For me, it's impeachment

For me, it's impeachment.

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For what? Saying things? Plug up your bleeding vag faggot.

how would it get past the senate? this is silly

>how would it get past the senate? this is silly
Oddly enough, that's what Nixon said.
If there's some smoking gun tape, Trump could be in trouble.

Are we back to Stormy Daniels again? This is the third time.

your money isn't even in the market fag.

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You've been saying that since the start

i will say this. the predictit community and markets don't mean shit when it comes to what will happen. the people who use it are some of the most retarded fools i have stolen money from ever. if these fools put money on it, it's likely the opposite of what will happen.

Thanks for the shekels, Schlomo.
Maxxed out on no earlier as soon as it hit 50c

so much cope itt

he's going to jail after the presidency

No doubt. Only question is which of his scandals will he get in trouble for first.

Reminder to all newfriends to take Yes on Trump winning the White House in 2020, Yes on Trump winning the popular vote, and Yes on the meeting with Kim happening this year.

Yes to Trump grabbing some Moranbong Band Girl pussy

Also, take Yes on the Republicans winning the WH in 2020 and No on a recession in his 1st term.

An impeachment just flew over my house!

where do I bet?

right here, my hero:

ug, looking at this site, it's not quite what I want. I just want to slap 50 dollars on trump winning and collect in a year or so.

Do the retarded leftists understand who controls the Senate?

You can just buy 116 shares of Trump winning at 43 cents each, and it's essentially the same.

shit, where do I bet?

I gotta steal some retards money

Trump dindu nuffin tho


so I just wait for the price of No to go up and sell?

or do I get paid next year if I win?

Either. If you don't sell, you'll get paid when the market settles (Predictit decides whether a yes or no has occurred).
There is no "house"; when you buy a yes, you're taking the other side of someone else's No offer. You can also make your own offers to buy at a lower price or sell at a higher price than is currently being offered.

ok. I'll be sure to buy lots of nos next time liberals start talking about impeachement

>still believing online polls

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These aren't polls, though. These are odds.

yea, and thanks to this thread no is too expensive now

Make another thread and shill it the other way. Also check out the other markets mentioned here:

Fuck you for crashing No with no survivors you faggot
Play in traffic

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It's not about the direction you shill it dumbass, it's about the site. Posting it here is just tanking the profit margins on No. Go shill Yes on plebbit and quit crashing my profits goy

I love trump bets

I won 2x the amount when trump got elected...

I seen trump rallies, I seen hillary rallies... hmm hillary rallies totally empty, trump rallies packed to the roof, but the media says trump has no chance...hmm let's bet

and that's how I won some money


I'm not in the impeachment market, but I want to get my No's cheaper in all the markets I've mentioned.

calm down, it will go down again

tell me how I short this? NOW

I had no credit cards in 2016

now I have lots. time to max them out

Just buy No, it's the same as shorting Yes.

you can sell your nos

You're either going long Yes or long No; technically there is no shorting since there's no one to borrow shares from.

thanks desus

1) Buy Nos
2) Go to r/politics etc. and post impeachment yasss threads and link to predictit in comments
3) Milk baizou retards out of their Podshare rent
4) Rub hands vigorously

Right, "shorting" here only works if you can newscuck everybody
i.e. if you know some big WaPo investigative piece calling for impeachment is getting published Friday you can buy Yes now and then sell it a couple days after once the price of Yes goes up, but before people realize he's not actually getting impeached
You have to...... predict it lol. You can't short unless you make a good guess as to how the news cycle is going to shift


it seems you can set a price to sell yes at, and wait for people to buy it?

That's right, but if you anticipated a WaPo piece against impeachment (for the sake of argument), then you would Predictit by buying No ahead of time. These are not regulated by the SEC, so insider trading is effectively allowed.
You know the deal

That's correct.

predict has made me some nice money. the comment section used to based as fuck and funny. then the shills and paid posters showed up and ruined the comments. site has a massive liberal bias on pricing now and the libs who post there are some of the whiniest shittiest people you will ever and take money from.

>trump didnnduu nuffin

Impeachment isnt the same as conviction

Only the house impeaches

This is correct. The market is for a House vote only.

Will we hunt you down and kill you leftwards if you do. Answer 100% yes we will

I've made like 30% or whatever every year on the "will Trump be president at the end of [current year]?" for the past 2 years by making multiple accounts..

Jesus. Bet huge on "no". Even the most progressive pols aren't dumb enough to launch a viable impeachment campaign during an election year. Holy fuck. This is easy money.

That 51 cent Yes on the Trump Kim market looks like a great deal, doesn't it, frens?

He literally didn't do anything wrong.

Die now

In order if most confident to least confident:
>trump won’t be impeached
>trump definitely encouraged foreign nations to get involved in national politics to further his own political agenda
>this website isn’t just going to take my money and give me nothing

What's the point? The Senate isn't voting to remove him...

He should, but he won’t.
He’s a politician now, and they don’t hang their own.

>Biden withholds money from ukraine to get prosecutor fired
>"There is zero evidence he did it to save his son's ass, even tho it did also happen to save his son's ass"
>Trump withholds money from ukraine to get Biden investigated
>"REEEEE that is in and of itself proof that Trump did it just to save his own ass rather than to pursue justice"

If Biden has not done anything wrong Trump has nothing to gain from investigating him. If Biden is innocent, Trump is not benefiting himself from Ukraine investigating him.

>The Senate isn't voting to remove him...
imagine thinking neocon politicians are loyal to each other, the second its advantageous for them to pull the ripcord on trump they will and say they're heros for saving the party. and the funny thing is going back to just normal republican after the left has moved so fucking far 80% of country would celebrate in the streets and in unison turn their fury towards liberal child abusing trannies who want to steal your beef and make you eat insects

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>Go to jail for firing FBI director as President but only after your not President anymore.
Will you just listen to yourselves? Its fucking insanity.

Usually you have to have a reason