Why don't we give more credit the /ourguy/ president?

Why don't we give more credit the /ourguy/ president?

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Nixons public image is about as easy to rehabilitate as uncle Adolfs. Both men are great but we're pretty much the only ones who think so

What they tried on him would have rolled right off Donald's back like water. Great man though, all was a real shame.

Nixon did nothing wrong.

If today's government was transported back in time to 1972, well over half of them would be impeached, recalled, or convicted.

Nixon was great.

>waaaah they broke into a file cabinet

Literally the only 'criticism' I have heard of Nixon. And considering that his political opposition was spouting lines straight from the KGB, I think some dirty tricks were merited.

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Some tricks were merited? Sounds like a dangerous precedent to me.

The last real, fully actualized human. The EPA, peace in the world and on the streets, opened up China for better or worse... we shall never see his likes again.

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Anyone else listen to the Nixon tapes? What was he hinting at about a gay scandal at a Pasadena high school in the 30's?

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Welshmen are the hidden based lads!

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My grandpa hated politics and didn’t “have much use for them”, but he always had good things to say about Nixon and Reagan. Those were the only two politicians I’ve ever heard him say good things about and he was based 75 years before based was ever a thing.

What was Nixon thinking when he agreed to get rid of the gold standard?

What was he thinking when he decided to open up our labor market to a billion peasants?


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The Jews got to him.
It still wasn't enough to save him though.

Trade relations with China haven't really worked out that well.

Days after Nixon said, "fuck it" the US revealed they were code breaking and spying on everyone. The had a spy in the Vatican, they were spying on Pope Pius XII. Pius got von Braun's brother to be his State Secretary after the Katyn Massacre fraud in 1943. It was Nixon's turn to draw a card from the Magical FOIA deck. If you go look in the database it's 8.5 million pages. He easily could have played the "national security card" but KIKES GONNA KIKE. Article linked, the search term for Kike movement linking you to this file is from searching for the term "IRGUN." You'll understand it if you go look in the FOIA. The lettering for the jpeg is "OSS" which is Office of Strategic Services.


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>Nixon wiretaps his political enemy
>forced to resign, legacy ruined
>Obama wiretaps the entire country, including his political enemy
>nobody bats an eye, libfags brag about his scandal-free presidency


NIxon had tons of files he could have pulled justifying him using surveillance on any pencil necked nosy kike in this country. The kike Ellsberg ratted Nixon out for bombing bolshevik supply lines to contain Communism, jewish Communism. Pentagon Papers were exposure, but, one-sided exposure. The kikes are on their way out of this country.

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I'm not a big fan of abandoning a winnable war in Vietnam or making nice with China. But I can see why it made sense at the time. He got fucked because he was an outsider who ran afoul of the elites, though.

Iran-Contra in the 80s was more illegal than anything Nixon did, and even the Dems covered that up because, at the end of the day, Reagan was on the 'right side.'

jews are 80% democrat, world jewry decided to bounce him, he knew the game. He ran on the condition that he would do anything to get out of Vietnam and had every right to monitor kikes. Search IRGUN in the FOIA you'll see what's up.