Stop using electricity

Stop using electricity.

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stop breathing muh oxygen

breathe nitrous instead, I need to sell all this oxygen to some shabbos goys

Stop telling women to abstain from alcohol when pregnant you bigots.

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stop shilling this retarded child
why is this child being perpetually fucking shilled here???????

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stop using anything that comes from the industrialized world.
no cloths, no food, no sailboats across the sea, no plastic buckets to shit in, no tp, no fucking nothing.
when this little retard is wearing potato sacks and gorging on maggots then i might listen


She's the next leader of the free world.

>China and India are exempt from this

stop getting used by globalists

whatever you say, Greta.

This. The spamming and flooding is obvious.
Idgaf about this soros funded cunt.
Stop shilling.

Fetal alcohol syndrome is. Not. A. Joke. You. Guys.

this is a 10/10 in the land of the europoors

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half the fucking threads dont even have the fucking bitches name so you cant even fucking filter it out anymore

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Someimes I want to apply to be a jannie for this very reason.
One thread is enough. Its such obvious spamming and flooding.

Climate martyr in 3,2,1... OMG climate skeptics must be rounded up!

You the way

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because half of this site is filled with shills and pedos

Jannies are on the soros dole

Tesla died for this shit...


Take a taste goyim, you won't regret it.

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i wonder what her pussy smells like

Jesus fucking christ, Jow Forums is obsessed with this little weirdo. What the fuck has happened to this place that a child giving an overly dramatic speech written by adults triggers everyone. Anyone with half a brain sees through the absolute fakery of all this so why does it matter? Why is everyone crying about it on this board? Who actually gives a fuck?

Just gonna leave this here

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She wants us to turn anprim

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start using her name in those pathetic threads so my filters could work