What is the whitest place to eat?

What is the whitest place to eat?

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niggers tongue my anus

Your home

P.F. Chang's

at your kitchen table reading Aristotle "Nicomachean Ethics" on Happiness.

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Learn how to cook a few basic meals you pathetic lazy fuck, your imaginary never-to-exist trad wife won't do it for you. Stop wasting your money on butter-filled food from restaurants sold at a ridiculous markup.

waffle house

Chick fil a

Now that's a meme I haven't seen in a long time


The opposite of wherever the Mexican child rapist Romney eats

2nd american post best post

Real answer: Roy Rogers

It's like taking a time machine back to the 1950s, everyone there is a boomer slowly shuffling from the counter, to the drink fountain, to the condiment stand, to a monstrous-looking plastic booth. Music is always oldies, TV is always playing fox news.

Olive garden, red lobster, Applebee's and related garbage that doesn't even prepare food.

At your house with your wife and children, eating a home cooked meal.

Any sit down restaurant that isn't cheap fast food. Niggers can't afford anything quality.

Cracker barrel. And I'm not kidding it literally is

>What is the whitest place to eat?

Second this.

>Cracker barrel. And I'm not kidding it literally is
You threaded the needle there son.

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The most expensive ones obv,cuz niggas broke.


Bullshit, last time i went it was CNN. Well shit, it all beaners working the fucking kitchen. Fuck immigration from the shithole mestizo countries.

Whitest restraunt is without a doubt Olive Garden or Noodle and Company

Have you never been to a chick fil a?

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Bad news for you, user, the cooks at every single restaurant outside of michelin-star joints are beaners

Cracker barrel, its in the name

Complete opposite of what OPs looking for



Panera Bread

Also panera bread because suburban white moms love overpriced hospital food

Something with the word Diner in it

anime convention

About as white as angloids lmao


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Your kitchen

This place.

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It's the whitest fast food option, for sure

Your fathers house.

Kfc and Popeyes

Chik fil a

Ok. That beats Chik fil a. Ive been witness to the Whiteness at Cracker Barrel. They also serve grits. I love grits.


Depends on where you go, some areas are pristine while others are negrified

the whitest place to eat is the bathroom, suck some fucking cock

This. There is no rrrrespite from the horrors of diversity unless in a pure Nation such as the promised ethnostate given unto us by the LORD

>Roy Rogers
Do those still exist? I thought they went out of business 20 or so years ago. As a little kid, that was my favorite burger place.




mt everest

In the dining room of your owned house surrounded by your loving family

or a McDonalds inside a Wallmart

I worked at panera for like 3 months before quitting. Can confirm everyone is either white, jewish or asian. Sometimes indians but almost never black or hispanic.