He Did It!


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Nice to see Him joining the Greta club

Wonder if He has access for Her private files tho
I fucking wish

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Shitposter in Chief. Damn proud.

>it's real

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>joins the Greta club

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About time he do something to redeem himself.

Good stuff

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This is gonna make them seethe, Trump is going to play the Grandpa while Greta will be forced by her masters (abusive parents) to yell and scream at him

google irony, genius.

Rekt with one tweet. Trump is a stable genius.

an absolute unit!

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Made my day

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>it's irony if I don't like it

Jesus lol
Trumpcucks are delusional as fuck. Greta keeps winning anyways

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Too bad he’ll ruin it by signing that H1B bill. It seems everything Trump does good, he ends up backtracking and doing something worse.

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Oh God the optics

Irony is illegal in tacoland.

Also, Trump is a fucking madlad. This is all the media is going to talk about now.

Holy mother of kek, he's really done it this time



We'll see. Lou Dobbs did a piece against it tonight so that was good.

The only thing she’s winning is laughing stock of the world award and probably a stress induced brain tumor / suicide by 30

No molesto Pedro

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>Those replies
Jesus Christ

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>that little stain

Already starting...

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Best President ever

fucking hell the amount of redd*tors posting in this thread baka

Kek i love the outrage

>she looks



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I was hoping for him to do this. mega luls

>giving a fuck if he stays or goes

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didn't he rape someone and lose his medical license?

Trump the sarcastic troll. My man-crush grows


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When he gets criticized for making fun of a child he will just say he meant the tweet literally and seriously.

I love this!

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Apparently Trump doesn’t watch Fox anymore after Tucker criticized him on the lack of immigration restriction. So he probably won’t even see it. Props to Lou Dubbs though for calling it out. At least there are some conservatives who realize this bill can financially hurt Americans.

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If she is open borders she can go fuck her self.

he "owns the libs" then fucks us in the ass.
And while he is fucking us in the ass, he owns the libs again. People with short attention spans and low interest in politics love it. Its like niggerball, with teams to root for.

>a little girl rustled the POTUS this hard

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They are already taking it the exact way Trump wants them too. They are so deranged that they don't see how Trump basically made a basic old person "what a nice young lady" post and now they are going to force the poor girl to speak about it

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Fuck I saw some other profile that took the effort to go on for multiple screenlengths self replying.

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holy shit my sides

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this is symbolic of the media

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Nigga no one gives a fuck about a child's views on geopolitics.
Its a soros club using intellectual human shields/child soldiers.
>"What about the children"!?
Whataboutem? You want to kill them in the womb why should I listen to this shilling?

solid shitpost



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The absolute madman

He made fun of her without being an ass. I am not sure i can take the winning anymore.

Haha based! Now I totally don't care about the wall not being built and record levels of immigration

thread theme


Post your retarded discord meme somewhere else.

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(((They))) have no way to actually prove he was being a sarcastic based chad

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>Apparently Trump doesn’t watch Fox anymore after Tucker criticized him on the lack of immigration restriction.
Where'd you hear that? I don't think it's true. Dobbs doesn't get as good of ratings as Tucker or Laura though since he's on the business channel. Hannity is just a useless boomer and could care less.

Shots fired

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They both fuck us in the ass. All i vote for now is free speech, keeping my guns, less taxes/personal infringement.
I don't give a fuck about social justice or Israel or any of that shit. Fuck em.
Fuck muslims too.

im sorry, i forgot that i cant find anything funny or enjoy myself because the boomer us president hasnt started gassing the jews
how can i ever atone for this?

how this guy get around to actually working as a doctor. All he does is sit around on twitter all day

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That’s what Laura Ingrham said a while back, don’t know if it’s changed though.

>already accused of rape and betraying the nation
>making a snide comment is worse

At least his shit posting is still good.


Can’t tell if parody account.

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Wall is being built faggot. 500 miles by the end of next year.

i can't go on twitter without being banned, but at least trump is OWNING THE LIBS for me

Probably Chinese

Omg I'm going to wake my son up from laughing so hard hahahahah

Why do I picture Trump and Stephen Miller
giggling their asses off when they tweeted this

You don't know many jews, do you?

This. And its beautiful.
Also thanks to Mexico for helping stop the flow.

it's probably real

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Eco Hitler is coming

$5 a month ma nigga.

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I honestly hope they work together and Trump redpills her.
As we all know once an Autist is 'Pilled in the Right direction they are awfully crafty in their pursuits of consensus.
At what 12; she's on the world stage(!) , albeit easily casted away if (((they))) want to , but I have a small light inside of me that says she is the one and only true Hitler. We NEED TO BE THERE when they DUMP her like last weeks trash. Anons, will you be there to help her up?

Tldr: wait for her to Blossom anons. Be blessed you get to watch Her journey to True Greatness.

Will you Help her see safety and Prosperity Anons?

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119.5 miles yesterday. 500 by the end of next year is a realistic goal.

Post lefty salt

You mean fencing replacing existing fencing?


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4d chess carbon taxes when?

imagine the taste

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You are not allowed into visit this country just to protest it. Trump needs to put that potato on a plane back home.