Video games weren't better back then

>video games weren't better back then

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Of course they were. They didn't feel like a second job. It was just something you played for an hour to pass time. Now you gotta grind for years.

>some faggot who never played pong, and then got the original NES for Christmas in the mid 80s.

The simpler a game is the better it is. Lots of games get bogged down with trying to add deep and complex mechanics and progression systems but the best games out there only had two real buttons to press.

My dad had a sega genesis that he gave to me and my brother. I miss those games. I have a computer but its been bricked for like 3 years. So i cant do the emulater shit. I still have the sega. But modern TVs are missing one of the plugs it needs.

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Id probably play that shit more than i play my xbox one if i could plug it in.

>t. Brainlet.
The only games worth playing are grand strategy games and advanced space sims where you actually have to use your mind and do some research to learn the mechanics.

>redneck rampage
shit, that brings back so many memories
remember when some games had live action cutscenes?

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Buy a raspberry pi and do a retro pi emulator. It's like a $100 and then you can play them all.

Toejam an Eral was amazing, fav game of my youth, teenage was monster rancher series, young adult was strategy games, so Age of Empires(Empire Earth too) CIV III, and finally the Total Wars.

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I only got to play the demo of Redneck Rampage but I love it.
It was just a Duke Nukem reskin for the most part but it had some fun stuff.
>first aid kit replaced with cheap ass whiskey
>steroids replaced with six pack of beer
>moonpies as healing items
>drinking raised alcohol
>too much alcohol and your vision went drunk and blurry
>eating built up your gut but lowered alcohol
>too much gut and you would move slower and fart
>farting lowered gut but made you move around weird

By that logic dota is the best game ever because of its ridiculous burden of knowledge

Redneck Rampage! Best game ever!

I don't think anyone who says
>I have a computer but its been bricked for like 3 years.
is capable of doing that. If in three years he hasn't been able to unfuck a pc, there's no way in hell he would know how to start working on a raspberry pi.

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>you hear pic related giggling and farting in the distance

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born in 81 but my favorite console was the SNES, there is a certain charm to 2d games like that. Though the n64 was fun when I still had friends. Though after high school I became more of a PC gamer and feel consoles these days are simply not trying. Though could say to any pc game company which been taken over by kikes and thots

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87' I had a NES when I was an infant.

Best moment in videogame history prove me wrong.

I was also born in 81 and my favorite platform is the PlayStation 3 because it's an excellent piracy platform. Love it.
You get a blu ray player, and it plays most media.
Wireless capabilities.
Yea I had an SNES too. worked all summer for it. The emulator I installed a few years back cost nothing.

Did you ever play Resident Evil?
Resident Evil and Silent Hill were my playstation games.

Resident Evil Nemesis with the sharks in the basement was the best.

Most tv's still support av composite input. If yours doesn't you can buy an adapter.

Grew up playing Atari 2600. First time I played a Nintendo I was about 5-6 at a neighbors house it was Mario/Duckhunt and I was blown away. I actually said out loud "how could games get any better!?"
Favorite console is also the SNES but I've been a much bigger computer gamer most of my life.
I hate the direction games have gone though and I think I could have quit playing new games around the 2003 and never ran out of things to play.

is that a scart lead?

This game was fucking amazing. Redneck Rampage is one of the all time greats.

>toejam & earl
Literally the best game. Even the second one was great.


SNES had the best catalog and platformers.

Metroid 3.

>Grew up playing the Atari 2600
I don’t know why people have nostalgia for such a shit console. Gaming didn’t become good until at least the third generation.

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Are you kidding? I would wait for my mom to finish watching Oprah because after Oprah was over Ninja Turtles came on. After Ninja Turtles I would spend endless hours playing PacMan or Hero or missile command or defender or like a hundred other games I had.
Even back then 2600 games were dirt cheap. I remember going to babbages and them having a bin of old atari games for two dollars each.

>Redneck rampage
>The outlaws clone without the reloading mechanic

The TI had some pretty fun games as well

It's strongbad

The best TI game was keg party. You had to throw parties and decided how much to charge for cups

No you don't!
Theres a special offer RIGHT NOW on keys and if you buy 100 you get an EXTRA 20, that's 20 more chances to unlock that ultra rare skin!

Road Rash 64 was pretty great
just drive and try to hit other bikers with a pool cue

Check out Toejam and Earl back in the groove.

nothing beats minecraft

Most modern games seem to be for people who smoke weed

Persona 5
Monster Hunter World

Two of the GOAT video games are available now for Sony PlayStation 4®, what's stopping you?

>shit graphics
That is all. I look for good visuals in video games, mainly environment.

Forgot about that one. Yeah, that was good one as well. Carmageddon as well. I remember even back the snowflakes complaining about running over animals (mostly dogs). Forget the people getting run over that was okay.

>Nigger detected
Only knew one faggot who couldn't appreciate an old game because of muh graphics. He was a nigger and thought fallout 1 was bad

>Though after high school I became more of a PC gamer and feel consoles these days are simply not trying.
They are though cause now there are these things called everdrives where you can play every game on one cartridge through an sd card and it's exactly the same as the OG catridge but better cause it has save states
>This thread will be deleted because it's not political :(

>die rebel scum

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Simplicity has its own appeal, especially now when games are often sensory overload.

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aww sheeit redneck rampage

the video game jew, porn jew, and anime jew are trying to destroy us, dont let him!

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Im not black. Neither am i saying old games are unplayable. Im just saying scenery in a video game is nice.

>You're not authorized in this area!

You reminded me how obnoxious (((DLC))) is these days

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Scenery doesn't have to be 4k 32x antialiased crap. The original red Baron has more scenery than most shit now because it's all relevant

It has been the same shit with slightly better graphics since 2008.

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I used to play vidya now I coom

dark souls

Fuck you then. Many older games were fun as fuck even while the graphics looked like something made out of legos. Games like Myst and Source derived FPS games sucked all the accuracy out of games that were fun and looked pretty good without needing to be photorealistic.

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>see non political thread on Jow Forums made by a faggot
Updated my journal!

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It's a shame. EA use to be such a good company back in the DOS days. All things become corrupt given time.

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>Updated my journal!

Oh god don't get me started on that




monster hunter

counter strike


blade and soul

mount and blade

On a scale from one to awesome, he is super great.

No mans sky

No Gothic II?

get a used office pc from ebay

And its beautiful

sounds based

Its sad, most of them do it now, I am pretty sure most games on all platforms are designed to be nigh impossible to get through the old fashioned way without lootcrates, paid powerups or even playable beyond a bare bones degree without DLC

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Allow me to introduce you to my early wasted youth.

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I didn't like that game, I like Avorion though

The old school scrollers are still around. It’s just that nobody really plays them.

Why does the new one suck so badly?

Dunno. Stopped playing them after Frontier.
Frontier was pretty damn great.

I played Encounters, that one was badass, but it was the least popular one

See I think that is a problem with modern games being so bland and shitty vs. old school ones- old school games didn't have the luck of 60+ fps graphics and lightning fast hardware to make games fast as fuck and look nearly like live video, they required more creativity in the graphics and gameplay to represent what you were dealing with in the game.

Yup. EA's Starflight the best space game so far even to this day.

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And the fact that the writers and devs didn't have to worry about offending anyone that played their game, so they didn't have to take any and all emotion out of it


I mostly agree. Shit, the last time I seriously played a game was in 2016 or so. Every now and then I'll pick up a game and play it for a few hours but eventually I just get fucking bored or I think of all the other shit I ought to be doing instead. Plus most games these days are just massive fucking timesinks and I just don't have the fucking time or patience for it anymore.

Not sure if games have actually gotten shittier [although they have demonstrably in some ways like MTX and whatever else] or if I'm just done with that shit because I have better things to do or what.

Sorry hun, gamergate made videogames political

AND jews weren't literally sucking their souls from their bodies during every waking moment.

How it should have stayed. 15-60 minutes and done, but only if you have enough skill.

I like rebel galaxy outlaw, and it's not a massive time sink. Actually , you can play that game in ten minutes doses pretty easy

>Plus most games these days are just massive fucking timesinks

Eye candy with no substance. Pretty much like current day Movies.

Quake is quite simply the greatest game of all time. It's as close to perfect as possible.

Ksp is pretty good as far as space sim.

I'm in the middle of playing that as I got it free from the Epic store. It reminds me of Star Trek Orion Pirates with no Z axis.

I'm still convinced that I am going to make indie games even though I have never made a single game and I am approaching 30. Every ounce of enthusiasm for games has also drained out of my body and I have no imagination to speak of. Almost finished with my pong clone. I'm gonna make it.

New one is like an optical illusion for me. HUGE looking, but really only like 5 things to do. Has potential though.

better than w/e potato game that is

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I greatly prefer Duke Nukem 3d

I meant the first Rebel Galaxy. I'm really enjoying it.

No, that's the first one, they made a second one/prequel and it has z axis , it's seriously a wing commander privateer knockoff
Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

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I wouldn't. CBS/JJ Abrhams/Bad Reboot will just steal the idea for a Star Trek series.

The first one is good, but the second one is a freaking work of art

tachyon: the fringe was the best. actually tie fighter, then tachyon: the fringe, then rebel alliance

Yeah I made the correction post Good good I was hoping they didn't kill the second one.

> a game with 6 ships and 4 hidden ones
> good
you know the drill

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The OPs statement is not political in any way.