisi 9/23/19
>Pres Trump bilat w/Singapore PM Lee 9/23/19
>Pres Trump bilat w/POL Pres Duda 9/23/19
>Pres Trump bilat w/Pakistan PM Khan 9/23/19
>Pres Trump/VP Pence @UNGA on Religious Freedom 9/23/19
>Pres Trump arrives @UN 9/23/19
>FLotUS Melania @NYSE 9/23/19
>PressSec Stephanie on F&F 9/23/19
>PressSec Stephanie on FBN 9/23/19
>TreasSec Mnuchin on Dobbs 9/23/19
>ActDHSSec McAleenan @CFR on Immigration 9/23/19
>Ivanka @Concordia Summit 2019 NYC on W-GDP 9/23/19
>Ivanka on FoxNews 9/23/19
>StateDept Foreign Press Brief (IRF Amb Brownback) 9/23/19
>DoDVideo: shitposter PM Visits Pentagon 9/23/19
>WHVideo: FLotUS Melania Rings Opening Bell @NYSE 9/23/19

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Someone should revive Art Bell and make him invite Tucker on Coast to Coast to talk about the Ays with Alex Jones as special guest.


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people still refer to ann frank as if it were non-fiction?

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Wasn’t her entire thing literally just because she didn’t die?


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>posting Drumpf in a Hilldawg general
That’s gunna be a yikes from me

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iktf fren. jannies are teh suck.
I'd still rather go out with the coke and the hookers.

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>we're going to the timeline where biden is doing so bad they actually bring hillary back
No way. No fucking way. Are the elites like pelosi scared because the fringe socialists are going to force shit like impeachment?

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That would be one hell of a cross over.

>implying they ever left

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She's not running again faggot, let it go.

But she had a journal user... also, #WomenRule

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it's not gonna happen, you're jst setting yourself up for disappointment

still your president, kek

Oh No HillDawgs We're entering the Winning Zone

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Wow which Saudi Bitch will win?

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I hope Trump goes after them about the meta cookout in Iowa...
Should have tweeted that shit if he already hasn't.
Fuck these shape shifting kikes and the faggots that fall for their tricks.

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how? ballpoint was not a thing

>any of those bitches
>changing the world
females are delusional

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Daily reminder Anne Frank was a lesbian being molested by her dad and probably had an abortion when he impregnates her loli cunny
They also removed the chapters in her diary where she mentioned flicking her loli bean


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>Lost the war
>it wasn't very good
>was a terrible slave
>ball point pen
>got shot, got prize

It never happens you fucker.

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Democrats have claimed since before Trump took office until even today that they had everything they ever needed to impeach him ready to go. It has been nearly 1,000 days since Trump took office and the Democrats are still only making threats

Why have Democrats waited nearly 1,000 days to attempt to impeach Trump if they claimed they had more than enough to impeach Trump even before day one?

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Lies. Jews can do anything. When they fart the Angels Dance and God Sings


>Are the elites like pelosi scared because the fringe socialists are going to force shit like impeachment?
Biden is the only one in the top five who isn't a full blown socialist. They know they're all going to prison if the commies make Communism part of the 2020 platform document and the Communist Control Act kicks in.


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Post your favorite or most rare Hildawgs
OC welcome

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so we should, burn greta at the stake?


i understand master, kek

I still contend that this was the zenith of the art form.

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What happened to that Awoo?


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Go back to Europe, you putrid filth.

Democrats are keeping their base rallied on the last defeat to get them to vote again.


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Anyone listened to the new Tool album, know if it is any good?

Personal favorite

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She opened a door that should have remained closed.

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Vaccinate your nyans and awoos.

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>34 posts in
/ptg/ is kill
>current year+4
>Hilldawg OC
yeah... probably not

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How can I get the other 46 Pepes?

Get on the bus.

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>plan your presidential run down to the letter
>be btfo the instant yasssss queen decides she wants to
Dems are gonna be pissed

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Which of you just turned my power off

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Here's hoping Pres. Trump does another AJ interview in my lifetime.

Cringe. Go back to your jungle, chimp nigger
You forget pic related

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not based.

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nobodys above the law...........except all the congressman most senators, rich ceos, mega rich people ect....

why should i listen to some random literal who 16 year old female about climate change? what makes her an expert/authority on the issue? why the fuck is she all over the place ?


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Will the Ukraine stuff impeach him

uh, reporters, anybody else?

Probably not, but it was cool.

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The hell does alert on my twatter even mean anyway.

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Pelosi is going to do this isnt she?

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Are you brain damaged? How could it possibly hurt him? The entire thing was above board and investigating Biden's corruption with the help of the State Department and the Ukrainian government.


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be there early tomorraw mornin for a yuge speech

>10:15AM THE PRESIDENT addresses the 74th Session of the United Nations General Assembly

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At least she has boobs.

presidental candidates....


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>east vs west germany

Off topic
This is a Hilpepe thread

You killed her dreams, you monster

If she wasn't credible she wouldn't be on TV you fucking wingnut.

theyre so triggered, they cant even wait a year

She's not talking to you, she's talking to an echo chamber of journalists and megalomaniac globalist plus a bunch of teenager retards that will receive the propaganda at school.

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Some random jerk added you to a list to watch you.

>"Ladies and gentlemen of the world, go fuck yourselves. The party's over, and we're kicking you all out. No more trade, no more aid, no more naval protection for free, no more UN. Go back to your shitholes and starve."

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mexican drug lords, third world dictators, female teachers, kek

Zlimpf is finished

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Shameful. Couldn't make the list of "Trolls of True Value".

She ain't runnin'.
>ywn see Drumpf v Hilldawg 2 Electric Bungalow

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>impeached for exposing democrat corruption

Call in the miners. Its gonna be a late night

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I want to believe.

The six million! Oh... please! Remember the six million...

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Nice fake tweet... HOLY FUCK IT'S REAL!

Yes, it’s already happening.


Ugh, was that sarcasm or was he serious?

>bright and wonderful future

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Fake News!

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Pres. Trump gave her more coverage than the entire media just now.