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For as much as we complain about Israel we almost never have Israeli politics thread. I don't even know the difference between the parties.

such threads would be useful to data mine

>data mine
I like apples
I live in California
I was born in May.
I drive a white truck.

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I can't tell if you think somethings changed, or are actually asking?

You realize Bibi and Gantz just met for 30 minutes in a private room under Rivlin's guidance, and are forming a unity government?

Israel is about to go Woke2.0. This was all a giant mossad Op to turn Israel right wing. You're all retarded it's beyond sad. Gantz is ex Israeli deepstate, and Netanyahu has literalyl LED THE JEWISH DEEP STATE for 20 odd years. He is Zionism. And I say that as a Zionist Jew. Benji is based AF for Zionism. Maybe you hate Zionism, but I don't.

The left is screwed. Check all the parties. They are all right wing. Blue and White is not "center left" that is some bullshit American media is spreading so the american public don't lose their shit when they realize Gantz wants to annex the Jordan Valley as well.

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Who do you think controls the information? Hello?

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Well its impossible to have a thread without it being instantly derailed to meme banter or jpg spamming, and since most of goyim dont really give a shit beyond memeing it usually goes nowhere

That doesn't explain why there is so little interest for /pol users to discuss Israeli internal politics or to even be informed on the matter.

This shows just how stupid jews are, you know, you don't need to answer to every (you), you stupid fucking nigger.

US users can't wrap their head around internal politics of the neighboring state let alone a country half way around the world.

Why can't we pull this of in the states?

He just made a gov coalition with Gantz

Jews are brainwashed since childhood to think they are superior and that there is no problem in their country. Just get any random jew and try to talk politics with him, its impossible. They are convinced that what bullshit they are talking is true.

What flag?

Because your Jews are cancer. I'm one of them. But my grandfather founded the Machal in 48, and I'm a Zionist till I die. The rest of these are softies with no knowledge of ZIonist philosophy and a lack of torah/talmudic education to base their Zionism under.

>Convinced the bullshit they are talking is true
Um. Do you get how this works? It's true because WE EXIST lmao. We've proven our philosophies. No other people have done so. Where are the Greeks? Where is Plato's bloodline? Where is Aristotles children? The children of Rabbi Akiva are alive as well friend, same as Maimonides. We carry their seed inside our fucking anus every day ready to impregnate bitches and carry on the bloodline. Keep getting cucked by the immortal race, hymie.

yes, tell me more about your bullshit.

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Jews never lose op
That is why I fear them

Its interesting that you assume I was talking about zionists.

rothschilds do not go to jail

Again, you goys seem to think words matter. Jews don't care about words .You keep getting fooled lmao. God I love how this shits worked for like 3000 years and you keep making the same mistakes that led to the Kitos War.

You get it.

What do jews care about? Shekels? Let me tell you something, the next time someone will try to annihilate you, they will succeed, and no one will give a single fuck about ur kind.

I didn't? I was just telling you that American Jews are NOT Zionists. American jews, on the whole, are anti-israel scumbags. Anyone you see associated with that faggot organization "AIPAC". The Zionist ORganization of America is based. I have half a mind to personally restore the Kahanist party but I've got a girlfriend so prolly better I just procreate.

The fact you think jews care about Shekels already proves we've won. That's the EXACT philosophy the Spanish had, and apparently, we still exist. So clearly, you're proven wrong.


My family are from Chisnau, and I am a Klezmer Jew whom lived with you for decades. Our people should be united against the Turks but instead you became manipulate as a pawn in a system. Typical. No hope for your people. Your legacy died with Vlad. It is sad Moldova is reduced to this state. I have always had dreams that when I become the next Sheldon Adelson I will go over and rid your nation of the corruption that plagues it. But you dont want to ally your hopes. You want to claw against your allies as you did in the crusades

The irony of you being Moldovan is fantastic. I'm sure you don't actually believe my family is from Chisnau, but I'm honestly too lazy to pull up the US census records. And, you could prolly find out who I am, it's not like my name is well known. It's the Romanian variety of Cohen.

The definition of Jewish pilpul defense.

The only thing I ever care about is the survival of my bloodline That's it. Mishmur taught me well. We've been going for 3000. I'm not about to change what works nigger. That's what you guys did with religion.

They started talks for it

i poop in my pants all day

Arguing with a jew is useless. Might as well talk to a wall.

Your fucktarded philosophy has given me an ingrown rib because my greatgrandmother married into one of your incestous clumps... netted me a nicr inhertiance, but we still have to breed out the incest genetic garbage from our line by infusing more europeans

Woop doop a doop doop

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