This is a screenshot from a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert held in 1977

this is a screenshot from a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert held in 1977
now... what do you notice Jow Forums?

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people having a good time and sharing space

i don't see neil young's bitchass anywhere in that crowd


America was white

don't lie to yourselves, what did you notice? What did you fucking notice?

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Everyone is white?

You don't have enough brown niggers.

Wasn't that the one in Oakland? Amazing how white it used to be

Bunch of fucking boomers

That everyone was white

Where are the chicks?

That's my drunk go-to viewing

Just watch this and look at the crowd

consumerist boomers

They actually had a lot at these shows

Pink. Pink everywhere.

Remarket whites as pink people of true color.

they took this from you. On your own country, they took this from you, from ALL OF YOU

>What do you notice
A bunch of retards standing in a stadium singing songs while their country dies a slow painful death and they do fuck all to save it

I noticed that you're gay


Pink Pride World Wide.

Don't be silly. Americans would never allow anything to be taken from them as they are righteous god loving patriots, and they have guns.

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When you chucklefucks grow up you will learn that the majority of the poisoned mudflood from open borders came during the Obama administration alone

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Bunch of long haired faggots but no niggers.

Yes that was before (((Reagan))) and his immigration reforms

Where are all the fat people?

Smelly hippies?

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White people getting sunshine!


That the white people from San Fran ventured into Oakland to see a band?


>This has some meme potential. American festival pictures side by side to show the results of their melting pot. Beautiful white people at woodstock, posted next to violent criminals covered in dildos. Boomers might rage


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That's too obvious. Maybe something like the pic with just a "BETTER TIMES" on it

pinker times

Here's why I'm not racist. There are good dudes who don't need sun screen or camo paint.

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I see someone approaching a shitskin in the top left
Simply unacceptable

White trash loves them some Lynyrd Skynrd.

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