"What do you mean she is underage, officer...

"What do you mean she is underage, officer? I am communist and don't subscribe to the idea of transforming the subjective into the objective"

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these people are crazy

who the hell are these people....
units of measurement arent objective???

She probably stepped on the weight and literally could not believe her eyes.

Why do you people love posting shit that makes me feel rage? I didn't need to read this

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Which is why all SI units are based on observable natural phenomena


When they seize the means of productions, they will destroy all tape measures before building homes for the homeless.

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literally crazy, delusion, mental illness

i think that person is about to horseshoe over here

sup glow nigger

THIS (yes I know what you're about to tell me)


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I joined this and it downloaded a virus on my computer

This is the natural conclusion when you have abandoned God and no longer have a God given set of laws to follow. Everything eventually becomes subjective and anything can be justified. Then you chop off your dick.

What kind of autistic shit is this.
This faggot talks about the subjectivity of measurement, why isn’t he having a spaz out about the subjectivity of using labour value as an objective measurement of the value of working.
Isn’t it by extension subjective as they said themselves that time is a subjective concept that should be abolished?

Actually, he's right. "2 inches" is completely subjective. We could have called inches "toes" instead, but we didn't.

As a Christian, I subscribe to this belief. No longer will I feel bad when somebody tells me s/he kissed more black feet. That is not an objective truth.

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yea, this person thinks like a pedophile

She's a Stirnerite anarchist you fucking idiots. She's an anti-communist. You people are so fucking stupid I swear. What she saying is egoist/Nietzschian idealism, a lot closer to fascism than marxism, given marxism is materialist. READ A FUCKING BOOK YOU RETARDS.

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>blowing out the brains of everyone who thinks like Bug Vikky Storm is not murder, as murder is a subjective experience, not an objective action which can be reduced to objective measures
There are objective truths in this world, and refusing to accept them is the most foolish thing a person can do. Of course, these types of people think that male and female are subjective, so the truth has clearly been lost on them for a long while.

the absolute fucking irony of this post

Fat chick offended that her scale told her she was fat.

What she is doing is saying that ideas precede reality. That is the complete opposite of marxism, which insists our ideas come from reality. Now she's trying to claim that she's not doing this because she's an anarchist hegelian who doesn't know what she's talking about. It is true that measurements are "arbitrary", there's no reason a meter has to be a meter, but it doesn't matter because what's really being measured is quantity.

I felt gay trying to read that.

lol keep talking

That third statement is one of the dumbest things anyone has ever written. Even on twitter.

>we should abolish units of measure
>-someone who only eats takeout

>which insists our ideas come from reality.
You can insist all you want but it doesn't make it true.

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I don't think this one is fat.

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I believe so but their twitter is protected so I can't confirm.

haha holy shit. the memes write themselves
>vikky "BUG" storm
>thinks math is subjective
>a literal transvestite not even trying to look female, but expects the world to think he is a cute cat girl

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Jesus fuck the guy in ur image probs should not have kids. Thats a brain defect, like has he never layed tile or cut wood?

These people don't believe in objective reality. This would be funny and not so terrifying if it weren't for the fact that they are also oblivious to how their behaviour implies that they intuitively believe in objective reality.
Liberals basically have two minds, and they don't talk to each other. That's perhaps the most dangerous thing about them. What they think that they think and what they actually think and do are different things. I've observed this over countless interactions with them.
In this case, this particular freak is using a computer and written language to convey the point that it is objectively problematic to view the world objectively instead of subjectively, which is apparently objectively better.

These people, are fucking insane.

Shit like this red pills the fuck out of people.

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You believe in gender theory.

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she isnt fat, but that skull must weigh a fucking tonne


>I can't confirm.


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well that thing obviously isnt a man... so what would you call it?

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even subjectivity something is wrong here

stirner is more of a materialist then marx, read the book faggot.

>well that thing obviously isnt a man...

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It's the guy from Trailer Park Boys, Corey.

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This is how Abo’s and other indigenous people think, there’s no such thing as units of measurement, these people want to virtue signal civilised society into the tribal society it was beforehand.

>Play with electronics
>Die by electrocution
Oops! I meant 5 A, not 5 mA! Teehee xD

We need to have a new census, but add a "what issue today is problematic, explain in 200 words." question, and if you put anything that isn't making fun of the retarded question or a blank space you get sent to Africa to fix that shithole of a continent with your retarded ideas.
Gets rid of the fucking retards from our country, and maybe actually makes Africa better in some unfathomable way. Win/win.

Communism doesn't have any real standards or anything, it's basically the same as any of these other degenerate ideologies. Not even Marxists can implement "true Marxism" lol.

This is how the communist convinces you that you have lots of food when, in fact, you have none.

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wtf are you talking about, there is no 5 A or 5 mA you racist asshole.

There is only shocky, and too shocky. And that one was way too shocky, thats why it killed the guy. It's his own fault for not making it not so shocky.

I wanted to post a pic of a roomful of senior black programmers but can't find one.

>why don't people understand the inner workings of my tiny irrelevant autistic little cult reeeeeee


I think to be honest it'd be best to euthanize them. They clearly cannot cope with reality.

The left spouts nonsense.

The right will remain moderate, despite it all.

In your heart of hearts, which is more rage inducing?

who cares what a tranny nobody thinks

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wow, both are fucking retarded cunt


>A Young Hegelian

Yep, it checks out, he's retarded.

this is what your kids are learning in college

/leftypol/, please explain what this tranny is trying to convey by calling out fucking "units of measurement."

>The right will remain moderate, despite it all.
Which right? Our right or cuckservatives?

Why are lefties so easy to identify on Twitter? I didn't even have to read what they said to tell that they are commies.
>shitty digital art portrait
>overly verbose word salad sentences
>air of smugness in their writing.
>probably a tranny

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All is absurdity. The irrational is codified into law.
If reason is niche and that niche cannot wrest power away, then it's incidental.

>"quirky" cartoon avatar
>"quirky" handle
>shitload of emoticons in name
I'd trust a furry avatar account to not spew bullshit first.

considering any of this bullshit science, what happened?

>Take Aways
the Zoomer slang for "conclusions"

Mom let the hyaena use her computer again.

I don't think it's a "she" either.

And these fucking commies say they’re pro science lmao

Measurement isn’t subjective. You’d have to have outright brain damage to think that. Go and make a basic recipe for pancakes or something and instead of using measurements for the ingredients just throw together however much of each one as you think there needs to be and then cook it for whatever random amount of time. After all measurement is subjective so you say no matter what you do it should work out and not result in a charred inedible mess.

Go out driving and take a 90 degree corner at 200 km/h and see how “subjective” measurements are

I’m genuinely all for engaging with people who have different opinions but people like this who say shit like this have lower intelligence than a 2 year old and probably belong locked up with the other lunatics

>To each according to their need
How do we measure need?

Commies have never been pro-science. They just say they are to seem modern.
They are ludites and anti-rational.

Ah the mind of a leftist. Where measurements aren’t objective but “words have meaning”

One of the few things that can be genuinely subjective ARE words. Meanings of words actually do change sometimes. The word “gay” for example back in the 50s used to mean “happy, festive” but now except in a few old songs is always taken to mean “homosexuality especially male”

Oh my god is that the tranny cartoon artist

Oh I never thought they were I’m just saying shit like this disproves their so called claim of being so

It’s like these people live in a fucking fantasy. Not a healthy imagination but there has to be a full on mental disorder that people don’t know exists yet where made up fantasy starts to in the mind of whoever has this disorder become indistinguishable from reality

Imagine being this stupid high

This can't be sincere

>What she is doing is saying that ideas precede reality
LOL! And this is supposed to be sane? What a bunch of solipsistic bullshit

Can anyone show her a good ruler? Like pic related.

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wtf I love Marx now

Honestly I’m beginning to realize what Hitlers book burnings we’re probably all about and what kind of books he was probably burning

I bet the books he burned were not books of knowledge but books spouting leftist lunacy like this

I heard someone write one of the defining features of Marxists is they basically chronically lie. To the point they believe their own lies.

>Words have meaning

What if I wrote 200 words about why communists are problematic and should be euthanized?

If they genuinely start believing their own lies that has to be a mental issue too

I’m already pretty redpilled but shit like this serves to reinforce that I’m on the right path


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Here’s my philosophical theory: people who haven’t experienced shit tend to not know what the fuck they’re talking about

She's correct that time, space, temperature and size are subjective experiences, you do perceive all of these subjectively and they are essentially experiences created by one's mind. Fundamentally this is true of absolutely everything, the "objective" universe is a creation of the mind, there is only your experience, this is solipsism, and there's no true refutation of it that I've ever come across.
I don't know how any of these values are harmful though, and if she's honestly taken the solipsism pill then I don't know why she'd give a shit whether society were Communist or not, just more women finding shit to complain about.

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This lmao

The cluelessness of this shit just screams “I’ve never done anything as basic as even cook for myself”

You experience things subjectively sometimes but in reality things are objective no matter how it feels or seems to a person

A liter of water for example. It may look bigger or smaller to people but if one were to count the number of water molecules they would always be the same

Whatever it is it’s stupid left wing thought based on that same retarded late 1800s “philosophy” club Marx was part of

Look up solipsism buddy, everything you perceive to exist independently of yourself is in fact a creation of your mind and of your imagination, there is no escaping this.

fuck off.

even marxists claim they are materialists is retarded since they dont base their beliefs on the real world.
Its the same as their we believe in science mantra.