Hot or Not?

Honest opinions, would you lay this fine woman down for some sweet sweet lovin?

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Some chubby young Jewish intern girl looks pretty good by comparison.

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There is a woman in that picture?

yeah i would definitely probe her insides out if you know what i mean.

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looking at hillarys fat ass its no surprise bill went to epstein to get some sweet jailbait action

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sad thing is she was decent at one point, you almost tell from that pic she had decent curves 20 years before it was taken. fuckin terrifying. dont get married lads.

If I was reallyyyyyy drunk. Maybe 20 years ago? I dunno

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cottage cheese thighs

>she was decent at one point

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i have a lot of trouble believing they ever fucked. she's not his type.

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You could camp out in a pair of her panties

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honestly hillary the college years could get it
solid 7.5

Can you imagine the smell at the chapaquidick house. Semen stains on the walls in the man cave and the smell of hillary's ass pervading the rest of the property

yo what the fuck is this shit

Jow Forums nigga

id gape that shit

She's into little girls, so i will respect her preference and murder her on the altar of Satan.

Take the skin and peel it back
Now doesn't it make you feel better?

Dat ass. Not. Definitely not.

I'm neither woman nor child, so I stand no chance.

You can para glide with a pair of her panties.

lmao doxxing honeypot detected

I'll just slit her throat and let her rotten blood be purified by the lord of light, though my sympathy for her is merely a facade.

Checked and red pilled

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