How did Microsoft become Indian?

Does anyone have the complete story as to how this all american tech company become dominated by retarded pajeets?

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in the 90s the us government made a program that brought over thousands of indian IT professionals, they infiltrated virtually every IT company there is.

They speak English and will work for half an American's wage. It's also a long term strategic objective of our to align with India in order to counterbalance the Chinese

>mfw got a job in Microsoft without seeing even one American in person

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We need them to crash our airplanes and make our operating systems useless. Seriously though, I can't wait for the day we rely upon their ingenuity to program software to control nuclear reactors.

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Why are Pakis so insecure and desperate. Seriously it's like their life revolves around proving to themselves that they aren't inferior to India? I'm genuinely grateful I'm not Paki

isnt it weird that xp ran better with a fraction of the available hardware resources that was around compared to when 8 and 10 came out? Like what the actual fuck?

We brain-drain India more than any other country. That's why India will always and forever be a shithole. Whenever an Indian rises above the poo, America steals him.

have you ever had to deal with poos over here? they are beyond retarded, can't imagine how bad it is back in pooland

Pajeets always higher more pajeets, despite being incompetent. They will only keep white people that are irreplaceable and will fuck them up if removed.


but how did this happen tho? any articles/videos on it?

The top management at both Google and Microsoft are all Brahmins, at least here and in America. Nadella and Pichai are both Brahmins.

As a city lad I used to think caste system was long dead and replaced by money. But no, it's just moved from temples and palaces where it was blatant to the workplace where it's more hidden.

>How did Microsoft become Indian?

on purpose

And of course how could I forget about Jews. Nearly all visits by American senior employees here had Jewish surnames.

how do the brahmins infiltrate other areas and then bring over the retarded footsoldier indians? also, why are you guys so fuckin ill mannered?

the same way basketball became black?

Indian colleges crank out shit tier engineers like they're going out of style. Tech companies allured by engineers who cost half what western engineers do hire them in droves and petition the US government to hand out more H1B visas so they can hire even more of them even when there are plenty of Americans capable of doing the job. Over time the Indian engineers who are actually talented rise to more senior positions in companies and use their influence to hire and promote more Indians until eventually you end up with companies like Microsoft who have effectively been taken over by Indian nepotism.

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white and japanese people are the only ones good at tech, your analogy is shit, poojiang

Why do white women love us Indian men so much?

Naturalized American citizens, not Indians.


Why do white women love Indian men so much?

google is down does anyone know a search engine that isn't owned by google? can't get onto bing

I have never seen a white woman with an Indian man. I guess if you were rich enough you could buy a white woman.

fuck you're low IQ.
the point being whites invented and perfected basketball and they changed the rules over the years to make it "more entertaining".

does it count if the woman is riding in the taxi?

this proves free market with different conditions between countries does not work

I was trying to figure out why Microsofts products have gone to absolute ugly-looking bug-ridden shit in the last 5 years when I found out about their management change.

that and the fact that they fired their entire QA department

you hire one, and you end up with lots

this explains why windoze is shit

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truth is most engineers, indians and whites, are dogshit so tech companies are forced to hire whoever they can find that seems competent

I find young coders are absolute shit. Can't do anything outside of a "development environment"

Microsoft executives noted that they will have market dominance no matter what they do. So they bring in the Pajeets for big payroll savings even though their code suffers because most people will use it anyway because of the brand. It's a risk/reward scenario where the benefits are big. Microsoft code will be forever shit now but will still make money in the short term and their short term runs long since they once held a near monopoly on business pcs.

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>to the workplace where it's more hidden

They learned inconspicuous consumption from our elites, how quaint.

Considering how they turned that company around more power to them. Microsoft’s market cap beats Apple and google last i looked. What an amazing transformation for the company after missing the mobile device boom and things looking grim.

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H-1B and H-2B visas, bought and paid for by US corporations,
allow them to import foreign workers for much less pay than citizen workers.

>isnt it weird
...not at all, when you consider the profit potential of "Planned Obsolescence".

>they turned that company around
...and were paid one-third what they were worth.
Is that is a corporate triumph to be proud of?

Considering they did it quietly with no major PR rebranding campaign and in a way that was gradual over time to no one noticed until one day they popped up on top, yes.

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Satya Nadella has become the greatest ceo no one has heard of. Barely mentioned among the bezos or zuckerburg circlejerk. The dude took an old dinosaur and made it relevant again.

I worked at a place once every indian got promoted to a higher position by them selves than I did. Despite them all performing worse than me.
I quit and will never work with indians ever again.

>pay burgers $200,000
>pay poojeetos in curry paste and toilet paper

You choose!

This happened to a majority ethnic Chinese nation that speaks English and was formerly a British colony too. They even rolled out Chinese privilege and new racism offenses and the Prime Minister cucked against his citizens when foreign migrant workers rioted at Little India in 2015.

Why didn't you sue?

Jesus, with this clarification, it's the perfect analogy. Modern operating systems actually operating systems is like the smallest, least significant, least supported part of what modern operating systems do.

I had blamed women/phones previously, but now I'll have to re-examine all the givens.

MBAs also subscribe to the theory that 5 shit programmers/designers working as a team can do the same job as one competent one.

Don't get me started.

>Microsoft code will be forever shit now
and it wasn't shit when?


Pooland is full of lazy poos

Who worship cows and meditate on shit

this may shed some light


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