This little BITCH has such a punchable face

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stupid shit insulted my country

Punch her fame-hungry parents and OPEC backers, not her

She looks a bit like Sam Kinison in that picture

Nah, she needs an ass whooping.

Looks 80. That’s what trying to think does to a woman. So sad and many such cases!

Dude leave the fuck alone. She's cute.


I'd like to whoop her ass with my cock if you get my meaning.


not this

No real need, Her fetal alcohol syndrome makes her face look pre-punched

Based and redpilled
Cringe but still based

>you WILL eat bugs just like I have dreamed

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She looks like a thumb with schizoaffective disorder.

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Ur on /pol we cant even look a women in the eyes what makes u think u can fight one??

>The left exploiting children for political gain.

Imagine being surprised.

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Cuteness should be protected

>a 16yo with a punchable face
dont let Sam Hyde near her.

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Imagine you, sitting in your trailer, your fat sausage fingers slamming the keyboard in a tard rage because of a teenage girl.

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her nose is fucked from picking it too much
her body is smol and fridgelike
her voice is snotty and annoying
but she would be so tight. let's hope she keeps her virginity and tact and she'll actually be worth something someday.

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the reason she looks old is because she has an unclean spirit

she looks like she just shit herself

The Jews got to her already. But you already knew that didn’t you moshe?

guess how fucking unclean I am

She reminds me of Ben Shapiro.


Autistic screeching intensifies

What a shitty ventriloquist doll, not lifelike at all and you can even see Soros' hand up it's ass is that possible? surely she is still a virgin. 4 more years for her and maybe she will develop properly and still have a nice tight cunny when she's 18

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Swedish Woman huffs

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he lives again

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You should fuck her mouth like you do the other children, fbi nigger.

Jesus, it is just a kid, get ahold of yourself.

She looks like a little tyrant in the making

soph's cuter

Isn’t she literally autistic?


shes literally Antifa. being repackaged as something more "palatable" (i.e. the children) ahead of 2020. American elections

literally why the fuck did she not take her smug ass to China or India or the African third world and lecture THEM about climate????

instead, America gets the fucking guns n roses 89' full US tour, despite the fact were at peak "woke" levels about the environment we have ever been.

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wat is this

Punch her handlers, dip shit.

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>imagine thinking shitposts require effort

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why is she so fucked up looking? does she have some type of disability?

Honestly she should just go back to being a child and stop trying to act like an adult. She looks better without the forced grimace.

Feel sorry for her, for being actively encouraged to suffer from delusions.


>does she have some type of disability

Yeah, it's called modern education.

>CTRL+F rape

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dew ett

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The new face of the UE flag?

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Can we just have a general hate thread and just ban all other posts as off topic please check the catalog and stop spreading cancer

Your president denies climate change you absolute retard lmao

I would hate fuck that retarted little whore to give her something to cry about. It'll be ass 2 mouth all night long. I'll make her wear one of those StarSession outfits and call her Michelle.

Jow Forums is a board of peace, my friend. But yeah, she can fuck off

Maybe she has a punchable face but look at her ass! I don't care if she is a special needs child. Dat ass reminds me of my needs.

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>Haha kid look dumb
Great post!

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Imagine hitting the wall at 15.

All heil Greta

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Her eyes look like she blazed up

One of my best bros from high school was a Norwegian exchange student. That country is possibly the biggest bubble on the planet. Government oil money, tiny homogenous population, the entire country is free use land. It's literally a giant playground, money is no issue for anyone there, and they have more free time than 99% of the world. I'm honestly jealous. But they have absolutely no grip on reality as a result. This dumb girl probably is a pretty fair representation of her generation there.


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I vow to throw a car vattery in the ocean every time she does a speech.

Let her know she is hurting the environment

>Ya see this face? That's the face of waking up next to the same climate, day in, day out for THIRTY YEARS! AHHHHHHH! AHHHH!
>wild thing plays in background

Yeah, just slap her arround while yelling “YA THINK YA HOT SHIT DONTCHA?!”

They had a clip of her on the local news tonight. Why does she sound French abd not Swedish?