Is this the Trump Train?

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based ron paul

he is going to call for rebellion

He is going to do it 74 days from his birthday which is August 20th

I want a social credit score!!

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Nice of Paul to call out Zio-Don

1984 is becoming a reality.

Ron Paul was always the person that should have been president.
He would have made things a lot better than they are now.
I can only pray Rand will be given his shot at the presidency, and that Ron will pass on his good thoughts and ideas to his son as he serves in office.

You better fucking Hope he does, because muttland is about to go the way of the soviet union otherwise.

The primary of Ron Paul was the first redpill for me

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And the best part about is that it's completely constitutional thanks to the third-party doctrine.

>the former hero of old/pol/ calling out the gun grabbing Zionist neocon currently worshipped by the hasbara kikes in /ptg/

Oh how far we’ve fallen.

Its over burgerbros
You were too busy fighting each other to go after the real enemy. No use naming kikes when your leader bows before them. Its a shame.
>without a whimper

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Sounds like the movie Minority Report.
Listen, strange women lying in a pool of water distributing names of miscreants to Tom Cruise is no way to run a government.

Yeah trump was the final “trump” card of the Zionist world order. He was used to pacific whites for 4-8 years until he demographic replacement is complete and to pass laws that no other president could have done without outrage


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Trump Train coming through

cuck cuck cuck cuck cuck cuck cuck cuck cuck jewwwwwwww jewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

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fuck this old soi boy cuck and any of the anti Trump shills saying he is right

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>Fuck havin rights n shiiieeet

Fuck off incel

Ron paul, though his intentions pure, is a fool

Based trump
Low iq americans cant take care of themselves
Lock them up in work camps
Lets maga

Childhood is believing that Libertarianism is a workable ideology in the real world
Adulthood is realizing that Authoritarianism is required to have a stable civilization that doesn't implode on itself under the weight of degeneracy and social strife

Isn't that the same reasoning communists use to take power.

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Libertarians dont operate in the real world, the operate in an idealized society where humans are exempt from human instinct. Power is what rules all.

>tries to be a parody of MIGA kikes,a
>doesn't go far enough and just sounds like a miga kike

Fuck off Jew


In this analogy communists are FAS or downs syndrome babies that never left the crib.

this, libertarian ideas are like communism for people who understand no one wants to share but not smart enough to see that they will not follow non-binding contracts enforced by unicorn farts either.

libertarians are capitalists, but understand that human nature and government don't mix well if things are left to spiral out of control
seams like a grounded view of society

good eye mutt fact is I despise magapedes , the art is to blend in with them as I do on ptg not out myself

Based Ron Paul

>He was used to pacific whites for 4-8 years until he demographic replacement is complete and to pass laws that no other president could have done without outrage
>What is Qanon?

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never forget

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Wisdom is that every system has to be closely watched over to not be abused, by its armed AND VIGILANT members. Americans have completely sharted the mart on the latter.