Stop looking into me and my coked up, criminal son!

"If the Democrat's do it, it's not illegal."

Democrats actually have the gall to argue that investigating Democrats for criminal behavior should be illegal because they're "woke."

The party of "I dindu nuffin."

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Why are you attacking your kind?

what criminal behavior? and why ask a foreign nation?


~Biden as VP

what are you even talking about lol

>what criminal behavior?

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do you have an answer or has your iq dropped from not having sex, incel?

The price Americans pay for their facade of democracy.

t. Trump Supporter

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He leveraged a billion tax dollars in aid to end the investigation into his fraudster son. Then he flew the same dumbshit son to China on Air Force 2 to sign a billion dollar deal 12 hours before the chinkoids sat down in DC. It's obvious graft, corruption, bribery etc.

Are we supposed to ignore Trump's collusion with Ukraine, and focus on the Biden's instead?


so why is trump asking a foreign nation to investigate?

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Please give examples.

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Goyim never learn. Imagine the smell.

Why shouldn’t he? What kind of stupid fucking notion is this? “Oh hurr durr how dare the president ask another nation to investigate criminal activity”. Bet you get all riled up about Israeli influence in our government too huh.

I find it laughable that our enemies claim that contacting Ukraine to look into the backroom dealings of corrupt political officials is considered foreign collusion.

Does nobody remember Obongo promising Russia that they'd be more supportive on an open mic?

Biden BRAGS about it here

I don't know why he's getting defensive. Nothing is ever done about shit anyway. Better just to stay quiet and let it blow over.

your source is literally some youtube video lmao

so should foreign governments investigate other u.s. citizens?

The foreign minister said its not true. You know, the guy that was on other end of phone. Why do you trust same news media that has shoveled feces into your brain every day since 2012 Obama smith mundt modernization act passed and Obama needed help covering up the disaster oust Arab spring his team and google instigated?

No it’s video of Joe Biden admitting it in an interview. Watch past the text

why are you lying? the ukranian government confirmed trump asked them to investigate biden.

my god you trump fagfgots are whatasboutists to the core. such cringy faggots

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if your only source is a youtube video you're fucking retarded.

My post was pretty clear if you've been following the story.
Its clear you're a liberal kike.

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RNC is going to put that clip in negative ads and run them in swing states. Trump chose the perfect time to strike.

>y-your source is literally some youtube video that has him admitting he colluded to betray the US government to enrich himself
>t-this just isn't good enough I need to have a CNN report exclusive where don lemon shows his asshole on camera and puts a sharpie in it to prove this is real

so far the only source for any of this is some retarded right winger youtube video

incorrect, if your only argument is that a legitimate source proving his claim isn't sufficient to prove his claim, you're deflecting and ignoring the obvious

Try again kid

do you believe everything else you see on youtube?

youtube videos arent legitimate sources lmao

Corn pop was clean and articulate. It was a storybook, man. That nigger could control those monkeys with a snap of a finger

Deepfake. Am I rite?

I don't understand. If I had a video of you admitting to killing someone would you say that not sufficient evidence to suspect you of it?

Biden is going to drop out because his son cannot stay away from cocaine.


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But something reported by someone who wasn't a part of the actual conversation but heard about it from someone who might have been is.

If the video's not good enough to make you question Joe, then there's nothing anyone's said that should have you questioning Trump.

Unless your a libcum gargling faggot.

>wasn't a part of the actual conversation but heard about it from someone who might have been is
fox news propaganda narrative

Just as planned. Here comes Hillary to the rescue.

Enjoy your libcum cocktails.

>Trump fucked up....again
>But Obama did "x" in 2011, and nobody investigated it

>Trump really fucked up....again
>Yeah, but Biden's son should be investigated

This is getting really old.

Extremely old

So your argument IS actually that it's a Deepfake. Interesting theory, I don't think so as this was at the CFR and many can recall it that were present.

you are aware that Joe Biden is a conservative right?

POUR IT ON!!!!!!!!!

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Perhaps that was the plan. This may be a monkey wrench. Biden’s a dead man walking already. The longer he stays the more scrutiny there is on Obama’s piss riddled legacy. And Hillary can’t extract her role... it’s all bad.

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the best possible outcome is trump gets removed and biden goes to jail

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If a US citizen goes to a foreign nation and commits crimes, then yes. How stupid are you?

I kek'd

implying they don’t already you fuckface retard. It’s funny watching you suddenly turn into a huge nationalist

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Is that desperation or did someone forget their teen spirit?

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Hillary will not be able to live down the Podesta shit. More and more will come out linking NXIVM. The more Hillary gets in the spotlight the tighter the noose gets.
Ed Buck was the latest shot across the bow.


we must make sure we can pretend Joe Biden has done everything Trump has done!!!

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I'm not just voting for bernie because he's a tribesman, that's only 90% of it.

Sir, I no longer believe that Shills are a real thing. Your arguments are so stupid I know believe all of you are just shitposters. If you really are a paid shill David Brock should fucking sue you.

trump actually got laid

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Biden doesn't want to win, anyway. I don't understand who is forcing him to run

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The field is so weak that an aged senile Joe that doesn't even want to be there is the top candidate


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Don’t forget John of God.

It was a ruse to use the worst candidates ever to make everyone grateful for the golden moo moo's return

If the Democrats actually impeach Trump over calling the Ukrainian president and allegedly discussing Biden's corruption, then they're even dumber than I thought. They'll be fucked so hard in 2020 that 2016 will look like gentle foreplay in comparison.

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> Trump literally tells us he did it

Anyone who says he did it is a Shill.

He ties Oprah into this as well.

im so glad russia started making professional state sponsored memes again

>t. when you're such a degenerate scumbag that you make bolton into a hero

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>should countries investigate criminal activities in their own country evn if the person committing the crime in country is not of that country

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should people who get exonerated of collusion then go and collude?

you're not going to like the actual transcript

just wait for it before you shit yourself

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>who get exonerated of collusion
You mean after 2 years of investigations they failed to produce any evidence of any US person colluding with Russia.

What does that have to do with a the former VP threatening a foreign country to withhold $1,000,000,000 in aid unless they fire the Prosecutor looking in to his son's corrupt appointment to the board of an energy company?

Have you seen the phone transcript?

>Stop looking into me and my coked up, criminal son!
(crack smoking intensifies)

is it even relevant when the senate will never convict him?

But the Corinthian is into little boys, not girls.

it sounds like both biden and trump were using the aid as a bargaining chip. I'd love to see them both go down, but we know the owners of this country will never allow club members to pay for their crimes.
we should forget this election bullshit and just tell nigger jokes.

>it sounds like both biden and trump were using the aid as a bargaining chip
How does it sound like that? Trump wasn't President when Biden was threatening to withhold that money. Trump hasn't threatened to withhold any money now.

What does any of this have to do with Trump at all? It was when Biden was VP. Why are you so focused on Trump? Do you not find Biden's son's appointment suspicious at all? Do you know how much Hunter was being paid monthly? Do you care? Do you see how well trained you are by the media?

i don't have a dog in this fight. i couldn't give a fuck who is president if we have veto override control of congress.

Does his son have a background in the energy industry? How does a American get a $50,000 a month gig at a Ukrainian energy company? I'd like to try.

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none of its true. trumps jewliani fascists regime is just cheating as grifters do

i didn't know there was $50k in all of ukraine. isn't that one of those borat countries?

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>i couldn't give a fuck who is president
>the best possible outcome is trump gets removed and biden goes to jail
Why is the best possible outcome Trump getting removed if you couldn't give a fuck who is president? Is this your attempt at deflecting how retarded you try and sound by putting Trump and Biden together?

Do you not see that Trump was investigated for 3 years with the full power of the US government and came out clean on the other side while Biden is openly on film bragging to a crowd on how he quid pro quo'd his son's way out of a country prosecuting his son for corrupt payments using 1billion in aid as a bargaining chip?