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Attached: nah it aint a mental ilness at all just look at how sane this person is i mean they look just fine.w (640x352, 2.93M)

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>File: uwotbitch.jpg (35 KB, 720x835)

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Those are called Geoducks, I think. I can't believe chinks eat them, but then again, they eat millipedes and shit.

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holy your right i thought it was like a weird pastry or some shit

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they call those "chiludas" in Mexico, they are a gourmet delicacy in Ensenada.


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thank you for this knowledge cthulhu

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Thanks for this knowledge sant fethulhu

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This image is so perfect

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>u mad wh*teboi?

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Happy Girl!

Feeling the lie as it washes your brain?

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Chinks love this shit, I used to commercial fish for them and made bank

Not mine but still love it.

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>come home white man
nooooo thanks


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Is this a reference I'm not getting?


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Best in thread lmao

>eating an erect, squirting black cock

dolphin jew, the most sneaky of them all

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Banned my ass mfs

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that looks like people trying to make us look bad

greta thunberg needs to get fucked

imagine being in alabama with this preachy prissy mumble munchkin

you pull up to the candlewood suites in a fucking dodge challenger with aftermarket headers and parts that get you 11 miles per gallon

one rev of the engine and she's already getting inexplicably moist in her room from the sound of your massive fuel-guzzling V8 roadboat

you get out and take a minibike running on a lawnmower engine through the parking lot and into the lobby of the hotel because FUCK walking, we didn't invent internal combustion to scuttle around with our dicks on our hands

moonwalk down the hallway to the elevator while turning every thermostat you see on full blast and spraying CFC-saturated aerosol air fresheners everywhere

check your phone in the elevator and hit up your broker app really quick to buy a thousand more shares of exxon, bp, and shell stocks while shorting anything that has to do with solar and wind because solar panels look fucking gay and windmills are for dipshits

reach greta's floor, backflip into her door, breaking that shit down and sending splinters flying everywhere setting off fucking car alarms and barking dogs

her primal scandinavian woman survival instinct kicks in and she immediately presents herself to you from all the viking raping and pillaging burned into her nordic DNA

you put a plastic non-biodegradable bag from walmart over her muppet face, set a cooked rack of barbecue ribs on the small of her back, and go to town, throwing the cleaned rib bones at the back of her stupid cantaloupe head in between thrusts

after blowing your load and covering the room in non-vegan protein, you wipe your monolithic dong on her priceless handmade native american uber-sustainable fairtrade honestly sourced hippie sweater

jump out the fucking window into a formula 1 race car and cover the hotel in black rubber as you burn out and blaze off into another american night

global warm deez nuts, bitch

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>Typical coom voter

>it's funny how my ancestors were sitting in stalingrad at -20°c killing ruskis and I'm a faggot taking girl pills
>I'm sure that's what they fought for
Assuming this is sarcasm, what's the point of being self-aware if you're not willing to change your ways?

OP is a fag

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>> Pulling out of her in her peak years.

Having kids is what makes women more conservative user.

My dick hurts after watching that.

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I laughed really hard just at the fact that she looks like she’s wincing from a can of coke spraying. I might just be retarded, though.

>millions of sockpuppets tweeting support for greta with photos of rolling coal or burning styrofoam

Am I the only one who thinks she looks like she was grown in a Petri dish?

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Posting all my Gretas

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Imagine the smell

Fresh off the press

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>tfw Jow Forums trusts jewish oil execs over a Scandinavian child

Wew lad

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Lel. Dis good


Is it necessary to have ten Greta threads up on the front page at once?

This is over saturation.

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I know what she reminds me of now.

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oh she’s advocating nuclear energy?

Yeah so did Tesla

The Sun is nuclear energy

Even Bob Marley said


It's like you people live with your eyes and ears shut all the time.

god i wish that were me

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This was single most greatest thing about elections

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I'd rather an actual Jew rather than some goyim who's merely brainwashed by a Jew. The oil jew only cares about money, the brainwashed goyim has these "values" which are not tangible. People do dangerous things when their desires are intangible.

>oil kikes
>climate kikes
This isn’t a pick one scenario. I believe in saving the environment, but not by not eating meat or driving cars in first world comparatively low population countries. The obvious choice is to nuke africa

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I dont get it

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Legitimate question, what's wrong with changing the weather?

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What in the fucking fuck??

cilmtate hepler plaese hepl!

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Fuckin why

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Sad. My limited experience with europeans was a german exchange student named peter in highschool. He was asked if they had any jews in germany and he turned around and said in the best german accent "not anymore" lol all the time because of it.