Trump trolls the climate potato

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His sarcasm is impressive.

I think he's just killing with kindness, user

>People are going to flip their shit over him calling a kid happy and hopeful for the future.

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When he gets criticized for making fun of a child he will just say he meant it seriously.

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Orange man based

Haha, well played.

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This really is pretty clever. Would have been perfect if he swapped "bright" and "happy" around. Then it would be so veiled that he could plausibly deny it being sarcasm, a la IIRAW, while still getting across the hilarious contrast between her quote and the positive wording.

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I need me sum potatoe porn.

Oy vey it's anuddah mass extinction!

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Best is how he calls her happy when she’s a clearly miserable raging lemming

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UH guys why is he retweeting this?

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Bump for I love this fucken guy.

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What the fuck is Greta talking about? Are they crazy? In a cult?


>In a cul

It's pretty obvious now, they tick all the checkboxes.


bump for the best president ever.

someone say potato?

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Gotta love Trump, if real. Personally I thought her carry on was disgusting, over the top. Whoever either abused this kid to make her believe all that crap or coached her to act this way needs to be arrested for abuse.

It’s real

He got balls. The most hillarious US president zog and our government ever elected. Kek

Yes, its a doomsday cult. The world will end in 12 years unless you give all your nation's riches to my climate funds

You say potato, I say po ta toe.