‘Queer Eye’ Star Jonathan Van Ness Reveals He’s HIV-Positiv

‘Queer Eye’ Star Jonathan Van Ness Reveals He’s HIV-Positiv...

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Is he sure?

Gay man has AIDs ...

More at eleven.

>this just in, gayest man on the planet has AIDS

I thought queer eye was dating show where they get a bunch of homos to try and figure out which bachelor is actually gay?

DE-STIGMATIZE! (Clapping hands emoji)

Dont they make up some insane number of new HIV cases? Something like 87%

i find it hard to believe that some degenerate faggot got aids

AIDS is not real. Owen Benjamin had an interesting piece on this. Essentially, fags immune system shut down because they stay up for multiple days on end doing drugs and getting fucked in the ass at orgies.

who is this turkish monster?

>is he sure?
He’s absolutely positive.

I’m sure all the meth could kill them but I’m sure there is a virus.

You're joking right? Neoboomer here

Now if only that Charles fucker on Youtube could get pricked by a needle.

In developed countries yes, globally no because of niggers

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Strong and powerful

he is lying to you. dont feel pressured to bearback user. make them cover up

Source: your ass
Aids didn't even start with fags, they just spread it everywhere

he also revealed he had sex whole underage w men he met in chatrooms, and sold his body for drugs. he was also abused by a boy at church, but his story made it seem like he was uber gay before that and I think the boy probably took advantage of that

fuck, took long enough, ty