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>b-but Trump hasnt done anything!

>TRUMP 4EVA 6/21/19
SCHEDULE/WH Public Pool:

>TrumpTweet: Pres Trump NOT Pres Mittens 9/23/19
>Pres Trump bilat w/ROK Pres Moon 9/23/19
>Pres Trump bilat w/Egyptian Pres el-Sisi 9/23/19
>Pres Trump bilat w/Singapore PM Lee 9/23/19
>Pres Trump bilat w/POL Pres Duda 9/23/19
>Pres Trump bilat w/Pakistan PM Khan 9/23/19
>Pres Trump/VP Pence @UNGA on Religious Freedom 9/23/19
>Pres Trump arrives @UN 9/23/19
>FLotUS Melania @NYSE 9/23/19
>PressSec Stephanie on F&F 9/23/19
>PressSec Stephanie on FBN 9/23/19
>TreasSec Mnuchin on Dobbs 9/23/19
>ActDHSSec McAleenan @CFR on Immigration 9/23/19
>Ivanka @Concordia Summit 2019 NYC on W-GDP 9/23/19
>Ivanka on FoxNews 9/23/19
>StateDept Foreign Press Brief (IRF Amb Brownback) 9/23/19
>DoDVideo: shitposter PM Visits Pentagon 9/23/19
>WHVideo: FLotUS Melania Rings Opening Bell @NYSE 9/23/19

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new baker needed

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>it's real

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>waking up to bake only to go back to sleep again
user, are you polyphasic?

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Pre-awoo leafpost.

Imagine how many people's sleep he's ruining just by posting this.

When is the climate going to finally kill us all? I'm tired of waiting.

smell armpits

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maga !

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Not gonna lie I'm pretty comfy. Between the Biden scandal, democratic pollsters testing the waters for Hillary, and this climate change jew brat getting btfo by Trump, it's been a good day

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>Obama had no idea why he got the nobel prize
>that's the only thing we agreed upon

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>secret hugs after thread migration

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What level of Butthurt is this?

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>smell armpits

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I cannot think of a tweet better than this one.

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I will take it for a few hours

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unironically yes, you guys don't always notice it though

but not funny

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I-I don't know lads, the last one was a close race. She did win the popular vote after all.

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so... what exactly is she calling for? what would greta laws be if she was in charge ? i refuse to listen to a word this little cunt says

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>mass extinction
>ecosystem collapsing
>very happy young girl looking forward to a bright future
Trump confirmed to be a Doom Paul poster?

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>twitter is hiding tweets from me again
Gay and unMAGA.

It would only be a good day if thots were patrolled, mexicans were net removed, and Jews were killled, though. There aren't any good days. Politics and the economy aren't the problems.

literally perfect response i LOVE THIS MAN

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one time I got to hold hands with a girl.

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Wish Ex had a tag for legal loli. I don't recognize that girl from anything.


OH FOR FUCK SAKE. Why doesn't Trump have the balls to denounce Australia and New Zealand for the Chinese influence?

I am genuinely losing faith

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>they're losing their minds!
>and I'm reaping all the benefits.

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>CNN already desperately trying to defend Biden's actions for him
I feel like they missed the memo, and don't realize Biden is the one meant to be left behind in the wreckage.

>we don't know what exactly orange man has done but we know he is very bad

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hos are going to be so mad

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Watching the moonsalt grow with frens is so relaxing.

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basically the green new deal
so stop eating meat and eat bugs instead
stop driving cars
obliterate your economy by shutting down all coal/gas/oil plants

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>what exactly is she calling for?

>and quickly?
w-what's the rush?

That's Eugene's basic level of butthurt. Reminder, he lost his residency and got raped by a fat liberal woman all in the pursuit of becoming a twitter celebrity.

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finally got me to start a greta folder

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>Yeah so Huggers puts the cosleeper right next to the preserved brain collection and wants me to move 'em because she says its not hygienic
>I just don't understand how there's such a LACK OF APPRECIATION for that back light of the jars where the brains are in? And it just looks cool

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apparently if you remove the front end of a car with say a passenger van it won't run again. kek

>unironically yes, you guys don't always notice it though
I notice lots of things. It's a good thing I like almost everyone here and only use my powers for good, and also sometimes jerking off with discord trannies.

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what an absolute goober

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lmao that's gay AF brah

Repent, sinner!

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>I am forgotten

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how the fuck is she german but has the beady little anglo eyes?

>notice me senpai

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Is this thing really 16 years old?

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She's actually a walking Megadeth song.

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Fuck off, fedora.

She's still a saint in my eyes. So is Skylord.

One day zoomers will show this to their huwhite grandkids as they are touring the library of congress.

This will definitely break the brains of leftists all over the world worse than pic related.

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Yo, what the FUCK user!?

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This is B8, and I’ll allow it
With great shitposts comes great responsibility

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>That silver ritual circle really tied the room together! I can't believe she wrecked it by mopping with the wrong solvent!

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Well, is the retarded game show host a blackmailed pedophile or a pedophile blackmailer?

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I know he lost his “license” to practice medicine. What do you mean he got raped by a fat liberal whore? QRD?

imagine legally fucking that
just doesn't seem right

I'm convinced these people cannot be this stupid, and merely print this shit to rile up the masses and consume more of their bullshit.
You can't possibly type all that and truly believe it with a straight face as you excuse literally every dirty scandal done by a politician with a (D) next to their name.

why cut out the name of the author?
>let me tell you what a real Patriot is goyim
>it's somebody who supports open borders and corporate profits above their country and fellow citizens

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She's Swedish

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.


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turns out a vegetarian bug lifestyle isn't healthy for you

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>implying I'll ever forget the princess
literally just watched this video again yesterday
She's just my type: batshit crazy.

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The only thing that can make this better is if a a rectally ravaged Twitter worker suspends his account for "Bullying and Intimidation" and get this party started

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I have successfully impersonated one of the most prolific posters. Count your days OP, for soon it will be you.
>once I can find a pathetic anime image suitable for the task

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& May God Bless America...

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>implying she eats anything but the finest

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Tickets available to the sold out show

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Doesn’t eat meat either.

kashmir is the new Syria, Chinks want an oil pipeline from Iran just like Russia wanted a pipeline going to europe through syria

will be interesting to see what happens

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>I guess our viewers won't be surprised but we don't think a whole lot about Socialism, we think, uh, nothing positive about it anyway. Unless it's totally voluntary which is permissible in a Libertarian Society but that's is not what these clowns are advocating now, all these Presidential candidates are trying to outdo everybody on Socialism.

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Which one of you goys is going to show up there and livestream themselves asking what Hillary thinks of Pepe?

i remember

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>that first frame of the webm where her jew video effects arent working and display her true form

This cat still gets deep belly laughs from me


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mongolian rape baby, she's basically a Finn, right down to the autism

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>assertions that he bowed

He met with some fatty he met on twitter and the met to discuss how to increase their follower count or what ever, they got drunk and she forced herself on him because he's a tiny asian manlet. He tweeted the whole story out for the world to read.