This pajeet makes the right look bad

Will neocons ever stop being utterly cringeworthy? They do nothing but give us a bad name!

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>nazis were left wing
When will this meme end. The left is egalitarian, the right hierarchical. The NSDAP was not egalitarian they believed in german supremacy, how were they left?

They only do this because they've all accepted the left's premises - that being a racist is the worst possible thing you could be, and that racism is really the only thing that matters. Therefore, since I'm the good guy, my opponents must be racist. They twist themselves into knots over trying to prove that they are racist, democrats are! But no one, besides people who were always going to vote for them, believes them.

They'll never learn that the proper thing to do is reject their frame and not give a shit about them crying racist, since most of them are honestly not particularly racist. The real problem is that they should be, but that's the next step.

I agree. The republicans accept all of the left's premises and thus are doomed to failure. Spot on user

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>the demonrats are the real Nazis
Fuck this shitskin

Lmao braids and red cheeks are nazi

I don't get it.

I'm mix raced Puerto Rican. Everyone here is kind of racist sometimes even when we are not "pure" racially.

We do not make a big deal of that. No one is overly ofended because of that in the same way we may laugh about a big nose or ugly ears.

Every race is perfect for different environments. Whites for civilization and blacks are perfect for tribal life, and they thrive the closer they are to nature.

There are so many criticisms to bring up about this obvious charade and the retard goes with nazi

The fact that he's treating Nordic girls as a negative is more proof that he hates whites and that's the reason he only talks about the democrats hating minorities despite their entire platform being based on white hatred

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He's not Indian.
It's a christcuck.. handle your menance.

Jow Forums literally has hourly threads asking how you will contribute to saving the white racing and secure a future for our children using pics of pale skin young Aryan females. The only difference is the pics we use aren't potato faced retards....

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>da Democrats are da real racis
I hate boomer conservativism.

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Equal Opp. vs Equal Outcome

The latter is distinctly not egalitarian, and antithetical to the prior where hierarchies are necessary. That comparison can't really be achieved through a left vs right dichotomy, as even communism requires hierarchies.
Regardless, the poo in the OP strikes me as a molymeme hack, just exploiting outrage culture for his own benefit, and not really offering much in substance.

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Were you agreeing or disagreeing with my definition of left v right

>They do nothing but give us a bad name!
Ever tried not associating with them, Mr Shekelstein?

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a blue check mark posted this and it is real
50k replies
this ought to be a record
(((they))) are afraid

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D-did he just make fun of that brown mans skin color? Wow! I thought the left loved people of color?

Nah every chance to compare the left with Hitler is a win, they've done that for 20 years, building a bad reputation against "nazi", so the best game is to just label them nazis.

They can't unsay things.

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>a white child existing means thats theyre a nazi
Im not seeing the coorelation, retarded pajeet is trying to kiss ass to his neocon fanbase

pretty weird how they had no problems comparing this little guy to hitler youth though

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Neither, I was simply pointing out that equal outcome dogma isn't compatible with either left or right ideologies because it isn't compatible with anything. Even in every day life people use and require standards. The people that push this are typically in it out of ignorance or for their own self benefit and power.

As for whether nazism was left or right, well I'm sure there's a thread for that. My other point was that the shit in the OP is just an outrage flog, and we can't expect more from people like that than selfish mislabelling and conflicted dissonance.

Patton Oswalt is a racist Nazi for making fun of a Person of Colour. He needs to be fired from him job right now

Some of the boomercons actually believe it. According to surveys, before 2008 a majority of non-college educated whites over 35 thought the first black president would be a republican.

Or better put, which might more closely answer your post; both left and right incorporate elements of egalitarianism because every group has beliefs and standards.

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Egalitarianism is a lie. We are not all equal, whether with groups or between

They're spamming this to Dennis Miller even though Nazi comparisons were famously what caused him to declare right-leaning comedy, when Bush became Hitler.

yeah, no one came to your thread, so like... catch a hint autism man

damn he's on to me

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Someone get this to Wanda Sykes so that she can take away his comedy career, he's a RACIST

People looked at me like I was evil for saying that the black men had provoked it. Then they pretended I didn't exist when the truth came out about Uncle Tomahawk.

Egalitarian means equal opportunity, and inherently requires there to be equality differences. I know you don't think there's a strand of left or right that doesn't incorporate a hierarchy or standards, so I think we're done

>when you're so retarded that you try to claim that socialism isn't socialist
Wew lad

>wahh how dare you hold the left to their own standards

1 post by this rolcon stalwart ID

Its annoying when people think Socialism and Corporatism are the same.

>we're done
I claim nothing of the sort socialism is not inherently left or right. Is your parents providing for you leftist or rightist? Left v right is equal vs non-equal
Again, hold then to their standards, just dont be so simple minded