Is Argentina the last bastion of white race?

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no thanks to femminism

What a vapid whore, with a Vegeta tattoo and all. No surprise she is an argie, literally the niggers of SA

lol probably whiter than 99% of mexico

Can you explain? Why is that so? My ex is from Argentina and she was always uppity, clearly believed she was higher class than other SA nations

UY es el mejor

God, she's beautiful

They are the most white of Latin American countries

My great uncle and grand dad went there after the war. I’ve always wanted to visit.

Hard pass

They like to believe they are Europeans. But besides some small towns and a narco neighbourhood they are all mixed trash.

arg is the most jew country ive ever seen
also you crash your economy every 5 years
no white country would ever be so shitty

Going to post this before the countless who is Whiter than who arguments start amongst the South Americans.

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She's using a Moto G6+ in case anyone wanted to know.


Low IQ mongoloid post

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Alaska. we are made for that land, and the joooos are investing in south arge for (((no reason)))

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hot / crazy scale is right in the sweet zone for me. vegeta tattoo is unironically based. we can watch subs of the weird new series after hours of kinky macaco sex

average argentinian woman

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I am unironically cooming

so a midget?

>hairy armpits


oh fuck you.

you would smash in a heartbeat you lying weeb

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>he doesnt like hairy women
Cringe and low t

u'r being trolled


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>tattoos (shitty ones at that)
>dye hair
>dressed like a whore

Luisana Lopilato

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Whiter than you, pedro.

is that alberto fernandez' son?

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déjate e wear locoooo

Another degenerated roastie. Why do people make them? Don't they know, that tatoo is the sign of low social status, bad taste and poor history knowledge? We should sterilise such degenerates mandatory.

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Hell no! Did you miss by any chance all the paraguay and bolivia dregs that have been pouring into our country in the last 15+ years?
(for you americans reading this, they are to us what mexicans are to usa)
Hell, even without those we still have shitskins because Gral. Roca was not thorough enough in his desert campaign against indians. The morale is that if you are doing a genocide you don't leave a single one alive.


>No tits
>Hairy pits
>Collar coincidentally where adam's apple would be
Excuse me, what the fuck do you think you're doing here?

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Well I'd sure fùck one.

how's life in uzbekistan? did you finally manage to make a computer out of a goat?

Argentina is the best country in the world

If you shuffle some letters around in the word Argentina you'll get "A Tan Niger", so your point is moot.

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I have a slight interest in Argentina. I hate spics, but I have a real respect for white south americans, I don't really know why. Probably because they have to put up with a lot. Would you be able to tell me what percentage the the people would look white just walking down the street in an Argentinian city?

No. It is completely surrounded by countries that are completely full of Latino savages. South America is the most violent place on earth, except for Africa and some parts of the Middle East. If Whites were going to make their last stand it should be done in North America or Europe.

the tsar had tats?

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Come to Mexico then, all their best come to whore thenselves here.

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Is the horizontal axis each sampled individual? If so, it looks like Cuba has the most segregated populations with that steep drop.

Apparently he had a dragon tattoo.

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oh wiat this is coming from an argie
fuck you boludo my sides bro. I was even going to sage but you deserve a bump

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Redpill me on the southern Brazilian white towns/villages. I have seen pictures and they seem comfy.

It's the same as every white country, avoid the big cities, rural areas are mostly if not all white. The bonus here is that the South (Southern Brazil is shit lol nuke those fuckers) has actual culture from their immigrants, which were germans and italians, and the towns which were modeled after these cultures are a blessing to live in, and if you buy a land there you can give the middle finger to gun laws and get at least a shotty and 9mm pistols
Regarding SOUTHERN Brazil. avoid all states other than MAYBE rural São Paulo. I don't know much about how criminality is in rural São Paulo, but there is a city there called "Americana", which is basically an american city in brazilian soil. People there speak english, feast when it's 4th July, etc, so you might like it there
Just be sure to don't walk outside like a dumb gringo in daylight and don't even go outside when it's night. Also, have prepared some strong venoms for the bugs. And, as a final advice, don't be careless with women here, if you wish to have kids, wife in the USA or have them in artificial wombs, whatever, but be careful when dealing with women here

What the fuck are you talking about?
Argentinian white bastion?
are you a comedian?

they are pure mixed, with natives, or rather brown.

if there is white in Argentina they do not exceed 30 or 40%

post; I have already gone to Argentina, unless you consider brown people as white you are wrong.

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What does feminism have to do with it?
You don't know what race is, right? fucking third worldist ...

No matter if Argentina is feminist or not, they are still BROWN AND mixed ... do you want a white Argentina?
easy .. start with racial genocide, brown, mixed, and all crap that isn't white.

>but be careful when dealing with women here

What did he mean by this?

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I don't want to live anywhere that I am commonly referred to as a "gringo". I think I will pass but thanks for taking the time to let me know about this stuff user.

No you're the last bastion for white people. Have lots of white children.

You can get fucked in so many ways. To some ways that come to my mind
>court a girl, realize she's property of a drug lord or some shit like that, get pew pew'd
>court a girl, realize she's a druggie, get kidnapped/have your house robbed
>court a girl, she cheats and spreads bad rumour of you, so socially you got fucked
>court a girl, she screams rape, you got jailed
>court a girl, impregnate her, ctrl v above >, lose your kids, half you property if you don't know there are other options of marriage property sharing, specially a no-sharing regime and, of course, get socially fucked
>court a girl, realize she's just using you to get a visa/greencard, whatever, and will dump you after she gets it
>court a girl, realize she's just after you money since because you're a gringo you must be rich, right?
There might be more stuff I'm forgetting but what I remember now are these

Just get them pregnant and leave they won't come after you.

But does Argentina also have based Beatrices?

And yes that was an actual question. From my pov every country that doesn't is an utter shithole.

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>Just get them pregnant and leave they won't come after you.
I don't know exactly how this trick works, so I don't recommend, but yeah, in Brazil I think I read that out of 100% of the kids whose father is not present, only 40% of them receive child support from the father

Argis have one of the worst accents tbqh

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Exactly that's because they don't have child support laws and most woman are marry with just having a child to bare.

Tattoos are low IQ and disgusting.

Showing off a tattoo in public is like picking boogers out of your nose and being proud of it


I have a tattoo of your mom's face on the small of my back.

Body modification in general is disgusting.

Tattoos, makeup, hair dye, hair extensions, cosmetic surgery, etc . . . disgusting.

100 years ago tattoos were reserved for the freak show of the circus, now it's commonplace

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That's a dude.

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She is some kind of Amerindian and White in the UK. Idk. Fact is German posters love her, the archive goes to show that, there is half a dozen regular posters that crash threads with her pics. It's gotten annoying but they infected me too so here I am.

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Ah the right-wing trap? There are some in every country desu, just don't have the same fame as her since "trap" (I'd say all over SA, but at least in Brazil) here isn't as accepted in the sense of public view by the general population as in the EU or US

Don't think she is a trap but it's astroturf to it's max

Into le trash she goes. Never EVER date a girl with tattoos. If you want a quintessential red flag that warns you of multiple issues, that is the one to look for. Only damaged whores get tattoos.
Plus, tattoos are disgusting to look at. Basically graffiti.

You subhuman baboon. You literal nigger.

How dare you speak, you swarthy jungle monkey. How dare you open your big lipped, rim encrusted, menthol cigarette smelling mouth?

You are human trash, Diego Tyrone LeShawn de Maradona. Universally despised, derided and mocked. Your nationality and skin tone offers no hope to the world that South America can ever prosper. Crawl back in to the Brazilian jungle you came out of, you literal orangutan.

I hope you decide to sail your grandfathers skip to the Falklands and rape some sheep, as is in the negroes nature. It would still be the whitest pussy you ever had. Give Nigel and Robert a chance for some target practice, your sole use to the world. Argentinians obsession with a few windswept islands in the Atlantic is hilarious but sad. Coincidentally its the only worthwhile contribution Argentina has made to the medical field. The MUH LAS MALVINAS sentiment in the average negro Argentinian is both an early warning sign of autism in children, and early on set Alzheimer's in adults.

Take your black hairy fingers off your keyboard, and never talk about the human species again, you mockery of our supposed shared ancestor.. No amount of olive oil and wheat flour slabbed on your face every morning will make you white. It's about as delusional of an idea as your daydreams of European heritage.

You nigger.

You make Bolivia look like a beacon of civilisation.

You are the Baltimore of South America.

Go fertilise the pampas with you and your families corpses, its the best you can hope for in life. For the first time in your life, nigger, you have a job making food for beings vastly superior to yourself. Uruguayan cattle. Coincidentally, it would be the first time an Argentinian "man" provided for a family.

Die, Diego. No one would miss you. Except for Australian Aboriginals, who now would have no one to make them look good.

Spics aren't white.

And they are spics. Don't kid yourself.

Does you dad cum on it after he fucks you?



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Can't believe that faggot leaf bagged her.

What about Argentinian men?
This dude is in his 40s now.
Too bad he's a feminist faggot last I read.

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Probably fucked a pack of niggers already

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Fake, Uruguay


Sure, in Bariloche

Hey you Argentine I’m on Jow Forums and you’re not white the post.

Is she really Argentian? Wtf I love spics now.