What do you think of queer pajeets?

what do you think of queer pajeets?

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Imagine the smell.

Imagine the smell.

Imagine the smell


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Better than zoomali niggers, not by much but yes.

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Imagine the bed after they've had sex.

Poo on my dicky do

Good ! They don't multiply !

I can't believe murica was soo fucking jewed that ended slavery in 1865, most of the normal world was slave free by then.

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The designated shitting street gets a little extra messy

Why are you gay user? get yourself a girl and have a family.

>Imagine the smell meme

poo on benis

loo in the poohole

All homosexual men except white or Korean/Japanese gay boys are aesthetically disgusting.

Holding hands isnt gay

That's because of the S.O.Y. you twink fagget.

good, turn the entire country gay for all I care. Anything to stop them from reproducing at ungodly rates.

poo in boipussi

i guess they aren't making more pajeets so they're okay in my book

They are doing God's work, user.

open penis

Hi Mohammed!

POO IN THE LOO you semi-domesticated abbo.

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Good for them, I'm glad they're happy and not reproducing.

In Afghanistan the men hold hands like faggots and walk around.

In afganistan the also run trains on little boys you retard.

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Yea chi boys, that’s common knowledge.

Well at least they can't breed

>Japanese men

Do you even know what you're talking about, user? The Koreans have refined themselves and rendered their race palatable by discovering and adopting a beautiful modern aesthetic. But Japanese men are all yellow-skinned weirdos still stuck in the 2008 era of visual kei. Cringe.

Basically This.

>criticizing faggots beauty
found the cock-loving faggots!




I'm happy for them. At least some are helping their community from overpopulation. Only gay whites are embarrassing.

Although I know the two whores are at their own faults for going there but I still feel very sorry for them. Not a single human there...wow

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India is gay, now the Illuminati will let you have the technology

Everything pajeets do is a scheme to obtain bob and vagene. Queer pajeets are just trying to find a fag hag that they can spitroast and haphazardly dump her body in a rural well

There are more gay Indians than people in scandinavia, think about that

Why do poos all look the same?

Imagine the smell

Most likely not queer. Many Indian guys hold hands and walk like that. I hate it personally. Try to tell some of them. Changing one pajeet at a time. Cleaning one poo at a time. Telling one pajeet to use the loo at a time.

that hats /fa/ has fuck nigga.

Lol In rural north India, this is actual life.

I hate all poos.

holding hands is an absolute alpha way to show friendship between two bros.

I don't hate all whites. It's the liberal cucks pushing Spics and Niggers who don't contribute to anything and degenerate behaviour that I hate. Y'all are okay even if you hate me. I'll keep cleaning my shitty streets.

These guys prolly ain't gay. Men holding hands isn't seen as queer in most of India. Policemen do it a lot as a sign of solidarity.

i dont care tbhon

Thanks user. Hope it gets better in HK for you

THe one on the far left is Justin Trudeau

Why is it that when I go to Paris I see more niggers and Pakis. What happend french user.

>pushing Spics and Niggers
Literal bottom of the barrel talking shit, you're the less desirable 'human' amongst women, you fucking abbo, there are mo streetshitters than spics or niggers, there's even more niggers in my continent than spics thanks to fucking anglos, they should have exterminated niggers and streetshitters instead of the prairie niggers.
Ps: Fuck you you sub-human demi-abbo.

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Fageetism will rule the world.

Go make some pizza and cope Mario

stop getting triggered by these faggots, my poo friend. i believe in india, kudos to you.

I fucked 4 of your women while you were busy looking at OkCupid. Cope,Mario, Cope.

Thanks user. We gonna kill all the Muslims and lower caste people and make this country clean. Most of these people only have pics and references of the lower caste people. Because of abolishment of caste system they don't clean the streets anymore and act like niggers taking gibs. It will be fixed in time.

It's not funny when it comes from an abbo.

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Go have sex and cope Luigi

Most likely like fermented fish some of y'all eat.

Based abrahamic remover

poos gon poo

Cum in bum

I appreciate European pagan cultures. they are so cool. I wish Greek Gods, Viking God's and Celtic God's were still worshiped. I hope y'all give up the dessert fag religions and go back.

I'm on a fucking break poopinder.


Fuck in the pooper


Lol Mario. Hate aside, I really like pizza. Thank you for that.

based pajeet

Man fucking lower caste Indians looking at those white women like they are some prize. Makes me sick. I would kill 9/10th of my country just so it could be a better place. Don't blame you for posting this.

You stupid curry nigger. That user is from mexico, not italy.

Lel. Guess I got mad and didn't look properly at his flag. Hey Hector how are the cartels treating your sister? They raping her good? You Mexicans are the lower caste people among spica. Mexicans are so stupid, I robbed them in Arizona with my buddy Kyle(German Irish American) we didn't need to take out our gun either. Low IQ garbage fake gang bangers.

>Imagine the bed after they've had sex.
"was ar gut seex, sar"

Shouldn't you be eating cow ass or ripping with a scam ?

Maybe. But I'm making software for now. Lel

Imagine the smell.


imagine being blond women, and going to a third world shithole which see's blondes as goddesses

how stupid
those poos are ready to gang rape them if it wasn't for the camera man

Aww sheeit. Letz make fun of the poo. Muh low IQ nigger brain donno many insults. Oh I know let's talk like poo. Fails at that too. Kys nigger.

fuck off to reddit faggot

Would be same in Africa or Mexico. And rednecks would do the same in America if a nigress ventured into their town and asked for directions.

I will take 5 please, how much do I owe you?

You seem to like them OP so much you post pictures of them. The rest of us don't want to see that shit so take it over to the gay board.

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I think there are too many Pajeets as is, so a couple of fags are a good thing.

Shut up Sundeep. You are not cleaning the streets today. Back to work faggot.

kek i have 5 servants just like your subhuman southern kind. wash the dishes and mop my floor you pathetic worm.

i'm sure they have no problem getting their dicks covered in poo

Covering each others dicks in shit is universal around the world. Pajeets are just better at it.

Buttsex among gay people is not nearly as common as you think. Maybe stop watching somuch gay porn online.

Lol Suckdeep. I have 7 northern servents and drivers. But they are good people because unlike you they actually poo in the loo and clean poo of the streets.

And most of this gang rape and Honor killings happen in your neck of the woods(north India). You are the reason we are looked down on. Now atleast try to clean one poo today.

Leave my boyfriend alone curry nigger

Same thing I think about queer [insert any nationality] I think they should be beheaded.


Hey mut you call him a curry nigger too? Just curious.

Yeah aren't you the same poster ?

>what do you think of queer pajeets?

We have eight zillion people on the planet and counting -- I'm for a great many things that bring that number down as humanely, but quickly, as possible, even mass-scale faggotry.

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