Patton Oswalt Bravely Speaks Truth To Power!

This is why Democrats Will Win 2020 *snap* *snap* *snap*

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Kek based poo.

Dudes a creep

It was a low and churlish remark by dinesh.

you just know

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He murdered his own wife


Oh no he's getting mad again someone warn wife #2

The wife murdered Patton Oswalt speaks

Is he calling Dinesh a primitive, street shitting, towelhead?

Anyone got the original side-by-side? Want to send it to my mom cause she's gone fucking always about how using children as propaganda is wrong expect every single case where it's used to drive leftist bullshit.

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oh wow, that unfunny midget that murdered his wife talking shit again? imagine. my. shock.

Lmao look who’s talking, this faggot killed his wife

>using a pedophile as part of your bait
>inferring team pedophile will win

I want to fucking shoot you

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Hey! That's the guy who killed his wife.

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Looks like he used his entire vocabulary.

>decent work and economic growth
haha holy shit

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Who is the absolute unit to Obama's left with hands big enough to palm is head?

Patton didn't kill (or rape) nobody

Wasn't impressed by D'Souza's original post.

Big liberal degenerate faggot loses his shit. Globalist tears.

Kind of a home-run from a bunt.

Fuck off, Patton.

Hurr durr the left is duh real nazis. Patton in unironicly right, Dinesh is a desperate stupid lump of shit.

This is Greta Gold.

Does it even make any sense in this context?

Patton is immature as fuck, but I agree. D'Souza is a retarded shitskin who calls anybody with even remotely nationalistic views a “Nazi” or “Racist” he’s basically the GOP’s token pajeet.

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I'd say that this was a funny troll but D'Souza is a literal retard who honestly believes that the Dems are nazis.

Patton Oswalt should just kill himself and join his wife already though.

and just like that, the Democrats sweep the elections.

*clap* *clap* *clap*

Wow, the leftist cloomers think a trollish unfunny comedian from the early days of Comedy Central degeneracy is going to sway anyone. That fat fuck probably sucked that homo Jeffrey Ross to get where he's at

he let jerry stiller cum in his mouth - thats how he gets all his work


Parties over go home

reminder that he killed his wife

yes. why so racist?


He killed his wife

I hate civnat cucks, but crazy liberal tears are delicious

Now show the tweets of people wanting to kill the Covington Catholic school kids.

LOL makes sense. I bet ben was passed around to the elite and when he finally was broken they let him be a star. He was never a child star, right?

Wow, Patton Oswalt is a real racist piece of shit, attacking that person of color viciously like that.

Did you know he was in the house with his wife's corpse for 20 hours before he called 911?

I bet he fucked it

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He's been giving Greta lessons on how to rant like a boss.

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Who is the big guy next to Obama?