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Both are finished desu. One is hitting the wall and the other is hitting the bottom of the polls

What's the time stamp you faggot. I am not watching this ugly whore for a whole 11 minutes.

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Sage, fuck tyt and fuck you

Statistical tie with Kamala Harris buddy

The whole video

And anyway the implosion of TYT is the real gold here

>Conducting objective statistical analysis
>Being efficient

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Based Atheist Roo destroys Ana and her culturally appropriated white nose on a daily basis


Leave mommy alone

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She's got me convinced. Israel should invade India immediately because of the way that they treat the indigenous Muslim population

Kasparian didn’t just hit the wall, she fucking slammed into it full speed. Been hilarious watching her morph into a goblin as time goes on

And opposing it should be a hate crime

Yeah it's crazy how much she's degraded since 2016

TYT weekly video views:
Jan. 30 2017 - Feb. 6, 2017: 18,028,005
Jan. 29, 2018 - Feb. 5, 2018: 10,323,179
Jan. 28, 2019 - Feb. 4, 2019: 8,311,918
Sep. 9, 2019 - Sep. 6, 2019: 6,899,066
To put this in perspective, Matt Jarbo once got 3,461,526 views in a week.

Someone explain the greta spam? Also fuck Ana

Does Ana know that Islam was right about women?

Being a raging cunt who gets plastic surgery can’t be good for your looks as you cross through those 30s

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If you mean the media coverage, they're trying to push the climate change shit as much as they can so they can usher in a totalitarian dystopia where everyone lives in a pod and eats insects. If you mean on Jow Forums, it's a natural reaction to the media coverage.

Bleached hair and skin. Why does the cunt on young turks look like she wants to be a lil white cheerleader from San Marino, CA?

Your daily reminder that it’s no coincidence that “the Young Turks” is a show with a devout Muslim LARPing as secular along with his subjugated dhimmi Armenian slut fucktoy, and that the real Young Turks spearheaded the Armenian Genocide. It’s all a coincidence goys.

A lot of citing the NYT.

Why should I ever believe anything the NYT reports?

What rise in right wing violence?

What had muslims been doing in India prior?

Wes Clark Jr., son of the famous politician, former TYT contributor:
>On 3 July 2017, my wife left the house to get a manicure around 4:30 in the afternoon. Fifteen minutes later Cenk called and thirty seconds after that an OH-58 Scout helicopter with mustard, gold and white trim hovered over my house. I know what an OH-58 looks like because I was in 2/7 Cavalry and 1-10 Cavalry and we had them in our unit - although in the 90s ours didn't have the big ball above the rotor blade or on the bottom of the hull that collects electronic intercepts like this one did.
>Despite the sound of the chopper, Cenk denied hearing it and suggested I was seeing things. He then proceeded to tell me that:
>1. Cenk didn't know who told me about the gambling loss in Vegas but that people were spreading malicious rumors about him. I always find it amusing when a liar tells me I didn't hear something that came from their own mouth.
>2. Wolf PAC had nothing to do with an Article V convention and that Common Cause was a tool of the "elite" and "Clintonites" both of which I know to be false.
>3. Cenk claimed he didn't know what Grey Wolves even are, which is about as believable as an Alabaman telling you they never heard of the KKK.
>4. Cenk said three times that he was worried I was so paranoid I might "accidentally" murder my wife.
>Needless to say I reported this encounter to the FBI as well. I will not be intimidated. I will not be terrorized. I have no fear because God is with me.
>In fact, in one Facebook post, Clark insisted that 1) there was an employee at TYT who was involved in a "false flag" attack on the U.S., 2) Cenk and Turkish government forces were spying on him using apps on his computer, 3) Michael A. Wood was hiring mercenaries in North Dakota, and 4) Cenk was going after him with helicopters funded by a Turkish terror organization

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Ana "NOSEJOB" Kasparian.

>b-but they're the paper of record!!!

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This girl is delicious as fuck

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The guy might just be going nuts, but it's interesting nonetheless.

Perfect perfect tits

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Not really, she's like a 7/10. Definitely not bad looking but nothing spectacular


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Fentanyl induced paranoia? Or just the old standby?

>Ana "NOSEJOB" Kasparian.
Ana "DONMEH" Kasparian.


The jealousy is strong with her

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you can look for corroboration of information you don't trust from other sources
there's a whole lot of violent Hindu nationalist shit in the far east and the current Indian government-mafia are self-important murderous central planners who want to annex Pakistan
the shit about Tulsi is unimpressive since she's not good on anything except regime change wars - why would anyone ever expect her to take a hard line against an established foreign mafia and make diplomacy that much harder
isn't she Hindu herself or something

Is there a single person that doesn't realize that discord shit is a honey pot? Honestly. Change my mind.

Sowell isnt a rigorous thinker. He is in favor of the neoliberal economics that are destroying america, and importing mass migrants.

I lean toward it being true. I've seen him in a few of their videos and he seemed totally with it, not even eccentric. He was a soldier. He knew Cenk for over a decade. I'm unaware of him saying anything similarly crazy-sounding about anything but TYT. But who knows

Based Tulsi

*angry beanie noises*

Her sell-by-date has come and gone

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It amazes me that anyone with political views to the right of Ben Shapiro still uses Discord

I'd like to surf that butthole 4reelz
I don't mind a lib sometimes

>one of the few candidates with the charisma and appeal to mount a national campaign
>only anti-war dem
>woman of color
>attacked by the progressive left

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If only Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren were better-looking

People keep noticing this. She really did. That nose job, tons of makeup, no child, always bitching

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Don't use discord you fucking morons

Is was come and gone when she had the nose job

kek. what happened to her? she hit that wall hard

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>anti war Dim


Yes she is Hindu and Ana is specifically selecting weak points in Tulsi's foreign policy record to make her look bad when she's far superior to everyone else in the Democratic primary.

You can tell a lot about someone by noticing what battles they choose to fight.

How can people sit and watch this? Who in their right mind would voluntarily watch this? Who does tyt videos appeal to? I seriously can not understand why anyone at all would watch this.

mud wrestling match, NOW

she used to be super cute before the surgery and heavy workout regiment

Look at that hair. She wants to be European sooooo badly.

yeah it's targeted smearing
it's actually stunning how much of a hold the war makers have on media

no bra and panties match better

Fewer and few people every day
>TYT weekly video views:
>Jan. 30 2017 - Feb. 6, 2017: 18,028,005
>Jan. 29, 2018 - Feb. 5, 2018: 10,323,179
>Jan. 28, 2019 - Feb. 4, 2019: 8,311,918
>Sep. 9, 2019 - Sep. 6, 2019: 6,899,066
>To put this in perspective, Matt Jarbo once got 3,461,526 views in a week.

I absolutely love Liziqi. I hope more women become like her in the future.

This is how you know she's qualified

Yeah they're just now (in the past couple years) making serious attempts to spread pro-war propaganda online. Golden age of the internet ended in 2016

>30-473$ per video
Oy vey

>2 invisible dicks

New fag here. Tell me why

>. He is in favor of the neoliberal economics that are destroying america

Neoliberal economics is for being anti welfare state? Wow, that's news to me.

And that sweet sweet 20 million from Jeffrey Katzenberg

Its owners are leftists who give up user information to journalists regularly. Extremely unsafe.

Friend or Foe ...?

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I'm not really sure it's cherry picking. It's a pretty cogent argument for why Tulsi might not be believable or a credible candidate. Pretty much for the same reasons Donald Trump turned out not to be credible. They have religious/cultural/familial ties and motivations to keep the overarching ZOG geopolitical activity on its current track.

almost threw up....

>empty mag well

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Ana is only pro people who genocided her people

Good god. She looks like a Draugr

>she could be playing nice for diplomatic reasons...
it's not subtle in the least my guy

About how much it costs for Ana's makeup job each video

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Who's the other? Every other candidate is on the same wavelength as Rachel Maddow/Sean Hannity and every other kike that runs this country, when it comes to intervention in Syria.

I didn't say anything about subtlety on Kasparian's part. I was making the case that it's not cherry picking.

Maybe. Still speaks volumes that she's going out of her way to go after the candidate with the most anti-war positions.

Goddamn I hate TYT so fucking much. I wish I could come to USA and beat up Ana Kasparian

guessing about intentions of people you don't know isn't usually productive
I'm not prone to give TYT the benefit of the doubt on much of anything, though, and don't see any reason why I should

Get this man a visa

Cool it with the anti-Armenian remarks

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lmfao i would beat the shit out of her, and you would watch, wouldn't you, wh*teboi?

Cool it, Modi

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go eat some poop shitskin

It's informed, not idle. We just saw the exact same thing play out with Trump. People swearing up and down he was something his religious/cultural/familial ties said he wasn't and would never be. TYT doesn't even enter into it for me. I'm looking at purely from the White perspective.

I'm really mad that she didn't die in 9/11

Ana you cannot win this fight.


>abloo bloo bloo muh gujarat riots in 2002
>bloo bloo bloo muslims are being massacred by hindus!
meanwhile in the real world

fuck TYT, bunch of islam apologists

>Not watch youtube videos at 2x

Smol braind, you'll never make it.

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I'm truly baffled by the furor with which extreme leftists defend the most conservative ideology with

>and you would watch,
i'd throw spare change at you both while you did it.