What can we do to send more Aids to Africa?

What can we do to send more Aids to Africa?

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fertilizers, seeds, trucks

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gb2aids-LAND bruh ride this loloCAUST there

African aid is racist.

It just disappears through corruption. The best thing to do for Africa is giving no aid, and just doing normal business.

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They will end up i south east asia.

The highest concentration of AIDS is in African American. Send them to Africa. Most cost-effective way to send AIDS to Africa.

You see fertilizers, seeds and trucks, they see explosives, tonight's meal and war vehicles.

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>omg we must save all the africans !!!
>omg the world is overpopulated !!!
pick one

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do you even have a passport? lol. jk ;)

you can't go if you don't have a passport. lol jk :)

why send anything to Africa? the cultures are all a pile of shit, Ethiopia has an average IQ of 69, they think they can cure AIDS by raping virgin girls.


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Africa is not meant to have cities like europe since malaria is n issue
Guns germ n steel is a good youtube documentry

>mention Guns, Germs, and Steel on Jow Forums
Welp, here we go. Thread's derailed

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send the OP he has more then enough aids for everybody except maybe the coomer

cute but florida alabama and lousiana also have malaria and yellow fever never stopped them from adapting and having first world cities

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jared (((dimelomd)))

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capitalism yes?