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based AVGN

puerto rico was a mistake. my mom is in ponce she just told me about this. i am bringin her to texas.

Judgement will come. The people here are wicked and debauch beyond the light of hope.

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A pathetic and parasitic nation will be flushed into the ocean? Oh what a tragedy, I simply cannot contain my sadness.

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pretty scary, don't know if it's just shock but I still feel unbalanced from it

Actually 3, 6.3, 4.8 and 4.7, all in the same general area.

Good luck user, hopefully this wipes out all the morenos.

This is a mass cleanse, it's good for our people.

Another one, 4.6, 73km offshore


Is is still a parasite if you take it voluntarily, without asking the parasite, as the US did?

Don't worry, we are OK. It was just an impression. Nothing is damaged.

Our concrete buildings are ugly as hell, but they do follow basic federal regulations, so they do not crumble easily.

Now I'm more concerned about Karen, the storm that is coming tomorrow.

Me too. I feel it is shaking again, but it is me.

Weird. It is like my body got used to it and wants to keep shaking.

But I dont think it was so bad to deserve an article in a UK site. WTF.


You feel like it's quaking because there's been 4 already.

I really hope so, i hate Puerto Ricans so God damn much
I would unironically pay a monthly fee to never have to see one of you ever again

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>I really hope so, i hate Puerto Ricans so God damn much

Why you hate us so much?
Did we decide to be an American territory?
Did we decide to make ourselves American citizens and write a constitution that makes it almost impossible to take it away?

I don't think you should be hating us, but rather your ancestors, who made the mistake.

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Im sure they feel the same way about you moshe. In fact im sure everyone feels the same about you desert snakes.

Because 9 out of 10 "people" I've met from your island were fucking worthless, obnoxious, rude, and borderline retarded.
t. I live in an area with a ton of Ricans
Nigga what?

Seriously what about your island makes people from there so fucking unbearable? And why do hispanics refuse to speak English when they move here? Even 20 iq niggers from Haiti or the Congo still at least learn English when they move here, I've never met a nigger who lived here 10 years and couldn't speak English

>Hates X
>Goes into Y post to hate on X
The only retard here is you fren.

>Because 9 out of 10 "people" I've met from your island were fucking worthless, obnoxious, rude, and borderline retarded.
>t. I live in an area with a ton of Ricans

I'm very sad for your experience with my people.

Remember that only jobless and people without responsibilities migrate, so they are the most likely to move to USA.

I hope you meet a good Puerto Rican and reconsider your views, just as I've reconsidered the views of white nationalists, who are very much rightfully proud of their beautiful race, which I admire.

Oh no. I have been all over the Caribbean, Barbados, st Thomas, Dominica etc and Puerto Rico was out of this world, the nicest place and nicest people I have ever seen. Stay safe amigo

I've honestly tried to like Hispanics, I'll at least acknowledge the ones from here aren't AS bad, but every single time I've thought a Puerto Rican was ok I've been proven wrong and I've been around Ricans a huge chunk of my life, idk if it's all Hispanics but I really wish I didn't feel like this, but the people I've met from your island have been 85-90% worthless, and I'm not sure why

>Seriously what about your island makes people from there so fucking unbearable?

IDK, tell me. I cannot judge because I'm on the island, paying taxes and working. I cannot compare, so sorry I cannot explain your experience.

> And why do hispanics refuse to speak English when they move here?

Too bad, I think that is bad. We should speak English if we move to USA, as we should speak French if we move to France.

I think this happens when you let many spanish speaking people form ghettos and so. They just create mini countries, just as Americans did when they moved to Texas when it was part of Mexico.

The ones who move here are not like that lol

I lived in Rincon/Aguada for a while. Pretty cool, but also sucked and was super polluted and gross

Thanks Britbro!

My mom visited London a few years ago. Beautiful heritage.

Well Americans conquered Mexico and no spics are saying they want to do that, they're just here begging to clean toilets for chump change, I'd at least respect them if they tried to just take the land

Fuckoff I’m Scottish lmao

Quite the active fault right now, kinda weird for the area actually.

Literally obsessed, go back to your Black Bvull threads tyrone.

I'm very sad to hear that. I hope my people learn and become better. We do not want to be hated.

The worst Puerto Ricans I know are people you already know, politicians, like the San Juan mayor and Alexandra Ocasio (which probably has never been on the island anyway). I despise those women. Why they are always women?

>Fuckoff I’m Scottish lmao
Ups sorry

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Stay safe islandbro, hugs and blessings from the mainland

During Hurricane Maria One FEMA worker was amazed at how fluent my English was. Most of the natives they've encounter were fighting and beating the shit out of each other when aid was being distributed among them. He and the other workers struggled to reach a basic level of communication with them in the attempt to deescalate the growing unrest, with piss poor results. And he popped the golden question "If you're considered American Territory, how come the majority of people living here refuse to learn, let alone, speak English? I was close to directing him to this board and just call it a day.

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I think the main issue is that we are isolated, and our neighbor country speaks Spanish.

We have our own political parties, history, education in Spanish... I learned English in High School by my own (Rossettastone software) and I practiced it very well here, in Jow Forums.

I do not oppose independence for the island if it is an ordered process, but I guess the legal hell will be so big that politicians will simply ignore us and we will still be a colony for half a century.

Your accent is too thick, I couldn't understand a single word you typed

t. In the air Force with a good Rican.

You are based, fren.
You are a fine ambassador for your beloved homeland


I've seen like two PR posters total in my Jow Forums career and there's like 30 in this thread alone. What the fuck lol where did u guys come from??

You are one of them.

Pol is rightful Puerto Rican clay

We lurk a lot