Recall Far-Left California Gov. Gavin Newsom

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>actual political post about california standing up to its commie dictator
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This board is dead. The shills killed it. RIP in peace.

No shit. Jow Forums is under the direct control of the CIA


While it'd be cool to recall this traitorous fucking cunt, he'd just be replaced by someone equally as bad. Kamala Harris could become governor instead.

This, physical resistance is about our only choice left in this state, unfortunately Californian “conservatives” are so cucked they won’t do anything so long as they get their football game and yearly vacation to Cabo

They are almost the same geographical size

He most likely has Presidential aspirations in the future. Recall should end that. also he's Pelosi's nephew

He would be a terrifying president. He completely dismisses the voters and overturns whatever he wants with executive orders already.

Here this loud and clear.

His father was a Getty family lawyer, they took him in as one of their own and have sponsored him his entire life since he was a pup. They own him 100%

Unless his career hits a major roadblock, he WILL be the dem candidate in 2024

>to replace the people of California
A little fucking late there.

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Send him this!

Please help
Anyone but Gavin he's a fucking cuck for illegal beaners plez help
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Califag here,

Even if you recall Newsom, and some other libshit doesn't take his place, this state can't be saved. All of our politicians are filthy traitors, and the general public is too dumb to do anything about. Newsom should never have been elected after running San Francisco into the ground, and the fact that he was shows how checked out everyone is.

Based. Well done OP, a thread that's actually about politics. That is almost too much to ask for tonight.

I agree btw, let's recall Gruesome Newsom.

On one hand I agree, I'd love to see this shithead get recalled, I mean after all, what kind of scumbag fucks his best friend's wife (in addition to every braindead shitty political position he's taken)

But on the other hand, unfortunately we all know Cali is fucked and is only going to get worse for the foreseeable future, so if this cocksuccker is at the helm, at least his record will be shit and it'll hobble him when he tries to go for the big job