Is Paris really gone ?
I'm planning to go next year and I want to know how bad is it or as you people say it is.

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It's fine bro, just a lot of tourists from other countries is all.

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That video was probably shot in a minority dominated area. They could be migrants or refugees fleeing war or poverty.


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My 8th grade history teacher said Paris was shit and full of rude people and that was 20 years ago!

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There are particular areas which are overwhelmingly nonwhite, and especially in the suburbs entire towns which look like they belong in Morocco

And what's wrong with that ?

no dont go , it's a truly disgusting shithole , completely full of coons it's worse than London

How is London bad ?

weak b8

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An honest answer from a Francophone who just came back from France in mid-July after having been there decades ago.

It is unrecognizable. There are some parts that are still French in their very souls like the beautiful gardens and the streetlife but around places like the Eiffel Tower, it is mobbed with criminals (immigrants and gypsies). I went with a small group this year of English speakers who had taken some French in college but they weren’t too fluent so I was our translator. Despite my successful stopping of at least 10 pickpockets a day (we roamed right around Champs d’Elysee, so no 10th arrond. bullshit), I failed to see one of the much younger girls get pulled off by a gypsy woman behind bushes into a scam with an African sneaking around, the gypsy knowing he was there. As soon as I panicked and found our girl, I was able to scare off the gypsy by speaking fluent French but the African pushed his luck and tried to sneak up on me while confronting. Good thing Americans stand a full head taller than Europeans because he backed off as soon as I turned towards him. I was appalled.

The roads were much filthier, there was no music en plein air like you would find in Montreal during the summer, the citizens were more hostile to Anglophones and there were military convoys everywhere. Honestly, it made me depressed.

Nice was gorgeous and fun even though it looked a bit more like a third world area, it had a bit of what I remember France being so I would suggest there. If you want a breath of French air, Aix-en-Provence was iconic - really something you saw in fairy tales as a kid

GO TO THE MUSEUMS THEY ARE AMAZING despite the outside environment.

Pic related is a shitty pic of the Eiffel Tower that my group had fun climbing a big metal fence trying to get

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Idk why the pic is rotated here...this is the first time I don’t immediately see the, I’m not a newfag, I’ve been here for 5yrs as of mid-October and have posted pics thousands of times and fixed issues like this but I think my phone is just telling me to go fuck myself...

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The French pretty much gave away their country for some reason

London also got "staned" .
All european capitals are getting staned .

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>Is Paris really gone ?
I was there in 2015 on a class trip. It was horrible and people say it's gotten worse since.

>I'm planning to go next year and I want to know how bad is it or as you people say it is.

Finally an honest answer. If I may ask one last question. How many Arabs or Africans were in the vicinity you were traveling in. I'm asking this question because many people on here are saying France is an Islamic or African country now.

Madrid is still fairly white as long as you stay in good neighborhoods. Sol and Plaza mayor are filled with gypsies trying to scam you, but the museums are great.

Barcelona on the pther hand is filled to the brim with niggers and menas (non acompaigned moor teens) stealing shit and stabbing the shit out of people, probably worse then Londonstan

The number of people standing around indicates there is or was some sort of community event. I guess in the building on the left. Of course user will never tell us the truth about it. This is Jow Forums after all.

>Despite my successful stopping of at least 10 pickpockets a day
lol sure

I saw more black people in paris than any other part of europe. even my blue pilled leftie friend made a comment like “where are the french people”. stayed in an area where every other shop was a black hair salon or black related business. besides that there were literal syrian refugees sleeping all over the streets, hundreds of them. disgusting city that is GONE

Fucking sad. I went like ten years ago and while the problems were starting to surface it was still great.
At least I got to see how amazing Napoleons tomb and Notre Dame were before they inevitably get ground into shit.

just don't relax

Avoid poor districts and you'll be able to have your Paris Experience™

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I recently spent 6 months in the 18th arrondisement. I only saw one dead body though. ama I suppose.

I fail to realize how innocent American tourists are.
To put it simple, if someone's skin is darker than a Spaniard approaches you, watch your stuff a'd tell him to fuck off

Whatever happened to the yellow vests?

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Go to smaller french cities,at least its more interesting and less dangerous ,the ffrnch countryside is more iconic...

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This shit boils my fucking blood

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Many American cities are significantly less safe than Paris.

18eme arrondissement is typically de kind of district you want to avoid, except for montmartre

Fucking don’t man! You will get yourself killed or at least mugged.

I've been in Paris in may and it was ok. Some areas and metro stations were closed because yellow jackets protests.

Picrel was taken on Champs Elyses.

Streets were rather clean and i didn't saw any refugees. Only niggers trying to sell some suvenires.

Whole society in Paris is very blended. Even more then London in my opinion.

Museums and monuments are astonishing but be redy for standing in lines.

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>Is Paris really gone ?

Has been for some time
If you want to see a European city that still looks like it should check Prague and or other places in Eastern Europe
For Western Europe my personal favorites are Nürnberg and Salzburg. Both seem decidedly less pozzed than other medium sized cities in their respective countries.

For diversity and Europe France is almost as bad off as the US is
They supposedly can't officially keep stats on ethnicity
Check #s for % that identify Islam
Then Check #s for % of births that test for sickle cell anemia
Then combine the 2 #s
The majority of the enrichment is in Paris especially. From my personal experience (this was over a decade ago) parts of Southern France looked like Baltimore
If for some reason you're a Francophile I'm sure there are places in France that are still French, perhaps some Froganon can tell you where to go

I was in Paris back in the 1990's. It was a fucking zoo. Won't ever go back.

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France has fallen, I'm sorry to any french out there but it's too late. We as a race cannot die with our homeland. What you must do is have white children and raise them to do the same: this will ensure that the line will not be extinguished.

Just go and enjoy yourself. Paris has a lot to offer no matter what your interests. All you are going to get on this board is a picture painted in the bubble of Jow Forums which will turn you off what is actually an amazing city. Yes you will get accosted by Africans selling cheap ass trinkets around the Eiffel Tower and other touristy hotspots but just tell them to fuck off. Also don't just stick to the usual well trodden routes around the city. Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, Lourve all the rest of that is great but it is also worth getting on the metro and just going to places people don't normally go. Paris is a big city and it would take you years to see everything. I've been there many times and always find something new to see and do. Don't be afraid to explore user, drink in out of the way bars, visit markets locals go to, do stuff other tourists don't and you won't be disappointed. Leave the Jow Forums mentality at home and just enjoy yourself. I'm going back after Christmas and am going to try explore the catacombs. Yes Paris has swallowed a giant diversity pill but it is still a good city and your own mentality will dictate how much you enjoy it.

It is the world's top African city. Literally more Africans than French people. If you like hwite people then your best bet is only going out during rush hour because. Otherwise they are cloistered in their houses and offices

>Is Paris really gone?
If you're going for the architecture and overrated food, no.

If you're autistic and get triggered by melanin, yes.

Autist confirmed. Melanin confuses him. Everyone must look the same or he froths at the mouth.

Americans dont leave their suburbs because of this an we (i'm american) assume that Europe is a safe place with white cities because we assume that history makes sence and hasnt been inverted where Paris is blacker than coal which it is

I don't trust spergs who can't rotate their pictures...

He's probably not wrong. Just back from Rome, and anywhere within miles of city centre, you will get hassled every 2 minutes by some Somalian or Nigerian, demanding that you buy a selfie stick, tickets for the Lottery (fake), tickets for the Colosseum (also fake), jewellery (fake), or literally just grabbing your arm while two of their mates close in behind you.

I'm 6'4" and my wife's 5'11" - we're experienced travellers, and absolute masters of the sharp 'Fuck off!' which is the traveller's friend. Even I was very glad to get the hell out of there. One or two you can deal with but it's fucking *constant*.

A cop car drifted over and they bolted like rats. Twenty or thirty of them, out of one small plaza. The infestation is, sadly, terminal.

Its rotated because you have an iPhone.
It may have worked before but the last update probably "fixed" what you had "fixed" in the past.

Imagine having a minority majority "dominated area"...
Imagine even just having a minority neighborhood

jesus christ euro cucks are fucking weak and your countries are truly lost

It's gone so is London

Don't. You'll regret it.
It's even more gone as gone can be.
Niggers, kikes, sandniggers, insectoids, spics.. the occasional race traitor sòÿcuck / faggot and coalburning women with feminists. Everything BUT frenchmen. A disgrace.
If you want to go to france, there are some good places left (still infested) but good nonetheless. Avoid Paris unless you are filthy rich and know one of these jet set circles, on the 16eme or deauville etc but that's a special case.

I suggest going on the countryside, mountains if that's your thing.
Some don't like it but bretagne, le havre with places like etretat, it's beautiful.
In paris you will find nothing but citadine degeneracy, and nothing french.
Also good luck if you want to go to the louvre and notre dame etc. Too many people.
Really sorry it's a real shame for me and a disgrace but my country is essentially lost

Street crime, a dozen languages spoken on every corner, drugs, litter and the defacement of historical landmarks.
If you don't understand why this is a problem, then you are the first one who needs to go.
First we deal with the white middle-class leftists who force diversity on everybody else.
Then we deal with the wogs.

>Good thing Americans stand a full head taller than Europeans
Nah, youre just a manlet

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Been there for the first time in 1994. Was already disgusting, full of nogs. Instantly hated this place. I quite never understood anyone liking this hellhole. Always avoided to get there. Was dragged back in 2004, same but worse. Nogs, trannies. Then in 2009, even more nogs, chinks, what have you. Had to get there in 2010, spent 4 hours overall to do what i had to then rushed out. Just spending an hour in this place makes totally depressed and anxious. Any street, avenue, monument is a torture to see. Not even related to nogs or arabs, the whole place is sinister.

Paris is a disgusting place. Whenever I feel deapaired about how many shitskin inmigrants we have in Spain and want to surrender, I remember the absolute state of France and think that we are not that bad and we may still have a chance to avoid reaching their situation.

Good luck with Notre Dame cuz its not there lol

>Is Paris really gone ?

holy shit

>Is Paris really gone ?
It is.

Paris is fucking nasty and ridden with nogs.

I went to Bastille two days ago at night and almost got into two fights.

The whole Île-de-France is ridden with immigration, you’ll only see niggers and Arabs high on shit and drunk out of their minds. It’s trash, seriously.

The city is the dirtiest I’ve ever seen, only maybe Marseille can top it. Rats everywhere at night.

Visited five years ago, before the wall around the Eiffel Tower. Smelly and garbage everywhere; the wealthy areas weren't that much better.

Would not recommend. 3/10

(Visit Poland instead, if possible.)

>I'm planning to go next year
no you arent

Your question implies knowing that it is infact gone. Enjoy your Muslims and feminism.


> My 8th grade history teacher said Paris was shit and full of rude people and that was 20 years ago!
This. Paris has been a shithole forever.

The old building are still here, and we haven't turned every art exibition to modern art, but don't look outside.

Don't. They will only care once tourism benefits crash.
Visit Le Puis Du Fou during the festival. You will visit the real France, and have a great time.

They bring war and poverty. Stop with your idiocy. Wars and poverty do not come out of nowhere.

how the fuck did you let Paris, the most beautifull city in Europe, become literally one big living shitskin?

What can normal citizens do? Nothing. Dont act like you would go and fight every shit skin you see, because you winks get arrested in 10 min, and that's it. The kikes in power control how shitskins flows and we cant do nothing until we unite. We might never do until there is barely any of us left

U gay

Paris threads are 99% misinformed mutts and butthurt French provincials who can't afford living anywhere close.

tl;dr: dont go to districts 18, 19, 20.

I moved to the north of Paris and its literally all africans, selling shit on blankets in the street or trying to rob you when you walk home late.

Stay in the wealthy neighbourhoods and you won't see any of this stuff. Better yet, go out to the country side and you'll meet real French people who are lovely, and hospitable.

The only problem is that you'll be a fat american tourist and they're frankly worse the muslim refugees.


>cosmopolitan Parisian

your town would be cosmopolitan if other people actually wanted to be there

What Moroccan city this is?

Your cities are swarmed with niggers and mexicans, and yet you do nothing but sit on your ass all day complaining r e n t f r e e about europeans and their cities.
How about you fix your shithole first, and then complain.
You fucking mutt.

Paris is a proper shithole, even the french don't want to live there anymore.

They don't even have a middle class, living in Paris means you're either some Russian oligarch visiting some property you bought, or the poorest of poorfags who got subsidized housing for dirt cheap.

My advice would be to go to Central Europe, Austria or Prague or something. It'd cost you a third of what Paris would, and you could still go there anyways for a couple of days since Europe doesn't have borders anymore.

Based spaghetti

It's gotten much worse since then.

>implying nogs and shitskins need an excuse to stand around on mobs and do sweet fuck all the whole day.

None of them work, none of them speak the language, almost all of them are on permanent welfare because they d9n't have two brain cells to rub together even if they did speak the language.

>T.never spent any time around pooskins

>or is one

Based Luigi

>Madrid is still fairly white as long as you stay in good neighborhoods
>good neighborhoods

I mean its probably no worse than an American city

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Go on, have an interesting vacation. Good news, it's gotten a lot cheaper than it used to be

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Paris never was any good
Before shitskins it was the French themselves thinking they were better than you, and now... it's shitskins running the show lol

The architecture will still overwhelm you with its beauty and charm.

I travelled throughout Europe around 2005 to 2006. Paris was the one place that just electrified my soul with its beauty. I've heard of foreigners who visit Paris and become manic. The only place that maybe could come close would be Prague.

It's a shithole.


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>is Paris really gone

No it is not, it just isn't what it used to be.

In terms of beauty and entertainment it is still miles ahead of any North American major city.

In terms of trash I agree it is too much, but it is about the same in other major cities (NYC, London, etc...).

Honestly, it could be a lot better if they didn't have so many immigrants, but the city is still a worthwhile visit.

Also came back from Rome, and yea it is pretty annoying. You just have to say "no thank you" with a straight face and keep walking, I was always left alone after that, but it is still really unpleasant to have to be so confrontational in your holidays.

>The French pretty much gave away their country for some reason
>for some reason

Massive shit pile