I always wondered how many of you anons are disabled

Like, heavily disabled. Pic related comes to mind, but do tell your story if you like.
I have some general questions for you anons.
Can you be a disabled NEET, meaning are you able to do some kind of work but you lowkey avoid it?
Do you find happiness online?
Do you see a future for you?

Reminder that your life has value and suicide is gay and degenerate.

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My parents are black semites

My parents are niggers, I consider this a disability. Where's my disability check and reparations whitey?

Unfortunately i'm expected to be in the work force. Cannot go on disability to stay a NEET. There are woes here hermano.
However, I do have physical deformities but only out of how I grew up rather than by birth. The nose is the obvious one, it's crooked.

A fate worse than death.
Nigga I'm 200% black.

when i was young i used to bowl competitively.
there was some kid like that who didnt have any arms, he would bend over and pick his 6lb ball up with his claw or w/e, run towards the foul line and drop the ball
it was terrible

So you are just ugly, no harm to your health?

I was diagnosed as schitzophrenic.

Ugly? I'm the most beautiful man in existence. Despite being mistaken for a retard, having a crooked nose - I rose to the height of being attractive. If anything i'm above common men. Physically and metaphorically.

Is that what happens when you give up your second amendment right to bear arms?

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das nasty

spot the 1rst degree mason

i got a huge penis

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Doesn't count if it's in your ass faggot

Which one of you was diagnosed?

Nice self esteem user, congrats!

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I'm cross-dominance

There’s only one of me as far as I’m aware.

This cunt would be handy around the house

i usually tape it to my thigh

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i'm a mulatto

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I do martial arts

I have a disability, though not as extreme as that pic. I get ssdi every month.

I am a jewish american that is suffering from Gender dysphoria, as well as PTSD from the 2016 election. I have been unable to work since that disgusting man took office!

Color blindness

Not disabled.
There is no happiness.
There is no future.

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Also, I know someone who was medically discharged from the military and they get $3-4k a month in disability.

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Kek. A jumping bean

My left foot is like half an inch shorter than my right one. My left leg also was over an inch shorter than my right leg but surgery fixed that.

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Most of us Americans are confined to beds or wheelchairs due to our obesity. We will probably all be dead within five years.

I have a disability in the form of a bone disease. I try to work but I have a difficult time holding down a job.

I have a lot of friends and I finally got a girlfriend so I'm doing okay in the social department.

slide thread
kike thread
stop stealing foreskins you creeps

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Who stole this man's arms?

You should have had Mengele take a look at it for you.

If I was disabled I would have an excuse

Did you find it hard to fully fit into one racial group? I hear mutts suffer from now depression and anxiety because they have no racial group to bond with

I am fatally allergic to wageslaving.

I applied for disability once. They said I was fucking crazy because the smartphone age and mass homogeny started fucking with me, and I was fucking with me, and some drugs fucked with me, and doctor faggot said I was Psycho goddamned Pete from Snatch.
Anyway, last two times I was arrested I didn't have any charges pressed against me and I got out of the fucking loony bin without any medication prescribed because I can act calm and level headed and tap into that cold analytical psycho killer reptile mind that lets me know how to give doctor dickhead nothing, plus I looked up all the legal definitions for symptoms, researched phenomenology and causes and misclassification of hallucinations, and so forth.
Last time I sat in front of a judge I testified under oath that through meditation and introspection I had cured myself of schizo-affective bi-polar disorder and all charges were dropped. I have (in spirit) my Danny Devito "Bereft of Donkey Brains" certificate.

Anyway, when I was in the deep sad shit and went for tardo neetbux they said I was too intelligent or something. Damned right.

kek but also
>believing made up stories

I’m 6’6” or 1.99m tall.
I hit my head on signs and other things a lot and traveling in anything is uncomfortable, including buses, trains, cars and planes.
Is that a disability?

Level two autism.

>how many
All of them.

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does that mean I can make a wish with you like Aladdin user?

You want to go into detail?
I'm like fucking lightning rod crack cocaine for legit loony fucktards. I'm like half-evidence that they're not crazy, half-evidence that western psychiatry is a joke.

Pic didnt post last time

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haha what

>Pic related comes to mind
You've got some balls of steel posting the identity of the hacker known as Jow Forums. No forgive not forgotten prepare for dox kiddo.

I'm about 300lbs and can't walk. I have an electric wheel chair and I work a security job. I patrol the inside and outside of buildings.

It's really easy and when I catch someone doing something I do a stealth speed up and surprise them. The confusion on their faces when a guy like me appears right in front of them is priceless and then I do my job and my day goes on.

Well, I love traps and Asians, so I guess I'm mentally disabled.

You have no idea. Everyone I try to talk to about it, everyone, including but not surprisingly my own father, dismisses me and spouts some boilerplate NPC tier bullshit like "just embrace both cultures bro mixed babies are cute!!" As if niggers actually have any culture to be proud of, not that that would make things any better. If I hadn't come to Jow Forums and been redpilled on (((who's))) REALLY behind the racemixing agenda I most definitely would've murdered my parents. Biracial mental instability is very real, AMA if you'd like- I don't really sleep.

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bro go lift
t.former fatty
girls don't give a fuck if you have muscle

ITT recruitment for 1st SS Tardwaffen Division

Choosing to mistreat your body and reach a point where you become obese and are unable to perform a function as basic as walking, isn’t a disability, that’s just the consequences of your poor judgment and actions.
Based, I’m currently losing weight myself, couldn’t have made a better decision.

There is no "you", it's all fugazi

fugazi is a great band

womp womp

My brother has a stutter and a lot of people think he is dumb because if it. Nope. I have yet to meet someone more intelligent with a better grasp on pretty much any topic or subject you can throw at him. I’ve done some research on the topic, and supposedly people who stutter usually have a much higher IQ. His isn’t terrible but it’s noticeable.

I just hold mine between my buttcheeks.

ever try serotonergic psychedelics like mushrooms or LSD?

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Nah. I'd like to though someday, I've turned to god recently though as he's the only one who can deliver me from this suffering at this point- so I generally steer clear of drugs.

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Neets are fags and should die. Yes I have a retarded brother who avoids a lot of shit. All he does is play sonic. He fucking loves that shit.

Details aren’t all that interesting. As far as I’m aware, I don’t experience any hallucinations; I haven’t seen/heard anything that I can identify as not being “real”. As far as I’m aware, I’ve never told anyone of an experience that could be construed as a hallucination. I believe some crazy stuff (though not all that crazy by this board’s standards), but none of it directly involves me, and I haven’t told my doctors/therapists any of it. Yet I’m diagnosed.

Got the autism pretty bad, plus anxiety and depression. Made it hard to keep a job so I ended up spending a lot of time being homeless. That was crazy as fuck to deal with so now I have pretty bad PTSD. Also developed a blood problem which killed off half my left lung. Been seeing a therapist on the regular and try to exercise to get my body healthy again. Someday I'll make myself a productive member of society again.

Max kek

Holy fuck so I just eat burgers and get to scoot around all day? Why can't skinny people do this its less wear and tear on the gears and wheels.

>pic related (discoverer of LSD)
think again senpai

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You one of those sots that took MDMA and sped through red lights so you have co-affective substance something or something?

I have asthma

RIP nigga.

When I was 8 the girl I liked played soccer and my friend invited her to a birthday party where we played soccer. To show her how good I was I slide tackled her and gave her a bloody nose.

how does he jerk off and wipe his ass? Does his mom do those things for him?

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Am I the only NEET in this thread?

Steering clear of drugs is a real safe bet. Anyone with any tendency towards any mental issues should follow that, but at the same time I tentatively agree with the person encouraging LSD use, just for the fact that it can give you a radically different perspective on things that is excellent when life-affirming and potentially fear-inducing on a grand scale.
Unfortunately, may be some strange misleader, or it may point to profound cosmic truths that my practical findings have turned up, I haven't touched the stuff in years.

Well since everybody is shitposting, I'll share my "disabilities".
Flat feet.
I never ever get sick tho. Fair enough I guess.

Interesting. Thanks. My only other question was what group you hung out with in high school.

Ona-hole cubby or dildo-machine rigged with a fleshlight
and bidets my unaware american friend.

Is your dad the one thats white?

Do I get welfare now for being mentally retarded?

Oh no, you've misjudged my character a bit friend. I actually went through the whole "i effing luv science" athiest phase, and being faced with just how perfect everything works is exactly what made me turn to God. See, I just avoid most drugs because of the type of crowds they tend to attract. Scumbag useless shitheads for lack of a better term.

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I'm disabled, I was born with a case of sub cutaneous melantion due to some of my ancestors.

When I was like 5 this girl who was around my age asked me to help me with her zipper on the back of her dress and I ended up unzipping the whole dress and she ran off screaming

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Never learned to drive; I’ve gotten a permit a few times, but I haven’t had spare time/money to sign up for a course to get the experience I need for a license.
Never done drugs except what was prescribed following the diagnosis, but they weren’t doing anything so I’m off them now. I like the taste of beer, but I can’t stand being drunk, so I don’t drink often. I take meletonin nightly because if I don’t I end up sleeping from 6 am to 4pm.

Reminder if you have a multilated dick you're disabled.

I'm what you would call a midget. 1,07m about 3'8 in burger units.
It sucks dick, but atleast i'm white

You can get your spine fixed. My friend did, and he became literally 3 inches taller

Why the diagnosis? Are they handing them out like candy now?
I see a lack of perfection that's manifesting more and more in society, and while it's not good, it is a good reason to turn to God.

Post pic dude thats fuckingn awesome. A dwarf running around with an accent saying fuck niggers and heil hitler would be hilarious

>Oh no, you've misjudged my character a bit friend. I actually went through the whole "i effing luv science" athiest phase
did you read the image?

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Nobody really. Had some black friends and a white friend, but my entire grade school career I instinctively knew I was different and didn't feel right. Only came to articulate why later in highschool.

Yes, thankfully. As a result my facial features are more European than your average mulatto- save for my hair seeing as my dad had relatively curly hair in his youth. My intellect and verbal IQ are also obviously greater than they would be if he was black. I guess I didn't get it as bad as I could've. Oh, and my skin is fairly light as well I guess.

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I see, a fellow man of severe autism. I have a lot of similar stories. God must have really hated me when he designed my brain.

I have high blood pressure and my meds make me dizzy. Oh, and I found out I had high blood pressure when an artery popped in my brain. I guess I could have started with that. Anyway, it happened nearly two years ago and I can walk and wipe my own ass again, so the dizziness is the worst of it these days.

Schizophrenics are the ones with delusions, voices, and sometimes unusual behaviors, not multiple personalities.

I've seen perfectly, perfectly sane petty thieves pegged with schizophrenia when they just stole a phone, lied about it, and when someone called the lie on them, they stuck with it, and it devolved into Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity.
>I've been in here for months on end, tell them no contest, time served

So you are definitely a schizophrenic with a mood disorder
How long will you hold out, I wonder.

No sight in my left eye and disfigured from when I was six and my neighbor's dogs got loose. Could file for disability but don't want to.
>Do you see a future for you?
Yeah but my depth perception ain't so good.

but what if you have to fart

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