Sweden is lost

This is Sweden nowadays.
Could you see any white Swedish? How can we deal with these heretics?

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No it not. Silly OP

OP has never been to Sweden or Paris.
It's all fine.

You could just nuke most major European cities and Europe would go back to 99.99% white over night. Its not like it is here, where the shit skins are just everywhere. They're all still condensed into a few areas in Europe.

Says the memeflag who's never left Iowa.

There I removed it. Happy ?
Go to Stockholm or Paris and see how nice it is.

i lived there user, it's basically apartheid 2.0, but it's "self-segregation" according to economic prosperity. In other words: the shitty houses get occupied by immigrants who form an economic underclass who do the shitty jobs in society... meanwhile wealthy Swedes within their homogeneous suburbs toast themselves for their tolerance and snicker about the intolerant (poor swedes) that have to live amongst the immigrants that see all the tribal violence of the less socialised immigrants

This seems to be a particular place in Sweden at best, if at all. Ever been to Lulea, Kiruna, Umea or Ostersund? Lovely places.

Fair enough.
Also how many Syrian refugees are in Sweden or France ?
What do you recall of the Paris situation ? Same thing ?

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Whites are extinct. Everything is evolutionary.

>how many Syrian refugees
Sweden experienced several waves of immigration, in essence every time a conflict arises in the world sweden gets migrants. A few waves that come to mind were, chileans, iraqi, bosnian, iraqi 2.0, somalian and now syrian. What happens is that they all congregate within the same areas (as housing is cheap there). However, then they stick to their own and the young men (inspired by gangsta culture) are the foot soldiers of the tribal conflicts.

They voted for it

SoHo and Brooklyn are very nice too

this guy is still coloured by his swedish (feminist) upbringing, but he is pretty accurate to the immigrant situation. A good resource imo to keep abreast of the situation in Svea

Hey, is this shit legit or just another fucking honeypot?

you spelled echo-chamber wrong

Potato potathto

Thank you. I will watch this later as I am taking my bubble bath in 5 minutes.

Daily memeflag 56% American complaining about a minority in another continent

but semantics is s much fun, NPC's usually just exchange one software with the next and think they got an hardware update

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> the shitty houses get occupied by immigrants
kek, hope you don't believe that

enjoy my friend, make sure to clean behind the ears

webm unrelated

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Its hard to feel bad for them as an Amerimutt. Our country has always been a blatant colony and we are all pretty much mutts from all over with a strange White American identity that is still forming, but they have an actual homeland of their people and an ethnic identity and still allow this shit. Swedes are weird as hell man.

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guess where the "no go zones" for the Swedish police are ... coincidence

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Sweden is still 85% white with basically no black people in it.

Sweden is not lost. It is just badly damaged and it can be fixed if they desire so.


>In July, two of the guys lived out of the gang in the same five-room caravan of 180 square meters, just a stone's throw from the central station. It is the company's most exclusive apartment, with fireplace and balcony.

>The municipality paid SEK 1,500 per day for one guy and 1,800 for the other. The cost included supervision on nights and nights, and the higher price is due to food included. But since the guys did not do the cleaning, they also received cleaning help.
(1500 sek = 140 euro/day)

>The social service paid just over SEK 45,000 a month for Amir's placement - and around SEK 30,000 a month for the other man. At the same time, the police suspected that the two committed crimes together in an extortion hive linked to the explosion.
(45,000 sek = 4200 euro/month)

Everything is given out in that country. They are given high end apartments on government. Native swede couples trying to move together have a hard time looking for apartments as everything is gone or too expensive, read news about it some ago.

>Sweden is lost
No it's not, it's right there

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Lost to whom? All you need is 1-3% of Swedes taking up arms and molotovs and the problem willl be solved.

Meanwhile on here we can do something too. You see the combined autism of Jow Forums could make a real difference in influencing to outcome of an election in a country the size of Sweden or even Austria for that matter. If everyone was to focus solely on one country, one election at a time Jow Forums could make a difference. Sadly this won't happen because people here take too much pleasure in laughing at the misfortune of other nations and love to point and say "look at the fucking state of X country, what a shithole. They deserve everything they get". The sad truth is that while they might be laughing now, they too will get their turn of the refugee/migrant steroid injection just like Sweden, Germany and Britain have.

Something one has to come to terms with in regards to Jow Forums is that a large section of the board are useful idiots who are practically indistinguishable in their behavior from the most ardent jew, whilst completely convinced that they are the most based and redpilled of Whites.
The sad part is that these people have convinced themselves that essentially driving out people and preventing them from forming any kind of opposition is helping the situation. It's like they've become jewish on a mental level without even realizing it.

Ironically many of these people are also convinced that all the shit happening in other nations is 100% the fault of said country's people, despite things such as in Sweden's case the media being almost entirely owned by Bonnier Publishing, but will often go through impressive mental gymnastics to shift blame away from themselves when it comes to their own nation. It's like these people have zero historical perspective on anything going on and are stuck entirely in the moment.

None. There are no Syrian refugees in Europe. Only economic migrants (PC term for "subhuman opportunistic parasites). By very definition refugees go to the NEXT safe country in their vicinity. Hell, even most of Syria is safe

>read news
so if it doesn't confirm your own bias it's fake news, jewish media or whatever label you want to throw at it, but when it does "it's accurate reporting"?

>what are statistics?
50% unemployment in one of these areas is no problem... because one or two people managed to scam the system?

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50% unemployed while living in 4k a month apartments with maids. And these news are from Swedish government, not some unknown random news.

On the other hand most counties outside of three major cities closed their immigration centres, so now immigrants can be processed and located there

A shame it happens. Sweden used to be a glorious nation as close to utopia as one place can be

>these news are from Swedish government
you mean the same government that does not register the ethnicity of the rape perpetrator in their statistic?

>as close to utopia as one place can be
it never was, have you actually talked to a living Swede? The social dymanic Sven has is fucking weird

e.g. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Law_of_Jante

Law of Junte is christcuckplaining of racial reality. Nordids/Baltids of North Germanic Scandi variety carry HETEROZYGOUS RECESSIVE alleles in extremely high concentrations.
Do you even realize how insanely rare that is in the grand scheme of things?

ACA2, HERC2, both genes code for melanocytes in the stroma of the eye. They are recessive and they are EXTREMELY SHORT transcription-wise.

How are they this common in Western Europe and Northern Europe?
Selection pressures. Self-segregation. Major histocompatibility complex.

Okay, what does extremely high self-segregation imply, tangentially?
Well, it implies OPTIMAL genetic drift with regard to offspring production.

What does optimal genetic drift infer?
Well, it infers the LEAST allele conflicts, the longest gene co-transcription sequences.

What does that even mean?

There is strong correlation between self-segregating groups and high IQ (confined in specific G-factors)

What do these selection pressures entail, other than the continuation of recessive alleles and auto-segregation?

Conformity, altruism, pro social-cohesion pressures.

The Nordic genotype is adapted and evolved to flourish in tight-knit, conformist, high-trust, homogeneous societies.

It is extremely ill-prepared for the globalized world, and doubly so for the invaders that have infested their lands.

>It is extremely ill-prepared for the globalized world, and doubly so for the invaders that have infested their lands.
any ideas why this is? Maybe, it has something to do that too much homogeneity causes innovation and progress to stop?

>Wilson posits that the basic element of culture is the meme. When a meme exists in a brain it has the form of a neuronal network that allows the meme to function within semantic memory. The link from genes to culture is that our genes shape our brains (in cooperation with the environment) and our brains allow us to work with memes as the basic units of culture.


>any ideas why this is? Maybe, it has something to do that too much homogeneity causes innovation and progress to stop?
No it doesn't. Scandinavian, Russian and Scottish inventions peaked in 1700-1970s when our homelands were homogenous as it gets.

We simply should live isolated from others and all things will be gucci. All relevant scientific and other information from diverse shitholes we can get via the means of instant communications

>Wilson posits that the basic element of culture is the meme.
Meme as in 21st century web definition of meme?

So it’s just like anywhere else in the west. Got it.

that's literally not Sweden, you idiot

>any ideas why this is? Maybe, it has something to do that too much hom
where did you get this nonsense?

pretty much, same shit different context

>our homelands
you are talking out of your arse aren't you?

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>where did you get this nonsense?
study of history, research, literature, philosophy and analysing my own personal experiences... it's a pretty good way to go through life actually, and it allows you to think for yourself ... you should try it sometimes

>Eichmanns Unfähigkeit, selbst zu denken, habe sich vor allem an der Verwendung klischeehafter Phrasen, einem Verstecken hinter der Amtssprache, gezeigt. Als auf der Wannseekonferenz die Spitzen von Ministerien, Justiz und Wehrmacht der Endlösung unwidersprochen zustimmten, habe Eichmann sich jeder Verantwortung enthoben gefühlt: Die „gute Gesellschaft“ stimmte zu – was sollte er als kleiner Mann da machen?


What does this picture of highly homogenous HRE has to do with my claim that predominantly Nordid Scots, Russians and Scandinavians peaked scientifically in 1700-1970s when we had almost no fucking roaches on our lands?

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invention comes out of strife, conflict and antagonism. You conceptualise homogeneity as racial/biological, which may have been the case for some. However, the cultural differences DO MATTER, for example Hume was Scottish, Kant lived in Konigsberg, Descarte died in Stockholm etc. etc. it is these differences and conflicts within the live times of these individuals that caused their ingenuity ... homogeneity is statis, stasis means no change ... and why would you change anything, if (according to your definition) you are already living in "utopia"?

problem with utopias...

pic related

pride comes before a fall

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I love going to swedish backwater towns, the feeling of not having shitskins around is one that can't be beat.
It's kind of "funny" though, I live in one of the university towns, and on my way to and from school and while there I could almost get the idea that I still live in a racially pure country. It's so white it feels unreal given the current state of affairs. But if I should continue past the university area and go down to the city center it would be like entering a different country, with roaming shitskin gangs of various ethniticity and muslim women with a dozen children in tow making up the majority of people I'd see. This once sleepy city now ripe with violence from rape epidemics to stabbings.
Globohomo has a stranglehold on the place though, there's a disgusting tranny in my class and the other week I saw a guy that looked like what could only be described as a young Mrs. Doubtfire, carrying a tote bag with the fag flag colours. That one gave me a good chuckle though.

living in a city with homogenous culture doesn't stop you from being innovative. neither does being proud of your society. you can create and innovate for the sake of pursuit of the unknown. This is Faustian Spirit that defines Nordid race the most
what area?

the NPC mind cannot square the circle that freedom and security are antagonistic concepts. Hence, as the popular discourse in society has been touted that you can have both, the resulting contradictions are explained away as "hateful rhetoric" or "conspiracy" theories

nothing new under the sun

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>you can create and innovate for the sake of pursuit of the unknown
sure you can, but what drives such passions? As you now explain to me how consciousness works, I will be ready to hand you that Nobel price

That's not the definition of refugee. And you can't go to the NEXT country when the whole region is fucked.

Also all the racism in the middle East. Syrians are hated by everyone who isn't Syrian in that region.

forced replacement is not the same as natural evolution burger

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I think its one way to triumph over death?Another reason lies in desire to live better and waste less efforts to achieve better results. creative laziness
that's the UN definition of being a refugee.

again, most of Syria is safe and we hate you subhumans no less here in Europe

It's the same shit here. Every day I go out or to the supermarket all I see is 80% shitskins and subhumans. At the kids play place 80% of the kids are Arab. The only place shitskins are a minority is at university.

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>mommy!!! please solve all my problems cus im a huge retard, hurr durr

I should specify I'm an EU foreigner. Finns don't seem to care about the shitskin problem.

It also pisses me off that these muds get free money and housing while I have to struggle financially as a self funded grad student.

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This is what happens when you hand over society to women.

neoliberalism erase antagonism, read a book retard, and read your posts please
mutt is peak homo

At least a quarter of those shitskins are christcucks.
>m-muh brothers & sisters!
Fuck off.

Sweden use to be a dream for me to visit but I weep for thy land I envisioned as a child has been desecrated aesthetically and spiritually upon the arrival of the abominations known as blacks and terrorists and that angry retard grota grota. Tis not, Will Ëÿë ever be visiting that land.

Yes, sad reality. As a kid learning about all the different nations I was so pumped to see all those cultures and see different kinds of peoples. I looked at it like the world was a Tolkien world. Now I see almost everyone around is just a dumb goblin.

Good old Sweden in Eurovision

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Looks more like Minnesota

>are a minority is at university.
guess who engineers society to be accepting of others, whilst themselves jet-setting between islands of "security" fenced in by man's with guns

the pen is mightier than the sword, learn their game and become better than them. he says whilst his university is 5 min in front of opening a disciplinary investigation into his own conduct :)

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these numbers are very likely inaccurate. but also in 20 years the boomers are all dead. they were the last big families. so indiginous numbers will suddenly collapse.

Did you copy-paste one of my posts?

This is my phraseology to the T.


English translation of >Eichmann's inability to think for oneself was shown above all to the use of clichéd phrases, a hiding behind the official language. When at the Wannsee conference the tips of the ministries, the judiciary and the Wehrmacht of the Final Solution agreed without contradiction, Eichmann felt that he was completely free of any responsibility: the "good company" agreed - what should he do as a little man?

uncanny ey

welcome to the 2nd generation of new NPC forming

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No, the russian poster literally copy-pasted my post from who know how long ago. That's definitely my post.

What I don't understand is why would he do that. People usually screencap my posts, they don't recreate them verbatim.

It's weird, is all.

He just hated the Jews and gladly send them to the camps. And then made up some bs defence to save his ass.

I sometimes do that because I'm too tired and lazy to screencap them. I just always have a dump text file open where I dump everything.

Oh, gotcha.

By the way, it's OCA2 and HERC2. I don't know if this was a typo on my end or yours, but you should rectify it.

OCA2 as in oculocutaneous albinism II gene.

issa brave new world

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and you

you have a serious problem
festering and your pols are readying
an influx of third world health care workers

you might want to think about a Finnish
right of return and quickly and remove the
shit from Helsinki

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would you accept white immigrants in your country?

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Why does young Will Smith not look like young Will Smith whatsoever

>It's weird, is all.
" I'm too tired and lazy to screencap them"

how do you think ideologies form? People are using words that are not their own, and as such become minions of other peoples ideas... Hello Plato

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>A supposed intelligent people/culture shots their own foots.
Ohhh no such culture will be missed.... fuck off

the "solution" is the same it always has been

>raise your middle finger as high as you can
>keep your head in the clouds
>wear your heart on your sleeves
>have your feet among the salt of the earth, and
>your back to family and friends


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>sweden is lost

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This reminds me of Russia... I mean America.

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Swede living in Tallinn here. Pro tip don't venture out in the cities in Sweden during the working hours, you'll only see non-whites during that period. Swedes are generally only in the cities on their free time i.e. after 4-5 PM on weekdays and weekends.

>Hey, is this shit legit or just another fucking honeypot?
What did I miss? The fed discord?

>Sweden is still 85% white with basically no black people in it.
Dude you are a fucking idiot. The put all the niggers in the small inland towns. I fucking made me ill for 2 days when I saw...Ockelbo full of niggers

>as close to utopia as one place can be
I'm Norwegian and I think it was a myth. The Swedes are creepy NPC, look at that Greta bitch. Everyone praising an idiot child

yup, victimology has this self-licensing dimension ... it's for the "greater good" so who cares about a "few inaccuracies" no big harm right?...

hence, the solution is, to be funnier!


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>I love going to swedish backwater towns, the feeling of not having shitskins around is one that can't be beat.
You should go again and and say hello to your new neigbours Tyrone, Mustafa and afghan nigger.

Oh i thought that its Baghdad on a picture

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Baghdad or Balkan?

>Sweden is still 85% white with basically no black people in it.
not even close to true

They're not sending their best

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cutting of power and destroying infrastructure and letting winter do the rest.