All women carry the DNA of their previous sexual partners, and that DNA is carried over to ANY FUTURE CHILDREN they have. If you aren't reproducing with a virgin then you are essentially a cuckold because the child is not 100% yours.
Remember: No hymen no diamond roasties!

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>Naturally acquired microchimerism - ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19924635

Bi-directional transplacental trafficking occurs routinely during the course of normal pregnancy, from fetus to mother and from mother to fetus. In addition to a variety of cell-free substances, it is now well recognized that some cells are also exchanged. Microchimerism refers to a small number of cells (or DNA) harbored by one individual that originated in a genetically different individual. While microchimerism can be the result of iatrogenic interventions such as transplantation or transfusion, by far the most common source is naturally acquired microchimerism from maternal-fetal trafficking during pregnancy. Microchimerism is a subject of much current interest for a number of reasons. During pregnancy, fetal microchimerism can be sought from the mothers blood for the purpose of prenatal diagnosis. Moreover, studies of fetal microchimerism during pregnancy may offer insight into complications of pregnancy, such as preeclampsia, as well as insights into the pathogenesis of autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis which usually ameliorates during pregnancy. Furthermore, it is now known that microchimerism persists decades later, both fetal microchimerism in women who have been pregnant and maternal microchimerism in her progeny. Investigation of the long-term consequences of fetal and maternal microchimerism is another exciting frontier of active study, with initial results pointing both to adverse and beneficial effects. This review will provide an overview of microchimerism during pregnancy and of current knowledge regarding long-term effects of naturally acquired fetal and maternal microchimerism.

>Furthermore, it is now known that microchimerism persists decades later, both fetal microchimerism in women who have been pregnant and maternal microchimerism in her progeny

>Male fetal progenitor cells persist in maternal blood for as long as 27 years postpartum
>oldest woman tested was 65 at the time of test
>Additionally, these cells were shown to be capable of division, survived postpartum, and increased in number in a second pregnancy
>Alternatively, the progenitor cells could remain in the circulation and continue to divide for years

>Male microchimerism in women without sons: quantitative assessment and correlation with pregnancy history
>Besides known pregnancies, other possible sources of male microchimerism include unrecognized spontaneous abortion, vanished male twin, an older brother transferred by the maternal circulation, or sexual intercourse
>Male microchimerism was significantly more frequent and levels were higher in women with induced abortion than in women with other pregnancy histories

>Maternal microchimerism: lessons learned from murine models.
>It aims to summarize the potential mechanisms of migration of MMc
>In this context, we propose MMc to be a materno-fetal messenger with the capacity to critically shape the development of the offspring's immunity

>Male microchimerism in the human female brain
>We report that 63% of the females (37 of 59) tested harbored male microchimerism in the brain
>Male microchimerism was present in multiple brain regions
>In conclusion, male microchimerism is frequent and widely distributed in the human female brain

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come on not a single reply?? fuck off

You thinking to much about this buddy, your going to drive your self crazy.

Sympathy reply
No one cares.
Not world events or politics
Go away.

It is a interesting topic tho, technically if this is true I'm part-father to a lot of kids! ha

yeah, no roasties, we know.

degenerate faggot

90% of pol is bbc threads anyway. I'm sure youd rather post there!

We have a pedophile elite running around doing human sacrifices and drinking the blood of children to rejuvenate their cells and you want me to give half of a shit about microchimerism? Piss off retard, get your priorities in check.

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Are you also into phrenology?

Fake and gay

They're much more predictable and easier to filter, but I guess I'm about to make another entry to the list...


My first girlfriend(I took her virginity) had a baby about a year & half after we broke up & she always jokes about how the kid looks like me & it actually does. How real is this Microchimerism thing or are you over hyping it?

Virgin detected

Women can have their hymen busted from riding a horse or shoving a tampon up there.

>We have a pedophile elite running around doing human sacrifices and drinking the blood of children
And there's nothing you can do about vampire cannibal pedophile kikes you monkey. You probably haven't been here very long enough to know that. We were talking about epstein back in 2011 here after all.

All mohammahads look the same

Funny, no I'm welsh.

I want off Mr Bones wild ride

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>has already given up
Yeah I'll pass on the nihilism but thanks anyways nigger. If Tesla as one man could make them tremble decades ago I can only imagine what a group of retards can do today.

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Is this why Woody Allen's son looks like Frank Sinatra?

Youll get black pilled one of these days. It's only a matter of time.

The faggot blackpiller vs The chad believer

You making the conscious choice to give up is immoral and you will be judged for it as well as all choices made in this life, remember that.

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based, when will we finally change the world I am tired of playing the meme game

Cuz everything you just said was made up Bro Science you stupid fucking faggot

You need to learn to stop being so delusional or go delusion yourself off of a cliff you dumb nigger

Right on, Rusty. Defeatism is for quitters. And for the record, if I marry a woman, conceive a child with her, a child who gets half his DNA from her and half from me, and I raise him? that's my son, not some guy she slept with five years before we met. It takes a truly deranged mind to turn to pseudoscience to validate your insecurity.

Real fake and gay. Source next time fager

Get lost Schlomo.

Wait. Assuming this is correct,then this means the woman's DNA share is diminished, you fucking retard. It'd be 50% you, 25% her and 25% whoever.

so woman is giving up her share by sleeping
around, good to know.

According to this, even a virgin can be subject to microchimerism

No hymen no diamond

you're a cuckold for marrying a woman who has slept with other men lmfao

Just because the hymen isn’t there doesn’t necessarily mean she had sex. It can break naturally.

You know , you're wrong. And you know it.

There is literally no way a child can not be 50% the mother and 50% the father. You are fucking retarded if you think somehow a pure female womb egg can be fertilized in any other way that is not by your 100% you male sperm. This is literally a retarded topic spammed on here by incels

>"quick schlomo, what do we do?"
>"I know... call them incels! quick!"

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Hey retard, answer me here

even if microchimerism is a farce you're still a bitch for being with used goods

Lol, here it is. The Fucking BETA. All this projection. Making up claims. You're a kike shill.

Here are some scientific sources on human microchimerism that mention the possibility of intercourse being the cause:




Wait i thought it was a farce


Proverbs 4:19

Every non-cuck here already knows not to settle for used goods.
The question is how do we convice women to stop being thots.
Or how do we convice men to completely disregard such trash.
But not redpills or logic, we need something that normies can get into, something that can become a trend.

Nah it's real, women who are pregnant or on birth control (which tricks the female body into thinking it's pregnant) store the DNA of every guy she regrets lol.

No, that's not how it works user. More like there will always be that 1% stored from past mistakes she has had.

I think OP is not explaining this correctly.

IIRC microchimerism is the fact that you possess a small portion of your own mother's cells, and if you have siblings, a very small number of your sibling's cells, if you were born later or within the same pregnancy.

That doesn't mean that your son's DNA is shared with the DNA of another man, it could mean that some very few cells within your son have the DNA of the sibling from a previous pregnancy, which could've come from another man.

A bit far fetched to claim this as a deterrent not to fuck a slut, I prefer the classic "not getting fucked over in the court system" deterrent.

Here, have a you.

Normie women don’t give a shit about this. There is absolutely zero way to get this message to them. Our only hope is to change for the future, so future generations can see this. Our generation is fucked.

of course they dont because theyre all getting fucked by bbc

I know OP, this place is terrible. Full of retards that fall for clickbait.

on topic: you have laid down some serious info.

>come on not a single reply?? fuck off

How could microchimerism be true if we aren't seeing kids born to white parents with black features due to mom banging Tyrone back in college?

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seethe and cope roastie
>i-it was from horse riding
The seal is broken, the product rotten.
Pussy is the only value modern women have, you still manage to fuck that up.

this, i discovered this a while ago and its much better and allows you to use vpn unlike this honeypot

It still doesn't diminish your share, numb nuts

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What about all the chicks who got fucked by their dogs?

Just.. uh.. outta curiousity, how's verse 4:20

t. Read a story about fruit flies

Serious info on a flying insect, yes. Serious info on a mostly hairless primate, no.

Dude that means she is a whore man. It's a joke. Do you have any idea about how girls really are or do you actually believe they don't follow basic instincts just like any other animal? I have seen shit you wouldn't believe. Most people are little better than sociable monkeys and women are the worst of it

Bible encouraged that the brother procreate with his widow sister in law. Perhaps because the brothers DNA are similar to continue his descendants. One brother failed at the task and spilled his semen and God killed him.

I don't get how it actually works though . What is the mechanism by which the DNA of the previous partner gets into the DNA of the current woman's child?

As if we needed more reasons to stay away from roasties.
I found me virgin wife, she's a bit autistic but is ok and at least she's not whoring around because she has no friends or goes out.

who is this girl?

I fucked a power-cutie before she moved back to Japan and she told me she was pregnant after getting back. Said she took care of it and hasn't talked to me since. What's the chance I have a child running around in Japan or at least some unrelated kid with my hair or jawline? I was almost excited when she told me she was pregnant...

Is no mechanism. He read an article about how female fruit flies absorb DNA from their mates because their reproduction system is so wildly different to humans, and chose to extrapolate these findings to humans without evidence

>Said she took care of it
>What's the chance I have a child running around in Japan

>technically if this is true I'm part-father to a lot of kids
God help us if they can ever track down that DNA and come after us for child support.

well...there's more to the story. She said she took care of it, we continued to talk for a bit after that (we were very close friends before having sex), then she blocked me out of the blue on Facebook. A while later, like almost a year, she unblocks me, tries to call me a few times, and after I tried to return the calls saw I was blocked again. I couldn't really make sense of it but thought maybe she just said that to save me the worry? She never tried to extort me or anything regarding the possible pregnancy I just don't know what the fuck really happened and if I did create a half colombian/half American Chad that's wreaking havoc in Japan I want the credit.

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Literally pseudo science disproved ages ago
but i bet its "THE JOOWZ"

She aborted the kid, dude.

You're most likely right. Guess I'll try again if/when she comes back lmao

Could this be the catalyst behind high recent rates of autism?

That's not how it works and being a virgin after 21 is pathetic.

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This is old news, as far as I’m aware it only effects women who have been pregnant at some point. Very minuscule amount of DNA too

Good luck finding a non downie female virgin above the age of 18.

She probably had your kid and was conflicted over keeping in contact with you or not.

You could always create a fake FB profile with a temporary e-mail and check if she uploaded any photo with a kid.

If it's micro then it's an extremely slight influence, but it might still be there.

Micro Child support :tm:

Man this is some faux science woo-woo shit. You know women expel the contents of their pussies once every 28 days? You think all that incomplete DNA from skeet oil and semen somehow will remain inside though and the women "absorbs" it?

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Its not even possible, its just some virgin purity spiral cope

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you're already raising a child that's only 50% yours when you have sex with a woman and let her have a baby, cuck

During the few days between her trying to call me and then blocking me again I did go through her recent pictures. No baby-bumps or pictures with babies. Who knows, maybe I'll find out later if she ever comes around again. I would feel bad if she were raising my kid on her own though. She's a nice girl, was wifey material honestly. Though if some salaryman ends up marrying her with my kid I guess that's still a genetic W. I just don't want the hypothetical kid to not have a father figure.

>DNA is carried over to ANY FUTURE CHILDREN they have
Even if you give a woman a blood transfusion or something it wouldn't alter the eggs at all. If some cells somehow migrated from the baby to the mother, say blood cells, they would eventually die and be replaced. There is no mechanism to transfer individual genes from a fetus to mother and integrate them into her cells.

That only works with the bug people.